Rough And Dirty Gems

Rough And Dirty Gems

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Miguel: Part 2: Falling From Skye

The entire night I felt dizzy as if I was undulating on a raft out at sea. I woke uncomfortably nestled into Miguel's shoulder. He felt me stir and opened his eyes blearily and smiled his most disarming smile at me. He paused to find his English and spoke gently as if to a small child "Minha querida, you made me so happy last night, my Belle, thank you." He kissed me between the eyes and I felt like a goddess. All of the insecurities from the night before left me in that one phrase, “you made me so Belle.”  I rolled on top of him and kissed his mouth. The gray dusk didn't tell us what time it was, but it didn't matter anymore, nothing did. I pressed my breasts which were too large and embarrassing last night to his chest, arched my back and they were in his mouth. He grabbed my ample titties, with both hands pressing them together and sucked each nipple into his mouth looking at me periodically as he feasted on my flesh. 

He said my name over and over as if it was a mantra, and he was counting his prayers. "Belle, Belle, Belle, Belle, minha querida, Belle, Belle, Belle, Belle, minha querida."

After he was through with my breasts he rolled over quite suddenly dumping me to the bed beside him. I gasped and laughed as he held himself, hovering over me. I reached my head up from the pillow to kiss him, but when my mouth came near to his lips, he lifted higher off of me, smiling down at me, looking at me, appraising me. I felt his breath hot on my face, I felt needy and wanton. I was becoming insecure again under his stare. My brain had time to weave its web of insecurities while he teased me. When he saw I was becoming eager and nervous he lowered his mouth to mine very gently and kissed me with such passion I felt my insides flip and drop as if I were on a roller coaster. He looked down at me, his eyes sharp and birdlike without his glasses. When he saw he had my full attention, he spoke in a slow deliberate staccato, " do… not... be ... afraid...You... are... mine... I... will... keep... you... near..." I needed these words, but I had to look away. I felt the lump in my throat forming, I was going to cry. He lowered his mouth to mine and kisses me gently. I was hungry for Him, I needed his lips his mouth his body to comfort me. I was a mess. Does he even know what he does to me?

He smiled at me again and pulled the blanket up over his shoulder, with a peck on my lips he grinned widely and burrowed below the covers. He poked his head out playfully and said “do peekboo” in his adorable accent. This made the lump in my throat subside and I smiled weakly down at him. Then he burrowed deeper he lifted the blankets from my feet and folded them neatly at my knees. I thought he was going to give me a foot massage when he sat on the bed at my feet. He smiled back at me taking one of my feet into his hand. He held my foot in his lap, so gracefully confident in his nudity I envied him. He lifted my foot to his mouth and turned to face me again. He kissed the ball of my foot and placed it back on the bed. Then he lifted the other foot and kissed that one the same as the first. I was stunned, shocked, disgusted and aroused. He moved to kneel at my feet. He took one foot again off the bed, while looking into my eyes he held my barefoot and rubbed it on his growing erection. He just stared into my eyes and rubbed the arch of my foot on his cock. I watched his manhood stiffen and lengthen. Then he placed my foot back gently on the bed and kissed the top of one then the other. I was appalled, but aroused. But then he slid off the edge of the bed, leaned over my legs and kissed my calf. Licking in slow swirls making me squirm with ticklishness when he got to my knees. He kept turning his head, not focusing on one or the other leg. Then he moved upward, his soft fingertips kneading into my thick thighs, his thumbs angled down toward my sex. He kissed each thigh, starting with the top of one then around and down and then up the same path on the other. I was struck motionless, mute and deaf to anything but the beating of my own heart. I had had sex lots of times before, but this was… this was….love making.

Miguel used his powers of confidence and guile to manipulate me from an insecure fat jelly fish one moment to Aphrodite the goddess of love, beauty and sexuality the next. Before he put his mouth on my loins I was panting. He looked up at me from between my legs and smiled, as if he was finally asking permission to do the most intimate things. He said slowly, thinking about each word. “Belle, you smell like warm baked bread, I want to eat the whole loaf.” HOLY FUCK!

As I gasped, sucking in breath, and quivering like a landed fish from that romantic bombshell, he grabbed my ankles swiftly pushing my legs up so that I was forced to bend my knees and spread myself open wider for Him. With my feet flat on the bed, his hands gripped my ankles still, tightly held in his hands. He buried his face in my soft wet pink folds. He curled his tongue back and forth along my entire entrance making me writhe. He sucked gently and pulled on the flesh of my stimulated entrance as he pressed his tongue inside. I was whimpering. I couldn’t keep quiet, as much as I wanted to be silent, I gasped and groaned. He looked up at me, his mouth still deeply employed in my quivering mound. I looked at him and was aroused and embarrassed by the view. I closed my eyes and he pulled his lips away from me. His breath was hot on my sex but I wanted him back I put my fingers gently on the top of his to his head to guide him back. His English coming out in poorly translated pulses. “No, Belle, look… see at what I do for mine.” I popped opened my eyes to see him staring at me.

He lowered his head again as I watched him. I watched him cover my hot spread hole with his mouth open wide. I watched him take a hand from my ankle and curl two fingers deep inside of me. I cringed at the intimate view of him spreading his tongue out and lapping at my clit like a hungry kitten as his two fingers twisted in and out of my pussy. I watched his sharp tongue flicking at my clit. I watched him humiliate me and by making me writhe and whimper. I gripped the covers, holding on to my sanity and chastity by a mere 200 thread count sheet. Then he pulled the finger from me and put it into his mouth, sucking my nectar off his finger for me to see. In that one instant I was gone. I closed my eyes, I arched up and whimpered through my orgasm. Clutching his finger inside of me and pressing it out, I came and came. I felt weak when I found my way back to him. He was now lying next to me crooning in Portuguese. His face was slick and smelled of sex. He wiped his face on the pillow case, which made me grimace with horror. He laughed at my reaction and kissed me. He said, “Minha Belle, always the American.” I didn’t think he was talking about the pillow case.  

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