Rough And Dirty Gems

Rough And Dirty Gems

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Would you eat pussy with a cock inside of it?

Been there done that...

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Would you rather sleep the day in, or stay up all night long?

Stay up with Him staying in me all night long ;)

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What was the weirdest gift you ever received?

My sister gave me a Vibrator for xmas one year in front of my parents... lets talk about EMBARRASSING asking my dad for batteries to run my new present!

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DAMN you are so hott


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What was the worst concert you went to?

Sadly, the worst concert i was ever at was bob dylan. I felt sorry for him because he was too stoned and burnt out and sounded awful.

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Would you rather be really hot or really cold?

I am always hot baby... so i much prefer to be cold so that my man can wrap me up with his warmth.

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What's your favorite type of flower?

My favorite type of flower is the Calla Lilly. I love that they wrap around a stem and seem to be hugging it.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Just a girl... Super Hot Mama... cute little thing... miracle of strength

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Sunday, August 29, 2010


He told me to wait for Him in the bedroom. He said, "Stand with your legs spread, hands on the bed, ass high, skirt up, panties around your knees, I'll be in." I shrugged. This isn't a common request but not crazy. I skipped upstairs eager to obey.

I hear Him leave to take the dog out so i know i have some time.

I wash my face and brush my teeth. The whole time i feel anxious and excited. I cant wait to hear the door to know He is home. I feel my pussy starting to seep into my panties and then i hear the door again. I scurry into position and wait. I lower my panties to my knees and lean forward on the bed, careful to be in the position he asked for. I spread my legs as wide as the white cotton panties around my knees will allow. My white socks are slipping on the wooden floor so i have to balance for traction.  I flip the back of my skirt over my bottom and I lower my hands to the bed, my fingers curled into the coverlet and i lower my head down and wait.

I hear the TV downstairs and start to wonder where he has gotten to. I wonder if He has forgotten what he told me to do for Him. I look at the clock next to my bed and tell myself in 5 minutes i will go and find Him.

I stay in position my hearing sensitive to the sounds of his feet on the stairs. I wait eagerly for Him. My mind works on what He will do with me once He has found me here waiting for Him. I start thinking of Him positioning himself behind me and taking His cock out and just taking me without warning from behind. My mind works on this mini fantasy for a few minutes and i feel myself wetten. I look up at the clock, 4 minutes. I will go find Him in a minute.

I stand up, straighten my back and start to step toward the door. I hear the TV shut off and noises from the kitchen. "he is just putting his glass in the dishwasher, he will be right up, i should stay where i am" I think to myself. I hear him on the stairs now. He is coming to me. I make sure I'm in position.

He is getting closer, i start to tingle, i feel that sense of calm that comes before i am taken, and reminded i am His. My pussy is leaking now, a thick droplet rolls down my leg. I look to the side to see if the bedroom door has opened and it hasn't. I am still waiting. I look up at the clock. I tell myself to be patient, another moment, He will come for me.

I look up at the clock again. It's been another 5 minutes, what could He be doing? I stand there, becoming annoyed and i look at the clock, only a minute has passed since i last looked. I stand waiting. I am doing what i was told. I was excited about this. I am becoming angry. The anger starts to fester. I stand up. Listening for him, I pull my panties up and sit on the end of the bed where my hands were. I sit and watch the door, get my book from the bedside table and start to read.

I read an entire chapter. WHAT THE FUCK IS HE DOING? I'm pissed. I passed cute and excited about 10 minutes ago. I'm furious, what the fuck, i mean you told me to get ready for you, and you don't come, what the fuck?! I get undressed and start pulling back the coverlet to get into the bed.

He enters the room now. I am FURIOUS. I am not speaking to Him. He says jauntily, "whatcha doin', princess?" I just glare at Him. I am afraid if i speak it will be only swears. I say nothing. He says sternly, "I thought i asked you to do something for me. I asked you wait for me." I spit back "yeah, 30 minutes ago, I WAS waiting." He nods and looks disappointed.

"Baby, i didn't say when I'd be up, I asked you to wait. I expected you to wait, no matter how long. you know I'll always come for you, baby. Don't you trust me?"

"But i waited...." I try to defend myself, "then i heard You come home and watch TV and go into the kitchen...."  but i know, he is right. I should have waited. I was quick to get angry. I should have waited.

He nods and pats the bed for me to sit next to Him. I'm completely deflated, all of the thrill of expectation has left me and I'm just left feeling hollow. He puts His arm around my shoulder and pulls me in closer. He puts His lips to my hairline and says softly into my hair, "baby, your a shitty submissive, you cant even wait a half an hour for me."

I feel the tears prick my eyes. I don't want Him to see me cry, but i feel terrible. I ruined it. I should have just waited.

He slides his big hand over my bare shoulder and looks into my wet eyes. "You just need to learn discipline, get on your knees and make it better." I look up at Him astonished. "really?"

"Are you going to question Me or do what you are told? Get on your knees and suck my cock, girl." I nod, feeling very awkward about this new turn of events but i get to my knees. He looks down at me, and drops a pillow onto the floor for me to kneel on. I pull down the zip on his shorts and he stands and lets them fall onto my pillow. He steps out of them and His fully hard cock bobs into my face. I smile weakly up at Him and open my mouth. Looking directly into His eyes, I lower my lips slowly from the tip to the base of His cock.

He curls His fingers into my hair and moans, "yes, baby, that's it, take Daddy's big fucking cock. Suck it deep. Tell me what you are."

I look up at Him. His cock still in my mouth while i think of the words I think he wants to hear. I am drawing a blank... WHAT AM I?? I assume this is a test. I slide my lips up and back over His cock, teasing the tip with my tongue as i consider His question. What AM I? I curl my fingers around his thick hard throbbing cock considering what i am. I look up at Him. His head is tilted to the side, He looks blissful. He catches me looking up at Him as His cock slips in and out of my mouth. He smiles down at me and i assume he has forgotten His question. I put the palm of one hand under His balls and hold them, weighing them in my hand as i work with my other on his shaft.

Holding His cock tightly in my hand i slide it up and back making a seal with my lips around the tip so as it slides in and out it makes a slurpy gurgling sound in my mouth. He looks down at me, I feel his cock throbbing and he pulls me off of his cock. His thick fingers twined into my hair. He holds my mouth away from his cock. There is a stringer of precum from my lips to his cock head. He tells me again, "Tell Daddy what you are, tell Daddy."

I improvise, "im Your dirtly little cum slut Daddy, please cum on my face, please, i'll be a good girl, i promise, please can i have your cum?"

He grips my hair tighter. "NOT now, what are you?!"

Then it comes to me, i understand. "I'm YOURS, Daddy, i'm YOUR girl, i'm Your love, i'm your property, i'm sorry." He looks down at me. He is smiling so broadly he looks deranged. "You are a good girl, make me cum now, princess." I lower my head to the tip of His cock, my fingers curl tightly around His shaft and i stroke Him with my hand and feel his balls tighten in my other hand. I look up to see HIm smiling down at me. His teeth clench as he watches me flick the underside of His head with my tongue. He grips my hair and pushes me onto Him. His cock is deep in my throat now, i feel the power of His throbbing cock in my throat and i gag around it. My throat going raw.

His cock throbs harder and i feel it, jerk, and then the warm soothing taste of His cum, fills my mouth and i gulp loudly as the first ropey load hits the back of my throat. He pulls my head back with the grip he has on my hair and the next load sprays across my lips and onto my chin. He watches as i flinch back and then smile up at Him as he looks down at me. He gasps in low grunts as he cums then he is perfectly still for a long moment. His spent cock going soft against my cheek.

"Your a good girl princess, you just need discipline. When will you ever learn?"  He slides a finger through the cum on my lips and feeds it to me. I suck His finger and smile up at Him. He shakes His head like the school master and waggles the cummy finger in front of my face. "No cumming for you until tomorrow, maybe you will learn to wait." He touches the tip of his finger to the tip of my nose and lifts me off the pillow and positions me to stand me between His legs.  Laughing He says, "I mean it, no cumming, but it doesn't mean I'm not going to try to make you disobey." He lifts His lips to my nipple and i roll forward and lay on top of Him. I kiss Him. "You are bad, You did this on purpose didn't You?"

"Maybe, you just needed Discipline"

Sunday, May 30, 2010

On Your Knees, Bitch

We were at Wal-Mart holding hands shopping for thinks we needed for our new dog when He leans into my ear "princess, that spiked collar will look so pretty on your neck." I laugh and playfully punch him in the ribs. "I'm serious, princess." He takes the collar off the peg and drops in into our cart next to the rawhide chews and the laundry detergent. I look at Him like he had gone mental, I laugh and move along. In the next aisle He says, "Baby, I am thinking very dirty thoughts again." and grabs my ass in full view of all the other shoppers. I hop out of His way and scurry up the aisle. He pushes the cart up along side me and leans in and bites at my neck and whispers softly into my ear. "Be afraid princess, I may hurt you" I giggle playfully feeling myself responding to His teases.

We get to the checkout line where He presses Himself against me and snakes a hand under my dress and grabs my cunt  through my panties. He leans into my ear and whispers sternly "Baby, you are wet, did you get permission to be wet?" I look at Him and laugh softly, my eyes bright from His teases. "You will be punished when we get home." He removes His hand from my wet panties and rubs my cheek with it. Then He takes the spiked dog collar out of the cart and places it on the belt with a  flourish.

We arrive home and unload the groceries and i start to proceed with the day. He calls me into the kitchen with a stern voice. "Princess, there is the matter of your punishment. You were wet in public without permission." He cracks the tags off of the collar and snaps it around my neck, he takes the leather dog leash off the peg by the door and clicks it to the collar. I must have looked at Him like He lost a screw in His head, but He just smiled wanly and pulled me to the floor with it.

I am on my knees in the kitchen with a dog leash attached to my neck and He is standing over me. I know he isn't really angry at me for being wet in public. This is a game. I look up at Him pleadingly and play along. "Daddy, i am sorry, i should have gotten permission to get wet at the store today."

"Yes pet, you should be sorry. You are a naughty girl, tell Daddy what you are."

"I'm a naughty slut, Daddy, i'm sorry. I shouldn't get wet when You tell me dirty things in public, only sluts get wet when they are in public."

"That's right princess, what else do sluts do?"

This is what He has been waiting for me to say. He loves it when i talk dirty. He loves looking at my sweet, angelic, good-girl face saying filthy things. "Sluts suck cock, Daddy, and they like sucking cock and getting the cum on their faces, i'm a dirty, fucking, cock sucking slut, Daddy"

He smiles down at me, and massages His cock through His jeans. "You are making me hard, You are a tease. If you are going to just have wet panties when we are out, you will have no panties at all." He tugs the leash and lifts me to my feet. He pulls up my dress over my head and pulls down my panties. He grips the round soft curve of my ass and i feel myself getting wet again. "Bend over, slut, now is the time you will be punished."

For an instant i am very afraid, I am worried he is actually seriously upset with me. He can feel my tension and works with it. He likes seeing me off balance and insecure. He grips my bottom in His big hand parting the cheeks and pressing his thick fingertips into my flesh. He looks down at me sternly then His face contorts and slowly turns to a wolfish smile. He places a hand between my shoulders and pushes my head down so my  bottom is pointing upward. He raises His hand and i flinch.

"Fuck girl,  you are a whimp, stay fucking still!"

I lower my head again, He raises His hand again, i breath in slowly and then it comes, CRACK!. A hard smack on the meaty fleshy of my ass. He commands, as if speaking to the dog, "good girl. Stay!" He raises his hand again and crack. Again, the flat tones "good girl, Stay!" My bottom starts to bloom with a red pain. It's not unbearable, but then He quickens his pace, He sees I am going to stay still and take the spanking so He proceeds to make my ass as red as He can, waiting for me to flinch again. I breathe slowly telling myself to relax, submit, stay still.. submit...let him have this... submit...pain is good, submit... submit... you belong to Him... submit...whatever He wants He can have... submit... I find myself drifting, relaxing into the spanking and i start to relish and look forward the next burst of pain. Then it stops. I don't know how long it lasted, but it was over. He was rubbing my bare red bottom. Soothing it with his hands cooing at me "that's a good girl, you are such a good girl for Daddy. You make Daddy so happy, baby."  Then he dips His fingers into my moist cunt.

"You are wet again, princess, whatever will i do with You? tell Daddy what You are."

"I'm a slut Daddy, my cunt keeps getting wet. I don't know why... im sorry, Daddy...i can't help it"

He grins at me tugging me down again to my knees with the leash so my nose is pressed against His bulging jeans "I understand baby, see what you did to me? When you make me punish you for being wet... it makes my cock get hard. See what you do? That is a very naughty thing to do, slut."

I grin then quickly wipe the grin off my face and look up at Him. He uses the leash and collar to pull me against His bulge as He unzips His jeans with His other hand. He pulls his hard cock from His pants and slaps my face with it saying "Naughty slut. Dirty, naughty, slutty wet girl.Tell Me what you are and what you will do to make Me happy with you again."

I nod and smile up at Him. I know He loves this. i know what makes Him happy. I smile my biggest sweetest smile and say "Daddy, i am a dirty little cock sucking whore. i will suck your cock and make the cum spurt all over my face and show you what Your dirty little cock sucking whore looks like when she is all covered in cum."

He smiles down at me lets go of the leash and i curl my small hand around the base of his cock and slide it into my lips. He exhales slowly and grips my hair in His two hands guiding my mouth onto His cock slowly. He pushes Himself all the way to my throat and i hold Him there as long as I can. i groan softly feeling the tears stinging my eyes and the back of my throat getting raw and my lungs starting to burn.  Then he pulls me off slightly. He rotates His hips so that His cock is pressed to the inside of my cheek and he pats His hand against my full cheek and grins down at me watching as i slowly take His cock in and out of my mouth. He watches as my cheek fills squirrel-like with his turgid cock. He pulls my head back and i gasp my lips closing around the tip. I look up at Him and giggle softly, "Your cock tastes so fucking good, Daddy, can i have more, please?"

He thrusts his hips and the leather leash swings between my breasts a reminder of what i am. His property. I slide my lips back and forth over Him, my eyes big and dark looking up at Him. I coo softly a deep humming like a swarm of bees in the back of my throat, bringing him to a frenzy. Then he holds still and pulls his cock out of my mouth. He pulls my mouth away and looks down at me. "You are a slut, I love you, you are MY slut. SAY IT!"

I look up at Him, serious now, His cock touching my lip and i say distinctly and calmly, "I am YOUR slut, i love You, i want You, i want Your cum, I want to make You happy forever. Please, can i have Your cum?" He grabs the back of my head and pulls me into His cock thrusts violently for a few strokes and pulls His cock from my lips and sprays his seed over my face. I feel it warm and thick dripping from my cheeks down my chin and neck.

"Look at Me!" He orders

I look up at Him and smile huge, satisfied. "See Daddy, You got the cum on my face. Thank You, Daddy."

He laughs weakly and runs a finger through the cum on my face and feeds it to me. "You are such a good slut. I fucking love you"

Friday, May 14, 2010

Bath Time

He dug his fingers into my hips and pulled to Him. Nuzzling my neck he wraps his arms around my hips and kissed me on the forehead between the eyes. "Baby, I'm glad you are home, you look tired." I nod weakly, silently. I feel nearly crippled from standing in heels for three days. I'm on the edge of tired bordering on cranky. He looks at me in the face and smiles down at me. "Did you have fun and make lots of money?" He looks at me, and His face quirks into a half smile with his lips pursed, "You were a good girl right? You didn't stay up too long with your girl friends and take your shirts off and compare titties did you?"

I press my cheek into His chest and laugh. I am too tired to want to laugh, but I cant help it, He says those things just to get to me. He  pushes me away from Him so I am standing at arms length but he supports me around the hips, smiles down at me again. He lowers his mouth and kisses me softly between the eyes."I miss you so much when you are not here. It's so nice to see you smiling at me, princess."

I am tired and lean against His chest. He supports me and walks me to the sofa sits me down and puts my feet in his hands and starts rubbing them. I relax into the soft cushions and the soothing ministrations of my Man. Love wells up from me and i just feel so blessed, lucky to have Him. Lucky that he is so willing to pay me the attention i need. I feel tears prick at my eyes and i relax into His touches. He is so caring and gentle, he puts my foot into His lap and rubs it on His crotch. He is teasing me, but he has lightened my mood and I'm smiling at Him.

It's not late but i'm so tired. My entire body slumps into the cushions. Want to feel nothing. I just got home from 4 weeks in the hell hole factories of China and India, followed by 18 hours of flying and then the taxi ride from hell. The cherry on top of the shit fest is the driver noticed I had lost a button on my blouse. "Thanks Mate!" My meetings went poorly, i haven't had any "real food" in a month. Let's not even discuss the lack of sex, i'm jet lagged and pissed off. My entire body exudes frustration and exhaustion. I just want to be left alone to decompress from a month of shit.

My Man gets off the sofa and leaves the room. I lay gratefully with my eyes closed and fester, trying to relax and put the shit of travel behind me. I hear Him upstairs. He has been gone for a while.  I weakly and go upstairs to see what he is doing. I feel bad for ignoring Him after being away so long. He hears me on the stairs and calls for me from the bedroom. I enter the room, look around for Him but he isn't there. He calls again, in a slow drawl. "Baaaaaaby, I'm in heeeeere." I follow the sound of his voice and peek into the master bathroom where He is perched fully clothed on the toilet. He smiles as my eyes take in the scene, the candles, the bubble bath already drawn the lights dimmed. He whispers softly "Get in, baby. I will just sit here."

He watches me as i undress. I unbutton the silk shirt and pull the hem of my blouse from my skirt. He watches avidly when i drop the soft fabric of my blouse to the grey tiles. He leans forward as I twist to unzip the side zip of my skirt and let it fall to the floor. He says softly, as if to Himself, "turn around, i want to see Your back"

I obey silently turning to face away from Him. I put my fingers into the waist band of my pantyhose and shimmy out of them one leg at a time then step out. I am now in just my bra and panties. He rasps again, "Turn around. I want to see your titties." Again, i obey and turn to face Him, making eye contact with Him. He smiles rakishly, as if he is watching the most fascinating ritual. I reach back to unclasp my bra and let it slide over my shoulders and down my arms until i drop the white lace at his feet. I put my fingers into the waistband of my white lace panties and slide them down my legs and let them fall to the floor. I step out of my panties and step into the hot water of the waiting bubble bath.

I drop myself slowly into the hot water. He grins down at me, still perched on the closed toilet. I lean back and feel the hot water soothing my sore muscles. I lay there, knowing He is watching me in silence. He looks down at me "Baby your body is so pink from the hot water, i just want to touch you everywhere." I open my eyes and smile at Him. "Baby, touch yourself for me please. I want to watch you, princess."

Again, i obey, sliding my fingers up my thighs to my hips and over my belly to my breasts. I cup each one in my hands and hold them out for him. I hear Him gasp. He looks down at me, "open your eyes, angel. Look at me." I look up at Him and smile slowly as He watches. "Touch your pretty little pussy,baby." I slip my fingers between my legs, i feel the heat of the water and the slickness of my soft pink folds. I lay back farther, setting my legs on the sides of the tub and rub my clitty for Him. My fingers swirl into my entrance and fondle my pussy, imagining my fingers are His.

He grins down at me cooing "Good girl, such a good girl, i have missed my baby girl, so obedient, princess." He is still perched on the toilet fully dressed and cups his own fully clothed crotch with his hand. He purrs at me "Keep going baby, Daddy wants to watch." He stands undresses quickly and, steps toward the tub. I look up at Him, and move forward in the water. He slides in behind me in the tub. I bend my knees up and He fits His legs around my hips.

I feel His stiff manhood as He pulls me back toward Him. He rests a hand on each breast and massages them slowly. The water only covers me to my hips now, so I arch my back to feel the warmth of Him. I open my eyes and  look up at Him. He is still smiling wolfishly, i can't help but smile back. He takes the bar of soap from the dish on the wall. His one hand massages the lather into my breasts while the other slides down my belly to my loins. He rests a hand there and whispers into my ear. "Daddy loves you, princess."

I arch back and smile up at Him. "I love You too Daddy, i missed You so much." I bend at the knees and part my legs over the sides of the tub. He laughs softly and says "you are a horny slut for Me aren't you, princess?" I giggle and say enthusiastically, "yes Sir" He slides a finger into my cleft and he coos into my ear, "you feel like warm honey, princess" He massages my clit slowly rhythmically, letting my need ebb and wane for what feels like hours, i relax into His motions and feel myself starting to lose control, my pussy clenches around His fingers and i am rasping, begging for release that i so desperately need. He coos softly, reassuringly in my ear, "hold on baby, you can take more." I am arching against Him, His back is pressed to the cold wall and His fingers are deep inside of me, He is biting and sucking on my neck and the warm water splashes up over my chest for a moment as i buck hard against Him.

When i feel like i am going to tear apart from the inside, i cannot take anymore, He rasps softly into my ear, "Cum for me princess, give me all of you."  I let go, i find myself floating in the warm water my body shuddering hard against Him, my lips seek His and warm red wave after wave of pleasure shudders through me. I quiver against Him, panting, rasping, "thank You , Thank You, Thank You" until i relax again and nuzzle against His chin.I lay there spent and weak for a few moments feeling myself drifting to sleep the warm water making me feel flushed and swollen.

 "Baby, lets go to bed." I get out of the tub and i wrap myself in a warm fluffy towel and hold one open for Him to step into. He pulls me close to Him as I wrap it around His back. He leans in close to my ear "Princess, I fucking love you."

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

outing 1

Two things just recently happened to me that "outed" me as a lifestyle submissive. Both were completely unplanned and unexpected, however the results of both were extremely interesting.

Let me give you a bit of personal background about what i do for a living without divulging too much. I am a jeweler. I often do custom work for customers. My employees and customers have no idea of my secret thinkerbelle identity.  i keep my private life very private and my professional life is very vanilla. --- Until recently.

It was a cold day in February, and I had a customer come in asking for a custom necklace for His girlfriend. He wanted a solid 2 piece silver ring with a heart shaped locket clasp and a hinge. So without thinking, i said "Yes Sir,like a hard collar."

The man smiled, then noticed my own collar,a very thick gold Omega chain, and said "Yes you are in the lifestyle. You are a slave I see, you know what i want then." He said this with no intention of outing me to my employees. But alas, He roused suspicion and i had to answer stupid questions from my subordinates like "does Mr. Wonderful beat you up and lock you in a cage?." "Does He make you cook naked and sit on the floor like a dog?""Does He watch you service His friends?"

I mean really, do vanillas think that about lifestyle BDSM? To answer your questions you crazy 'nillas that wont ever read my blog- Yes, Hubby makes me bark like a dog and keeps my hands in cuffs. I have to wear a black corset and thigh high boots with 8" heels whenever i am in the house! I am locked in chains and gagged 18 hours a day, and sleep on the floor on a mat next to His bed.

For the rest of you, that are half in and half out, or curious about the lifestyle, I think that perhaps there may be a very few that live like that, but i think that is a very small subset within the BDSM community.

Anyway, sorry, back to the story. I did that commission and the Man who assigned it was thrilled. He has since sent many of His lifestyle friends to me for custom collars. By  recognizing a fellow lifestyler, he brought me a lot of work. (As i am sure You know, Wwe in the lifestyle like to keep amongst ourselves when making purchases of the heart.)

I don't often worry about what others think of me, that's not really my thing, but in business i do worry how my personal affairs may affect my business. In this case, it may have increased my business and perhaps the "outing" gave me the opportunity to enlighten some people that may never learn that "normal" people can have parts of their relationships that are confusing to some.

I have NEVER gone to work with bruises or marks (other than the occasional hickey that Hubby thinks is funny to plague me with.) After the initial curiosities, the people that work for me have never asked me about anything as personal as my D/s relationship with my Husband. So i suppose, all is well that ends well.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What Matters?

I have been working in my mind on this topic for a while. "what Matters?" It seems such a simple question, but i ask it here, in this self indulgent forum to find out what really matters in a relationship. Is there ONE person that fits you perfectly? Or is it just one person at a time that fits perfectly?

I have a friend who hates his wife. He says she is simple minded, unkind, spoiled. She complains all the time, is nasty and snarky to Him. She has no friends and gets jealous when he is on the phone or looks out the car window at pedestrians in summer. He doesn't have sex with her anymore because he would prefer to never have sex again than touch that bitch. I asked Him, "why did you marry her?" In a sad longing voice he responds, "The girl could suck cock like you cannot believe, she was just insatiable."

Are the things that matter at the moment the things that matter for the reset of  your life? Would my friend with the evil wife have been better off with a brilliant girl, with a sense of humor but would only have missionary sex and wouldn't put a cock in her mouth ever? No one can answer that, not even Him. But let me put this into context. I read an advert on a BDSM meeting site:
  • Anyone (ladies) in the casino area looking to settle down with a swm who at 53 never married and either start lactating or in the process please let me know. I am looking for a LTR. Please, not to be rude, but slender to average only....
In three short lines this person is asking for a lot of criteria don't you think?
  1. Ladies...ok thats an easy one, half the population is female
  2. One in the casino area... well I'm not sure if He is in Las Vegas, but I'll assume not because it is on a New England Personals News Group. So, how big of a population can we be talking about here, due to the fact gambling is illegal in New England except on Indian Reservations?
  3. A lady that wants to settle down...oooh fuck, he hasn't even met one yet...
  4. A lady, that wants to start lactating...uh...ok, that narrows the field a bit more don't you think?
  5. And well if the above doesn't sort through every single eligible woman "not to be rude" or anything...a skinny one
A few weeks later He left another posting confused by the lack of response:
  • is there not ONE slender to slim, submissive female on the east side of the river that wants to play? Any woman that want / like to travel? why don't we go away to an island for two weeks (free for you) and get to know each other? 
The words "serial killer" and "safe call" floated through my mind when I read that posting. But let's assume His intentions are good.

Do you wonder why at 53 he is single and never been married? What are the deal breakers? I contacted this person and asked Him how may women did he think live in the area that fit that many unusual criteria. He removed the "slender" requirement from the advert a day later. But now I wonder, if he finds a girl that is willing to lactate, travel to points unknown, lives east of the river, is willing/ able to settle down into a long term relationship, do his laundry, cook his meals and feed his cats (im making up the last little bit) will He sit across the dinner table from her in seven years saying to himself, "I wish i took out the lactating and went for the skinny girl, becuase this fat cow is disgusting and leaking all over the fucking place. She just sits around all day with a breast pump and won't even leave the house to travel. What was I thinking!?"

This advert just makes me think of the excuses we make for why we do the things we do. The things that bring us misery or happiness are in the details. I see discussons on news groups or in Dear Abby:

"Does age matter?"
"Do politics matter?"
"He likes anal, i don't,  Should i leave??"
"He wants to cum on my face, I don't like it, should I do it anyway?"
"My fiance wants kids, I don't, should we get married?"

My answer is YES!! It all matters, but is it a deal breaker?

I have an online friend who is a staunch, died in the wool republican. I'm about as liberal as they come. We used to debate politics and He said, "If you werent such a liberal bitch I would really like you" We both laughed about that, but that just illustrates what matters. We debate often but have mutual respect for eachother. Last night I asked Him what matters to Him. He said simply, "If I can satisfy her with my mind and my body, then she is the one for me."

I cant think of a single person who doesn't wonder "what would have been IF..." I nearly married a man shortly after I graduated from college. I often think to myself, i wonder what would have been if i could stand the fact he wouldn't meet my family.  I ask myself that a lot, but it still comes out the same. It was his core values I didn't respect enough to be part of for the rest of my life. He didn't consider what was important to me to be important to Him. DEAL BREAKER!

Instead, I married my best friend. Yeah, there are some things that are missing. He can't cook anything other than toast, He is nasty as piss in the morning, He leaves his dirty underwear on the floor, He whines like a girl when he is sick, and He doesn't like to eat pussy. But, I am willing to settle for a Man that is flawed because He is a good husband, an awesome Daddy, He is interested in what i have to say, listens when i talk, laughs at my jokes, is my best friend and most important of all, we respect eachother enough to change the rules as we go.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Moon Drenched

I sat up in bed my body tense and alive with the feel of His hands on me. I rolled toward Him in the bed and looked at Him, the pearly light of the full moon through the skylight illuminating Him in an unearthly glow. "Sorry baby, I didn't mean to wake you, go back to sleep." I just lay there watching Him as His fingers slowly caressed my bare hip. I watched His face, His eyes were open and He looked at me. I whispered sleepily, "whassa matter Daddy, why can't You sleep?"

"I dunno, princess, go back to sleep, I'll just lay here and watch you."
I closed my eyes and snuggled closer against Him as His fingers trailed over my bare skin, i was awake now, worried, my brain working as to why He wasn't asleep. I rolled over and pressed my bottom against His hips. His hands were slow against my smooth skin. He muttered almost to Himself. "I was just thinking about you, thinking how lucky i am because l get to keep you forever." I must have stirred against Him because he said more loudly, "baby, I'm sorry, I'm being silly." He pulled my round bottom into the curve of his hip and laid a hand on my breast and just held me there. I lay silently pressing myself toward Him, trying to make Him calm to sleep.

"That moon is just too bright to sleep under. The moonlight makes you look like an angel." He pulled back the covers to expose me to the blue white light. I laughed softly, he felt me pressing against Him and i felt him stir. I was getting cold, i reached to pull the covers back up, he put his hand over mine and gently tugged on my shoulder to roll me over toward Him. Silently he leaned up on one elbow and covered my mouth with His. I kissed Him back, tasting Him. My half covered body warmed by his, but still chilling in the stark moonlight.

I lay on my back as he rested on one elbow above me, just watching me. I was feeling awkward now, like a live butterfly in a specimen jar. Not pinned, but hypnotized, not moving under the watchful gaze. He ran the back of his hand from my loins up over my belly and between my breasts. I closed my eyes and felt the sensuality of His touch. I relaxed into my pillows, eyes still closed as i felt His touch take me away. I was so close to sleep, or subspace. I just let Him have me in that moment to surrender and let Him take me away. The back of  His hand left warm trails over my skin, making my nipples perk to the contrast of His touches and the cold air.

So gentle were his touches it felt like a long time that he just slowly dragged his soft hand over my skin. His eyes were dark, keen points in the dim light. He moved slowly and covered my mouth with His again. He teased opened my lips with His probing tongue, making hunger for His lips. He pulled his mouth up and away from me, teasing me, making me want Him more than i wanted sleep. His fingers lay gently on my soft folds and slid a finger against my labia, just feeling my warmth against his cool finger. He let His hand linger between my legs. I reflexively parted my legs for His entrance, but that is not what He wanted, he just wanted to feel me. He wanted to know that His girl was always ready for Him.

He lowered his lips to my neck and cooed softly into my ear. "Baby, I want to take you slowly and stay awake all night having you."  I arched up to see the clock it was only 1:15, what is being tired at work when you can have spontaneous lovemaking past midnight on a school night. I pressed myself to Him closer, wanting to mold myself to his body, be entirely His. I wanted to be one with Him. He slid his warm wet fingers over my cold skin, slowly and then finding a place he wanted to explore he pressed His fingertips into the arches of my hips and around to my soft, round bottom.

He looked directly at me. Watching me, he cupped a hand to my breast and sucked my nipple. As if drugged, i lethargically arched my back to press my breasts to meet His lips. He sucked harder on my nipple lifting his head higher up, i arched as high as i could, toward his suckling lips until i couldn't reach any higher and he let my full round breast fall from his lips.

I groaned softly, feeling my breast bounce back onto my chest and i relaxed back into the soft mattress. He leaned across my chest and did the same to the other breast, making me hiss with the desire for Him to suckle me more. When he dropped my breast again i rolled toward Him and He smiled wolfishly at me. His smile was slow to fade when He kissed my lips, making the hunger in me burn for Him. I wanted Him so badly, but i just wanted to stay in His arms all night. He lay with his head on his elbow, i faced him and smiled coyly. It was my turn.

I dragged a hand across His chest and down over the ridges of His chest, feeling the smooth expanse of His belly and the notch in his hip where the shape of His muscles point lewdly downward. I ran my forearm slowly across his belly as my fingers curled into the springy wiry curls at his loins. I teased His thigh, dragging my fingertips upward then when i was about to touch His balls, i would slowly slide my fingers downward. I was always, careful not to touch His manhood, teasing Him mercilessly with my slow effleurage. He arched it up, showing me what he wanted to be touched.  I moved slowly my hair tickling his side and hip as i slithered down dragging my lips and tongue over His chest on my way down His torso to rest my head on his thigh.

Looking up at Him i grinned.  The moon was passing over the sky light now, the full white orb, hanging above us leaving shadows on His face but his skin was illuminated in a glowing blue haze. I exhaled gently onto His cock and watched as it bobbed away from my warm breath then as it bounced searching for my lips. I grinned. I love this. This is when i am at my happiest. I looked up at Him the pleasure aparent on my face. He rolled onto His back and rolled me over Him so i was nestled between His parted legs. He propped a pillow under His head and looked down at me, my own wanton smile mirrored on His face. He cupped my cheeks in His hands and nodded slowly. I opened my mouth and in one long slow motion i took His entire lenght into my lips and sealed my lips around His shaft feeling His manhood touching the back of my throat. I held Him inside of me.

He grunted, in the silence it sounded so loud. He sucked in a long slow rasping breath, on his next exhale he hissed "fuck baby... what you do to me." I know what i do to Him. I make Him crazy with lust, make Him want me, and make Him want to wait,  make him buck and thrust like an animal and writhe with the wanting that he can have any time, but prefers to hold onto so he can make His pleasure last as long as possible.

I wrapped my small hand around His shaft and stroked it so tortuously slowly. He ground His cock against my hand and I worked Him harder in my hand, rubbing the palm over the tip, lubricating it with his precum.  With my other hand i cupped His balls pulling them upward to meet my other hand. Sinking slowly down onto His cock again with my mouth, cooing softly up at Him i watch His cock throb.

"Look at me, baby" His husky tones pull me from my reverence and I look up at Him. His cock is pressed to my bottom lip and i smile at Him, a big wide grin and watch his eyes as my lips slide wetly over His shaft down to His balls. His hands rest gently on my head and he grits His teeth. When I slide back up he bucks then holds Himself still. "Baby, I need to cum..... Uhhhgg... I can't stop it." I lower my head down onto Him one more time and grip his cock tightly in my lips and slide my hand back up the shaft rhythmically, my eyes on His as i stroke His cock against my softly parted lips. He watches as His cock throbs in my hand and the wet creamy cum oozes over the head of  His cock onto my upper lip. I smile as i lick the cum off the head of His cock being very gentle now suckling the last drops from His cock as his fingers twine into my hair soothing me gently. 

I drop my head to His belly and he pets my head sleepily murmuring sweetnesses at me.I drift off to sleep tasting His seed on my lips and listening to his heart beat slow and and his breath becoming steadier. "I love you, baby" are the last words i hear when i fall asleep, i try to respond, but nothing comes out of my lips. I just hold his hand a bit tighter, snuggle closer and silently make Him know i love Him.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday Morning Minx

He lay in the bed next to me, sleeping he pulls me toward Him and wrapps his big long arms around me. I nuzzled up against Him and lay there awake, timing my breathing to His until i heard his measured sleeping breaths. Winter is nice in that way, you wake in the darkness, the house is still quiet and cold, and there is little to do on a Saturday morning that just cant wait. So i lay there in my Man's arms, as he snored softly. I lay awake, feeling his warm nakedness next to me. When i was sure he was fully asleep, i rolled toward Him and rested my head in the crook of His arm. He adjusted me there a bit and i slid my fingers over his smooth chest. Watching as as his small nipples puckers and rose. A smile comes to my lips as i think about what i want to do next. I cant control myself, i think how naughty it is to take advantage of Him when He is asleep giggling inwardly at my thoughts. I lean in and kiss his chest very gently, trying not to wake Him.

I drag my fingertips slowly over his warm skin, feeling the sensuality of his warmth. The light from the window is weak and blue but i can see His body, the barrel of His ribs, the small rise of His belly and then the descent to his pubis. My fingers slide lower, and i curl the tips of my fingers into his thick dark pupis. My Man shifts, rolling slightly toward me. I am doubtful He is still asleep but i move slowly and cautiously as if he is. I watch in the dusky dawn light as his cock hardens slowly as i stroke his balls so gently.

My body is alert to His, i try to be careful not to wake him. He sleepily rests His big hand on my head and pets my hair gently. I wriggle slyly downward and rest my head on HIs hip, watching the arch of his penis rise toward my face and i reach out with a warm hand and cup his balls so gently. His hand on my head, strokes my hair sleepily. He is not pushing me toward Him, or away. He just comforts me, letting me know i have permission to touch Him. I smile watching as His cock rises with the dawn light and i see the ruddy pink head. I curl my fingers around his shaft and lazily i work it in my hand, siding up and down the long length of his shaft with my one hand as i watch the little slit a the top wink at me. I do this lazily, watching  the opening at the head of his cock wink then close as my hand comes closer to the bulbous head. I milk up droplets from his thick rod, slowly and watch as they form at the tip then disappear with each stroke until finally one thick droplet rolls over the head. I catch it with my thumb and rub the slick nectar into the fleshy head.

He lays there, inert except for the throbbing pulsing of His cock in my hand. I turn my head to look up at Him. He is surely awake now, but lays with His eyes closed a half smile on His lips as i manipulate His cock in my hand. I coo softly into His shaft. "good Morning Cock, i want to suck you now, would you like to be woken with my soft warm lips wrapped around your shaft?" My Man stirs at my words and the hand on my head curls into my scalp. I lower my lips so close to the thick fleshy head that He reacts to my warm breath. He shivers and arches his hips up toward my lips. I see what He wants, i know what He wants, but i am taking my time. I stick out my tongue, resting it flat on the winking eye, i part the little opening with the very tip of my tongue and catlike lap up the bead of precum that has formed.

At that touch of my tongue on his cock i know he is awake, because his fingers grip into my hair, and i can feel he is losing control, and He wants it back. He wants to control me, it is hard for Him to let go and just accept like this. But, he lays there, his fingers tightly wrapped in my hair, as He knows i like and he lets me guide His cock into my lips. I press my soft tongue over the head and caress it with my flattened tongue, opening my mouth a bit wider i take His thick hard cock a bit deeper, all the while, my tongue dances over His swollen glans. I caress the head, and slip my warm mouth down the shaft, purring like a hungry cat as i do, I exhale a very soft "gggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrwwwww" sound as i slip deeper onto His engorged cock. His fingers tighten in my hair. If i am not careful He will take my head and start fucking my face. He is about to take control.

I slow down my pace, but continue murmuring over his shaft, that hollow throaty purring sound that resonates through His balls. My lips always curled over my teeth form a tight ring around His shaft, the purring of my throat stirring into His balls. He lets out a sharp hiss of breath and mutters something inaudible. I keep going.

I reach my hand up and caress His heavy swollen sack. Holding His balls gently in my cupped hand, I sink my lips ever lower onto His turgid shaft. He is bucking up against me now, His hips moving rhythmically to the motion of my mouth. I grunt when his tip reaches my throat, sending a shiver of sound through his thick, throbbing, eager member and i move deeper still. Lowering my mouth onto his shaft i look up at Him now. His eyes are open and He watches me take His cock into my mouth and i look back down at His cock and slide my mouth onto his tool as far as i can take it. He mutters softly "Look at me, baby."

I look up at Him. We lock eyes and He smiles weakly at me. I show of for him, lowering my mouth so that his tip rests on my throat, cutting off my air for a moment.  His heavy balls rest on my palm nestled against my chin. I hold Him deeply in my throat as long as i can, my throat closing around the head as i gag and my eyes water. My lips so tight around His shaft they act like a cock ring, making his cock even harder, I slowly slide back up his shaft. Never breaking eye contact, His cock dangles from my lips and i move back down all the way in one very fast motion so that His tip is being closed in my throat again.

He grunts and curls his fingers into my hair with both hands and i feel his balls tighten and His cock get stiffer. He hisses, "fuck baby, fuck!" I tease him, pulling back up again, so that the tip dangles from my lips attached with  a stringer of spittle, i  smile at Him, teasing Him with my smile as His cock bobs toward my warm lips looking for me again. He grips my hair and pushes me onto His cock. "FUCK BABY!" I look up at Him, my eyes dark and teasing as He watches as i suck his cock into my lips. He is awake now, thrusting his hips and pushing His cock into my throat. "what do you want, princess?"

I slide up slowly and take my time answering. "I want your cum Daddy, please?"

"You are a naughty little slut, but i fucking love you so much." He thrusts his cock into my mouth three hard bucks of his hips and i feel his cock throbbing and scratching my throat. "Look at Me! Fuck baby, you make me crazy! You want my cum, princess?"

His cock dangling in my lips like an Andy Capp cigarette "Yes please Daddy, cum in my mouth, please i want to taste You"

He pulls my head down onto His cock, his fingers working into my temples, massaging my scalp. I stroke his balls gently while my hungry mouth massages and milks the cum up from his heavy balls. Then he goes stiff, his entire body rigid and he grunts an animalistic sound of aching lust, and i feel his warm seed in the back of my throat, acrid and hot. I swallow it reflexively. He pushes my mouth of his tool with a loud pop and he shoots another sticky load of cum onto my lips. "He grunts, Look at me" I look up at Him and a smile crosses his entire face. "Mmmmmmmhm...good, messy, girl" He watches as i lick my lips and show him as I savor the cum from my lips and show it to Him in my mouth before i swallow.

He smiles weakly pulling me into His chest, He rests his hand in my hair Holding me against. I listen to his heart beat slow and become more regular. He sighs happily. "Princess, you are awesome"

"Thank You Daddy" i murmur into his bare chest as the undulating rise and fall of his chest lulls me back to sleep. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What is Love

As it happens, my last posting caused a flurry of questions in private either sent to my twitter DM or my followers asked me in emails variations on this same question: "Have you really had that many loves, especially online?" The simple answer is yes.

When I first started chatting online, it was so new and exciting, and the words thrilled me. The use of interactive timing made my heart move in that slow muddy pace of first love, the sensual imagination of His fingertips trailing along the side of my breasts, curling under it and cupping it into His hand. His lowering head to kiss the nipple and then, we would grind together, typing until it became just frantic "Mmmmmmmmmmm oohhhhhhh hooohhh yesssssss.... " as we both had to stop typing to use our hands to cum. He told me in great detail how His cum would spill over my face and chin and lips. I would respond, "Yes, spread your seed over my face and rub it in with the head of Your cock." But to read a log of the event now, is so mundane it makes me laugh. But it was the words i loved, how Hhe could use only words to bring me to such a frenzy. I would seek Him out night after night to feel his words ripple through me. Is that love?

Then i met another Man online, He lived far away and he was intelligent and witty. He made me smile, he was sensual and kind. We had a candor that was remarkable and we shared the same interests. It was easy to say that He was my best friend. We used to talk late into the night, and sneak in chats where ever we could, challenging each other to be sexy and learn as much as we could, so we wouldn't fall into the pit of so many online couples that have almost nothing at all in common, we always had the sex. We researched new positions ideas and talked about them.

I think with Him, i was allowed to grow and be as sexual as i am now, in a way that most people are not free to do in their everyday lives. We would make up stories every day, the Plot Du Jour, and see how long we could make eachother last before cumming. He and i would talk about our future, it was always so optomistic. I considered a life with Him but alas, as so many online relationships, even those that last years as ours did, they end. He and i grew apart, but there is no doubt i loved Him. To this day, years later, i still feel a hollow from the loss of His friendship. Can this be love?

There was another Man, He opened other doors to me. He taught me that the goal isn't the cumming online, it's the escape. He taught me to savour the pace of roleplay. Take pleasure in taking yourself away with your shared imaginings. He was loveable and kind and treated me well. He called me "pet" and took care to make me know i was special to Him. I cared for Him greatly and wanted Him to know he was cared for as well. Is that love?

I was done with having my heart broken, finished forever. I was never going to be happy with any one Man online. I'm like a little fairy sprite. I just flit from one to another without a care. You cannot put a girl like me into a jar and close the lid. I will die. It was flitting from one to another that made me learn the most important lesson yet. He taught me patience. He told me when we first met, "I am in no hurry, if I wanted to cum, I'd jerk off alone."

Of course this made me laugh. One of a million times He made me laugh. I was a prude until I met Him, because before i knew Him, i wasn't able to see sex as fun. I mean, its always a good time to get a nice big fat wad of cum on my face, smile up at a Man and tell Him "thank You." Its also fun to cum so hard you feel like your hair is going to fall out. But, having a Man at the other end of the screen, that makes you laugh out loud, and challenges you to think in order to cum, now that's a Man worth having.

This man, likes the dialogue, he likes it FUN. He likes it to be nothing like real life. It's online after all. Not real, just fantasy. It's playtime. But it takes trust and passion and true respect for a person, to make you feel secure enough about yourself that you drop every single veil, every inhibition you ever had and lose all the limits so that you are more naked before a person you never met than you ever have been with the one you live with. When all of the other stuff is stripped away, the taboos, the kinks, the dirtiness of sex is all gone, you are just left with ... dare i say it, Love.