Rough And Dirty Gems

Rough And Dirty Gems

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

All Tied Up

My wrists are tied behind me, my legs bound to the posters of the bed. Looking up, at Him, waiting for the expression of His desire. When i am bound, i am totally His. Ready for Him to use me, and do what He wishes. I have to relax into my bindings, know and accept that my role is to submit, and allow him take His pleasure in my obedience.

I am the kind of girl that loves to give pleasure. That is my particular kink. I love the idea that i have the power to give Him the gift of pleasure. To take His cock into my mouth or hands or pussy, to extract His seed, to make Him want it and love it. If He wishes me to lay there and take it, i do so happily or if he allows me to use my skills to pleasure Him i do that with great vigor.

However, when He ties me up, its about passively being able to let go, and submit to His desire. If he wants to tease me with His hands on my smooth flesh, i have to remind myself, that He is getting pleasure by using me. I do not have to work for it. He takes pleasure in His ability to take my power entirely and to see how much of myself i will give to Him. It is the tiny reactions that make Him happy. Not just putting His mouth on my cunt, but how wet i become under his touches, how my nipples harden when He flicks them with his fingernail. He whispers into my ear, "quiet now, and lay as still as possible." It is in my submission that He gets His thrill. Knowing that he owns me, my every single movement is His.

He smiles when He sees my shallow breathing. When my eyes close and he slips a finger into me, it thrills Him to see how my entire body aches to thrust back against Him. But i lay so very still for Him. He can tell I am aroused, peaked to His touches. My entire body becomes His. His cunt. He channels Himself through me. His mouth covers my pussy, and he thrusts his tongue into me like a tiny cock, i lay still whilst He lashes my clit to the point i am almost in tears, and want to grab at Him and beg Him let me cum.

When my entire body, quivers, and His sex is hard and i feel Him close to me, and with every single touch of his hand on my skin, i ripple with sex, and desire. He smiles, knowing that He made me what He wants. His cunt, not just His girl, but His slutty cunt, open and willing for Him to have in any way He wants.

He says nothing, just slides His hands on my belly and chest, making my flesh ripple and i involuntarily arch up toward Him. I cannot help but wanting Him. He leans over and whispers into my ear, so very softly, "cum for me now"

I arch and buck against my restraints and a violent flood radiates from every single pore of my body. My entire body is alight with Him, Heat floods through me. He watches me, hand on His cock and smiles, at what He has made me. He is not finished with me. He smiles watching me quiver with my orgasm. Shuddering on the bed against my restraints. Panting i open my eyes, almost fearful he will ask for more right away. I will always give everything for Him. He looks at me, smirking, "see what a good, hot, little, slut you are?"

He is thrilled by my obedience. He laughs softly at me, and strokes His cock over me. I want His cum, every single drop of it. He knows what i want, but He will make me earn it. Make me submit for it. He says softly, whilst stroking my face with the back of His hand, "Do you want my cock, princess? If you want my cock you will be a good girl and do as i say." I roll my face silently toward His hand on my face, and nod silently. "Be a good girl and don't say a fucking word. Be very still, don't move, you understand?"

I nod again, and he looks at me, "I didn't hear you slut" I say softly, meekly "Yes Master" and he laughs that throaty raunchy laugh. He is happy, He broke me. He unties me. and rolls me over and slaps my ass with His hand, i feel the pain of it sliding up my entire body. He repeats the spanking for what feels like a million strokes. Then I flinch, i can't help it, and he laughs, and grips my round bottom in His two hands and bites it. Then soothes it with his hand. I flinch again, and he laughs, "good girl, I love seeing you jump for Me"

He is ready for me. He lifts my hips and slides a pillow under me. He pushes His thick long cock into me so slowly. I think i am going to explode before he fills me entirely. He leans forward, and rests His chest on my back, and says, "You are such a good little cunt" and bucks his hips, fucking me. I relax into His thrusts, feel Him inside of me as if He is part of me, My face flat to the pillows i feel only His body as part of mine. We move together and I feel his cock throbbing intense and alive in me. I need to cum, I feel his need to cum, too. He takes His time, and then i feel his cock throbbing and spilling into me, and His grunts of completion. I am screaming now, i am lost within Him, and i burst, my entire body spewing with Him. I crash to the bed, my knees weak and i am shaking. He is on top of me, pressing me into the bed face down.

I relax again, and realize i am a separate person from Him and He rolls next to me, and pulls me toward Him. My bottom a round egg in the nest of His groin. He snuggles me there, protecting me, He whispers "i love you, princess, Good night" Tears sting my eyes, and i say "Thank You, I love You"

My submission is my gift to Him, yet i thank Him for taking it.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Aural Sex

I waited for days for the phone to ring. I waited and waited. But when it rang i was soooooo happy. The sound of His voice. All at once, i felt myself stir, i wasn't alone, i could hear it in His voice, He was happy to talk to me. It wasn't one of those calls where He said He would call and did out of obligation. He called to talk to ME. To tell me He loves me. He wants to touch me, feel my body next to His. He tells me about his long day on the road. I tell him about my day, how hard it was without Him. "He says baby, don't you worry about all that. I am here now, princess." He tells me of the road, the long ride, he tells me how He thinks of me, wishing I was with Him, sharing the ride with Him.

He was tired. I could hear it in His voice. I asked, "Should i let you get to bed?" He laughs, a raucous laugh, the kind that sends shivers through me. "Baby, I miss you so bad. I want to have you near me, to put Me to bed."

He loves the sound of my voice. He loves just hearing me speak. I read to Him. A love story about Him. He goes silent, but I hear Him breathing. I ask Him if i should stop. I hear Him smile, and says, "No baby, keep reading to me."

I can hear that catch in His voice, the tone that tells me He is hard. His breath is more irregular and rasps softly in my ear. I keep reading. The phone line hisses. He is so far away. But i feel His breath on me, his lips on my earlobe kissing me as i read to Him. The story ends and He tells me, to get undressed, and get into bed.

His voice is soothing, it's like a lullaby, the kind that you wouldn't sing to the children. It's a crooning sound, that makes me wet and want to obey everything. I can hear in his voice what He is doing. His cock is so hard. He asks me to talk to Him, tell Him how much i want Him. I tell Him, I love Him, and i list all the things i love about Him. How He makes me beg, and how me makes me love begging, how He makes me want Him and how never get enough. I tell Him the filthy things He loves hearing me say. The dirty secrets that we keep.

He laughs softly, a raunchy, husky sound, i am so wet and want Him so badly. We play a game, "Would you get undressed and sit on the bed for me?"

I respond "yes, i would do anything for You"


"Yes, Anything."

"Would you suck my cock?"


He is annoyed. "Say it! Tell me what you would do"

I tell Him I would suck His cock, take it into my mouth and milk it with my tongue and cheeks.

He asks, "Would you taste my pre-cum?"

I respond in detail, i would paint my face in His pre-cum. Then milk a drop onto my tongue and swallow it, savoring every nuance.

He asks more questions, each one filthier than the next. I respond and tell Him i would do anything for Him, until He hits my limit. He laughs, and tells me to say it anyway, He wants to know His girl will do anything He wants.

I love Him so much, I say whatever He wants me to. Its a game, I know He wont make me do it. He just wants to hear me say it, I tell Him He owns me, all the way. He is so hot now. I hear the catch in His throat, He is so ready to cum.

He tells me to touch myself, over my panties. I tell Him how wet i am. How ready my cunt is for Him. He tells me what He would do to my cunt if He were there with me. How he would part the silken petals and tease me. Tasting me and not letting me move until He was done with His treat. He would run His tongue over me, dipping it into my warm wetness, coating His face with my musk. He wouldn't touch my clit for a very long time, make me beg for Him. I beg, i beg and beg. I tell Him, i love Him, and i need Him and want Him so much.

He grunts, that sharp sound, that makes it sound like He is in pain. That sound that makes my skin crawl and my loins tighten. That sound that sounds so painful, so close to petite morte. That sound that makes me wild. My gift will come soon.

I ask Him in a slow husky voice, if he needs to cum. He says, He wants me so fucking badly, but He is in no hurry. He tells me if i were there, He couldn't wait. He would have to cum as soon as He felt my warm cunt touching His cock. He tells me His cock is drooling, its so wet. I tell Him how much I love Him for that. How much i love that He can hold out so long.

My wonderful Man, He takes His time, He whispers to me, softly, "Princess, i need to hear you cum, baby." That is all it takes, i am in a frenzy. I lose myself into His voice, His soft words, sending me over the edge. He knows me so well. He asks me to say the one more thing to Him, our secret, and He erupts into my ear. His breath is ragged, His voice is gravely and He slips over the edge and i listen to every note to hear that special song. We lay panting together in our separate beds.

He croons sweet words at me. I feel His breath in my ear. I am wrapped in His arms, His body sweaty against me. I am spent and smile drunkenly.

"Good night, princess, I love you."

I feel His kiss on my forehead as we fall asleep entwined.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Vibrating mood

The Man is away for a few days. He is with the "guys." A primal week away that only men can understand. When women go on holiday it is to the spa or some such luxurious pampering experience. When Man goes away with His guys they sew their oats. But whilst i am home alone, I sew my oats too.

I do nothing that I couldn't do if He was here. But I feel a freedom to it. My body perked to His absence. I get out of the bed, i don't bother with the dressing gown, i pad barefoot on the cool wood floor. I take the toys from the drawer, lay them out as if they are surgical tools. I clean and admire them one by one. The little egg vibrator glistens silver, i straighten the cord, give him, fresh batteries. I massage a tube of lube in my small hand, warming it as i do. Then i grin at a big black butt plug the naughtiest one i have. The biggest. I test the red plastic clothes pins in my hands then lay them next to the other implements. Then i put my imagination on the bed with the rest of my toys.

My imagination wanders through all the possibilities. I lay back. His hand is pushing me down, pressing against my chest, pushing me to the soft clean cool sheets. He holds me down. He puts the clips on my nipples and says, "This may hurt a little, but sometimes Daddy likes to see you hurt a little, princess"

I nod weakly and watch as he opens the clips and grips my soft nipple in His fingertips and places the clips onto my nipples one at a time. Then He opens me up, tells me He needs to see my pussy, He strokes it, then he slides the vibrator over my clit. "That's a good girl, what a good little slut I have, I love seeing you open for Me." I coo soflty at His words. He sits nexto me, watching me intently. Then i gasp as He shows me the big black butt plug. He smiles as He watches me squirm as He puts it gently into my opening, i am wet... so wet. He slides the butt plug over my slit, teasing me from my clit to my puckered opening. He lubes it up and slides it sharply into my asshole. He whispers huskilly, "OOhhh girl, i love seeing your ass taking My plug... Don't lose it now, slut, thats Daddy's gift."

I clench my cheeks around His plug and He slides the vibrator over my pussy again, careful not to bear down and lose it. He flicks at the clips on my nipples with His fingers. Watching them bounce as i whimper softly in pain. He smiles at me, His eyes still on my tits "what a good little slut you are" and flicks again, i squirm and he looks at me.

He stands up, and unzips His jeans. He holds His hand over His buldge and says accusingly, "look what you have done to, Me, you slut. You made My cock hard and look, its oozing. Princess, I need you to suck my cock." He takes His cock out and shows me the drooling purple tip. He turns my head toward Him and shoves it into my mouth. He fucks my mouth roughly as i gurlge, and gasp, my eyes water. He slides the vibrator over my cunt. I arch up, wanting more of the vibe.

He pulls His His cock from my lips. Standing over me, He strokes His cock, it's so hard and purple. "you are such a slut, look at you, you made Daddy's cock all wet with your mouth, and your pussy is soaking, dripping on the clean sheets. You don't deserve My cock." He stands over me, stroking Himself and flicks nonchelantly at the clothes pins on my nipples. He smiles when i groan in agony, the pain of my nipples shoots down my loins and i arch up. He smiles and presses the vibrator hard against my clit.

"You make Me so happy, girl. You are such a slut, but fuck I cant get enough of you, girl. Cum for Daddy, you whore, show Me how much you deserve My cock, princess."

I buck and arch, feeling the huge butt plug burrowing into my ass and i have to remind myself not to bear down or i will lose it, it makes me wild, it slides in and out with each ripple of my convulsing cunt. I cry out a shrill cry, "oooh fuck Pleassssssssseeeeee Daddy!! i want Your cock please...."

He shoves His cock into my mouth and pumps hard on my face, pulling the clips off of my nipples at the same time, i gasp in agony and he pulls out. Stands over me and i look up at His cock and beg, "Please, Please Please, can i have Your cock? Please fuck my face, please cum all over my face, please, i will be such a good girl." I whimper over and over again, "Please, please please cum all over my face, cover me with Your cum, i promise to be good."

He places the tip of his cock on my lips, and jerks himself off into my mouth. He grunts "take my fucking cum slut, but dont fucking swallow" i open my mouth, look up at Him and wait, He continues to jerk off over me. His eyes lock on mine and He, looks at me, and i see His eyes glaze over, He convulses against my cheek, His spewing nectar coats my face. He looks down at me and uses the head of His cock to massage His seed over my cheeks and across my lips.

He relaxes, and steps back panting. He smiles at me, not taking His eyes off of me. He reaches under me, and pulls the butt plug from my ass in one fast sharp pull, i scream and a shockwave of lust washes over me. I feel His seed drip from my face and He smiles, and tells me to lick my lips, He wants to see me taste His cum.

I lay panting on the bed, quivering from my orgasm. The butt plug lays nexto me, the vibrator still humming discarded on the bed out of reach, the clothes pins at my side and I open my eyes. I am alone and very glad for it.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Morning Thoughts

I have had comments from my readers, who say "so you like cock" in that sarcastic online tone.

Would it be cruel of me to stop talking about how I love cock so big and hard and smooth and soft. I love when a cock becomes fully erect and the little eye opens and winks once. It is like an eye of a lover who blinks once in the early morning to see in what devilish way i am waking Him this morning. He blinks tiredly, sees, he is in no danger, and closes his eyes again, waiting for the moment when he is needed and they will pop open again. Then with each stroke i watch the eye open wider and then close.

I watch as His head turns purple and the shaft bobs in eager anticipation of my warm lips. He sits up a bit now,to watch as his thick head slide into my wet lips, eager and warm. My morning gift to Him. Or His morning gift to me, i am not sure, and don't care. He burrows His cock into my throat, slides his fingertips through my tousled hair, but lets me have Him. He submits for this moment to the pleasure i am giving to Him. He watches greedily as i suckle his cock, making love to it, it disappears again into my lips. Then i pull back up and press the glistening wet head against my lips, paint my lips with his oozing precum and i look up at Him and smile a morning greeting to him. Then slide down onto His shaft. His turgid cock lodging into my throat, and i grunt and he holds my head down gently, tiredly.

Then i slide my mouth back up over the veiny shaft. My lips circling his tip gently, he bucks up toward my lips, wanting to feel his tool back in my warm mouth, like a couple that snuggles together in the cool morning. But, i tease him and hold my lips at the crown of his cock. Letting the cool air touch His sensitive shaft. He growls at me, and tells me he needs to have His cock inside of me.

He rolls me over, lays me on my side and guides himself into me. Slowly he slips his already hard cock into my wet warm opening. Teasing me, torturing me, with the slowness of His descent. And then it settles past my bony entrance and nestles into the soft moistness of my depths mmmm.... i love how a cock feels inside of me. My soft slippery walls caressing the sides of His cock..... that's heaven, how at the same time I want it to last forever, and end at that exact moment. Thrilling agony.

He takes what is His. He pushes deeply into me, settles there and slowly rocks back and forth. Feeling my velvety petals circle Him. He whispers into my ear. "That's a good slut, hold me in your tight pussy." He is perfectly still now, He whispers again, "Don't move"

I obey and lay submissive, and supple to his every movement whilst he works himself in me, i clutch at the pillows, so not to move as he thrusts into me. I feel the erotic pain of delightful nearness. I am ready. He knows it. I feel his balls hitting my perineum and I beg silently with my soul for MORE. I know if i speak my thoughts He will make me wait longer. I grip hard on his shaft nestled inside of me. He made me his whore, to lay and take Him. Then he says very softly, like a breeze in my ear, "cum for me, My sweet slutty girl."

Those soft words sends me right over the edge. I grip his cock, pulling it deeper into me milking it for all its worth with my cunt. He thrusts in and out.... feeling my slick walls sliding so deliciously over his hard shaft. He drags his shaft against my clit as he pushes in and out. I close my eyes and buck up against Him, my body convulses around Him, and He frantically thrusts harder into my tight spasming tunnel. He holds me close, i feel Him erupting into me. He lays still and whispers, "that's a good girl, what a good little slut I have."

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Subby little things

As far as i am concerned i am mostly a submissive. I don't exactly subscribe to the BDSM doctrine of either one or the other at all times. I am in a committed relationship, and anyone who knows anything at all about that knows that there is push and pull no matter if one is Dom and one is the sub. I think of it this way. We are born with 2 hands one is naturally more dominant than the other but it takes both to tie our shoes.

For example, what more submissive act is there than to be on my knees, with a Man's hard cock in my mouth, as He pumps His hips thrusting his shaft down my throat? When i feel tears coming to my eyes and my throat raw and my lungs burning because he is choking me with his hard cock is when i am at my most powerful.

I know what it may sound like for me, an admitted submissive, to say that. But my point is, all i need to do to get Him to stop is to clamp down a little too hard and.... well You get the point. There is power in submission.

I had a friend who once told me, that in BDSM Doms really have no power. He went on to explain, once you exchange limits and a safe word, all she needs to do is say it. GAME OVER! Any good Dom will immediately stop at that point. I respected Him a lot after that.

First Entry, Cum on

There is nothing i love more than making a Man cum. For me, there is no greater pleasure, it supersedes even my own orgasm. I love cock. I love every single thing about cocks. Their rigid girth, the soft rubbery flaccid state, the delicious oozing precum and the thick spurting orgasm. The way it feels in my mouth and the way a cock makes me feel at the same time submissive and powerful. I have a Man in my life. A full time man, he says i am insatiable, he is right. If he would let me have his cock in my mouth at all times i would be the happiest girl in the world.

This is all i have time for right now, but i will be back to elaborate.