Rough And Dirty Gems

Rough And Dirty Gems

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Christmas Carol, Roberte and Charles and Mr_Tim

This Christmas, I will tell you three stories. The ghosts of Christmases past, present and future. Sounding familar? Let's for this story set say I'm Carol. Ill tell you about about my three loves. The ghost of Christmas past is Roberte Crotchet, the ghost of Christmas Present is Charles Dick, and the Ghost of Christmas Future is Mr_Tim.

When i was young and first started dating, my father gave me sage advice, "Carol, if a boy hits you, he doesn't like you." I nodded and absorbed that information as all teen aged girls do. At the time i had no idea what he was saying to me or why. I started dating and i had a few nice boyfriends and then in college i met who i thought was THE ONE.

Roberte Crotchet was an exchange student the same as me. It was lust at first sight. As soon as I looked at Him I blushed and giggled. He was so handsome that it made me feel awkward and made me tingle. He was lean and athletic. Roberte Crotchet was a brilliant student, he wore fashionable clothing and expensive Italian shoes. English wasn't his native language, his quaint speech make me laugh. He would sit with me outside my dormitory, watching the cold grey Scottish sky turn from slate to ash, to purple then to blackness. He would comment about how the arts and craft style gas lights looked like a set of testes hanging from above, glowing and needy as the shaft of light would be cast into the darkness. He would have to stop to gesture to his crotch for the words in English to make me understand. I would laugh, and debate this with him until he offered to show me his testes to be sure He was correct. He pulled me close and said things to me in portugese that made my skin ripple from the tone, even though i had no idea what they meant.

We would go back to his rooms shivering and shaking, but always laughing. He would make coffee for us, i was never allowed to cook in His kitchen. "Only with a press, cara ... all other coffee is terrible." Everything he said had the passion and conviction of a man who already knows he is correct, and i believed him.

"Come to bed with me, menina doce, you will not be unhappy with me in the bed, cara."

He had the touch and soul of an artist. He handled me slowly and gently, then turned me onto my belly and bite at my ass murmuring in Portugese. I writhed and shuddered. He always took his time, not letting me get to the point of such urgent need that i needed to cum, he would work me like a composer building to his crescendo. One day in bed, He slid his fingers into me, laying beside me, he cooed softly into my ear in His mixture of English and Portuguese, "Querida, para dar à menina a dor... I need to have you in a way you have never been taken... say Yes to me, por favor, cara " The smell of his skin, the confidence in his voice, the sound of his words in Portuguese, that i didn't understand, every thing making me scream "YESSSSSSSS" even though i knew in my soul it should be NO!

He turned me over onto my belly tied my hands behind my back with his belt and slapped my bottom hard with his hand. I screamed.

He leaned down over me and put a hand over my mouth "Cara menina, you will wake the neighbors, quiet now." I bit the pillow and he slapped me again, i wriggled, winced, and begged, "NO, NO, NO please...No" My Darling Portuguese lover frowned, looking deeply into my eyes with his dark expressive eyes. He looked so sad and disappointed, "Encantadorada, you do not trust me, you make me so sad. Cara, you want me to go away forever?" His breath warm and sweet made me want to cry, and i begged this time for Him to stay.

I went home to New York and had lunch with my mother. "Carol, ya need to find a nice man, who will treat you well, and be a good provida. What you need is a mensch."

I was at a friend's apartment one day and Charles Dick showed up on his bicycle unannouced. Charles pulled a sixxer of beers from bis bike bag and handed them around the room and started making conversation. He was witty, funny and good sport. He had the arrogance to just know he welcome because he is who he is. We talked about cars and bikes and parks. He said he was thrilled to meet me and walked me down to my apartment. He asked to come in, and said he was going ot be in a bike race, asked me did i want to come.

I offered him a drink and sat on the sofa with him. I got his drink while he was, still talking, "Ooh you can work the concession, it wont be awkward." He was like a Labrador retriever, friendly and red and happy so friendly i decided to go to the race with Him.

The races were in the woods at a ski resort before snow season. The races were held earlier that day. The team and the hangers on all had a bonfire in the woods. There were bottles of Grand Marnier (the nectar of the god's) and vodka being passed in groups and the smell of weed and good booze filled the night air. We were all stoned and drunk, the night was cool, Too cold to be camping out doors so everyone who had anyone was coupled up and snuggled in blankets. Charles and I were "just friends" but i was in smitten since the day i met him. He was cold and he pulled me close to him, He stared into my eyes and kissed me.

We slept together that night, but we didn't have sex. We just slept together snuggled close keeping warm. We did that many times after that. He would come to my apartment after work, have dinner, smoke a bowl and just stay in my bed holding me. So many nights when he was holding me i would beg silently, "please, please, please, touch me, make me yours, love me in the way i love you."

Then it happened. One night in my bed when he held me, he put his hand on my skin. All at once i felt hot and wet and warm. I felt like i was on a row boat in the ocean and my stomach was in knots. He pulled me to Him and kissed me. The shock and desire I had welled up for months was seeping from me into Him and back. We made love, for the first time in my bed. It was violent awkward and hot. He pulled me close Him, wriggled out of his clothes, told me to get my panties off and he took me. He spread me open, slid a finger into me pulled it out, and then just took me. Hard and fast he hammered into me, not stopping or even looking at me. Ripping me open around his huge cock until the pain of it made me want to cry with lust and need until he and i exploded at the same time gasping and sweating. I curled into His arms and slept until morning.

When i woke up i was terrified he was going to leave and never come back. I stared at him for what seemed like hours. As he slept my mind silently begged him, Please stay forever, please stay forever. When he woke, he blinked at me, smiled his sweet honest smile pulled me to HIm again. This time he took me more slowly. His fingers exploring my curves curling into my hair and he held me tightly from behind. His hand explored my chest my stomach the tops of my thighs. He rolled on top of me, smiling down at me as beamed up at Him. I had never been so happy in my life. He entered me slowly and ground himself down onto me. He looked past me and his eyes rolled back and we made love in the early morning sunshine on a cold December morning.

Years later, i was home nursing a baby and caring for a very sick husband, complaining to my sister, i feel like i don't have anyone to talk to. "Carol, you need to find people who have simlar interests as you. You know, get out there and make friends."

It was late one night i finished an online Q&A session for the class i was teaching at a local community college. The class was hosted on an irc server. I had downloaded the free software client and with it came a list of public servers. I found a sex chat server and found Mr_Tim.

I was anonymous, safe and secure, knowing that my fantasies and my real life were safe here. I had no idea that this existed the newness of it was like heroine. I had no rules when i chatted online. At first i felt so naughty, i couldn't tell Hubby. Why upset Him, he is so sick anyway?

I had long cyber scenes with strangers. I was a cyber slut. It was amazing for me to find people out there that i could just talk to about my horny thoughts, my kinks, my passions the things that tuned me on, the things i had never even heard of. I never ever had to talk about the real horror my life felt like. Escapism at its finest.

Hubby got better, and life got easier. I made friends in real life. But i was in love. I would sneak down to see Mr_Tim late at night. Hubby started to wonder what i was doing on the computer late at night, at first i lied. I made up stories about work etc. Then one day he said to me, bluntly and matter of fact, "Carol, I know what you are doing"

My heart started to race and i felt ashamed and horror stricken and terrified and defensive and angry, my knees felt weak and i was afraid i was going to die. My finger tips started to tingle and i was sure my life was over.

"Don't lie to me Carol. I know what you are doing on the computer. I am not a fool." I started to cry, and crumbled in grief, i was sure he was going to kick me out.

"Oh Carol, calm down, you can have your fun, but these are the rules: No meeting, no discussion of meeting, no personal information and for god sakes don't say the L word (love), so long as your 'fun' stays in MY bed, i don't care what you do online."

HOLY SHIT, i found the pirates booty!!! He was totally cool!!!

Mr_Tim is the one i dream of at night, the one who takes me away from the hardships of my "real life" and gives me a place to rest my head and feel beautiful even when i know i look like shit. Mr_Tim, is loving and patient and caring and perfect in every single way. Mr_Tim is an amazing lover. He is always there giving me exactly what i want and only asks that i be happy in return and tell Him he is awesome, and the best lover i ever had, so creative and amazing. Mr_Tim is a brilliant cook, housekeeper, gardener, dollhouse builder for children. Mr_Tim can fix anything.

Mr_Tim loves to cum on my face, tie me up, play rough, play slow, play nice and fuck me in the ass. Mr_Tim loves to choke me with his enormous cock, he loves to eat my pussy and he loves me no matter what.

He says he likes when i'm skinny, and he says he likes me when i am fat. Mr_Tim always says the right thing. Mr_Tim is an accountant, or a lawyer or a rocket scientist. Mr_Tim is a warehouse worker with a 19" cock or a lion tamer that likes to dress in drag. Mr_Tim is a bored housewife that wants to know what its like to be a Man for a few hours.

But, alas Mr_Tim is not real. He is my online fantasy. It's Christmas time everyone. Hug the one you are with, and let them know that this year, the most special person of all is the one who loves you right this moment.

For me, That's Mr Wonderful, the realest man i could imagine. Pucker up under the mistletoe and give your Mister Wonderful or Miss Thang a big kiss and tell them that they are special, no matter what. If your girl or guy is sitting next to you, or across the planet behind a keyboard. Its all the same. Being loved is awesome!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone and to all a fucking good night!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Good Things Cum to Those Who Wait.

I stood there in His arms, as He sat on the roof deck with a glass of Champagne in His hand. I looked down at Him, amazed, and flushed with emotion. I pressed myself closer to Him and He slid the fingers of one hand over my arms and down my hips and around my back. With his other hand he slowly traced the V neckline of my sweater with his half full champagne glass. Slowly dragging the cool smooth glass downward He circled my hard nipple through my cardigan. He pushed the rim of the glass up under my taut nipple and grinned lustily up at me as i watched the glass make its slow circuit of my chest. I shivered slightly and He locked eyes with me. The air seemed to crackle with electricity as He took a sip of champagne and set down his glass. His eyes never leaving mine.

He pulled me closer with the hand that was around my hips, reaching up He tugged open the buttons of my sweater one by one in a soft "Pop... Pop... Pop...pop."He slid his warm hands into my sleeves and pulled the soft wool off my shoulders and left the discarded fabric draped at my elbows. He nuzzled His face into my heated flesh and slid his hands up my belly to cup my breasts in his large hands. I smiled down at Him and He un-clipped the front hook of my bra and let it fall open, my large breasts bobbed free of their restraint. I felt the cool air on my bare skin as He pressed a cheek to my belly and nuzzled into my cleavage. He lifted one breast to his mouth and sucked it until my nipple was firm and needy, he repeated with the other in the same agonizingly slow fashion.

Then he pushed me back to arms distance and looked at me, as if he was surveying a mannequin in a shop window, tilting his head from one side then the other and he reached up with his hands and slid them under my skirt. I gasped fully exposed and i turned my head to see people walking on the sidewalk in front of the inn. I looked back at Him again, i felt hazy, as if i left my body, and i was in a bubble of soft warmth. The street below didn't matter, nothing mattered. He kept looking at me and tucked his fingers into the hem of my panties and slid them down to my knees. I felt the cold air on my moist entrance instantly and all i wanted to do is get to my knees and worship Him.

I cooed softly and slid my fingertips into his hair, my arms feeling very short due to my sweater around my elbows draped toga-like down my hips. He pushed me back again, a bit farther and stood up. He turned me to face the street and came behind me, holding my breasts out before me, and whispered into my ear. "They can see you if draw attention, princess" He held my breasts pinching my nipples as i ground my hips against His bulging jeans. He kissed my neck and my pussy felt like it was dripping into the panties around my knees.

He bent me over the railing, my large bare breasts falling forward as he lifted my skirt and slapped my ass with a resounding "CRACK!" My bubble of warmth and serenity was broken in that one instant. I saw a woman on the street look up to see where the sound came from. I gasped and looked over my shoulder at Him. My eyes opened wide and i hissed in a sotto voce, "she will see" He laughed softly into my ear, "I know, princess, isn't it great?"He pushed my head down again, lifted my skirt and i flinched away from His swat. He grabbed me by the hair, and hissed too loudly to be accidental, "Stay Still" His hand came hard this time, hitting the roundness of my ass with a "CRACK" then again "CRACK" I closed my eyes so not to see the street, but He wasn't going to let me off. So i relaxed into my submission, and love, and trust with each "CRACK" I drifted away, back into my bubble of warmth.

He was stroking my hair now, "good girl, you are cold... lets go inside" He pulled my sweater off my arms and dropped it down the hatch into the bedroom below. He pulled a fluffy towel from the rod and laid it on the bed. He guided me to sit on the bed. He touched me, everywhere, slowly taking the rest of my clothes off and laid me back onto the towel. He was cooing a stream of compliments and nice words, "good girl... such a good girl i have.... so pretty.... such beautiful skin" as he kissed down my belly, i reached my head up to kiss Him or to touch Him but He always gently pushed me back cooing nicely at me.

He put his lips on mine for a moment and then left me there for a a long while. I was in a fever now, it was like time stood still but i felt i needed to feel Him, have His touch, have Him near. I didn't want to move or touch myself. He would know if i had. I wanted to be perfect for Him. His princess.

When he returned he had His suitcase and mine. He dropped them on the floor and left again for a short moment returning with the bottle and glasses of champagne. He poured Himself another glass took a large gulp, then tipped it into my lips and spilled some of the cold fizzing wine over my cheek. I felt it roll down my cheek and neck, leaving a cold trail. I felt my nipples tighten in response. He tipped the glass gently over my chest and i felt the cold bubbles on one nipple and watched as he sucked the dripping champagne off my tit, biting gently on my nipple. He repeated His slow torture on the the other breast, nipping at the tender flesh as he sucked away the fizzing bubbles.

Then he kissed me deep and hard. I tasted the sweet alcohol on his lips he sucked my bottom lip into his mouth as he pulled away. Then, He spread my legs, wide, but didn't touch my moist cleft. I arched my hips up toward Him. He just smiled as He lifted his glass again took another swig, then lifted his glass high as if to make a toast, he tipped the remainder onto my cunt. The cold bubbles making me writhe away from it. I felt the bubbles dripping down the cleft of my ass. Then he lowered his chin to my pussy and looked up at me. "Baby, don't cum, no matter what don't cum."

He moved His lips to my swollen lips and sucked the cool bubbles from my parting. I was writhing in ecxtacy. It felt like a million cocks all fucking me at once. I was lost, in another world, on that precipice but didn't dare fall over. I needed to behave, my fingers curled into the soft down coverlet. I was moaning, incoherent. I was lost, the colors in my head were a kaleidoscope of pleasure and lust, prickling every pore i ever had. I was chanting His name, "I love you, i love you, i love you, please....." He pulled back his lips. His chin was glossy with my nectar as he covered me with his body. He kissed me hard on the lips, sharing my own lust with me. Then he entered me, and i was whole.

I bucked up against him and we moved as one. I was entirely part of Him as He filled me, slowly at first, but then he filled me, more and more and i felt like i was going to be so full i would burst from the inside and then we moved together, slowly and gained tempo. Then, He grunted "baby, now, Oh my fucking god i love you, now, baby cum with me" I exploded, i felt myself turn inside out and i let go, every single thing i my life was gone at that moment except Him. His cock throbbed so perfectly inside of me until i was completely empty. I lay there under Him, weeping, spent, not able to move just radiating love, kissing Him and holding him on me. I cooed softly, giddily into His ear. "I love you so much, i love you soooooooo much, thank you, thank you, thank, you."

Then he said it, what every Master should tell a girl, "you did so good baby, I'm so proud of you. " I smiled, beaming to myself and wrapped my legs up around His hips and poured all of my love into Him. "thank You"

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Ride to Heaven

We woke up on Friday morning giddy as children. We snuggled in our warm bed as His hands roamed over my body. He pinched my nipples and curled His naked body against me. "Baby, i don't think i can wait to give you your anniversary surprise"

I giggled and begged, "Please please can i have it now. Please?" I wasn't sure what i was begging for but i wanted his cock so badly and i hoped it was that. He laughed at my eagerness. "such a good little slut. But i don't have it yet."

He dressed me in a short skirt and knee socks and a tight cardigan sweater. He asked me to put my hair in pig tails for Him. He was taking me away for the weekend all the details were a surprise. We were all packed and ready to go.

We got in the car and started heading north. We stopped at the Big E (big agricultural fair.) We held hands and he ushered me around the fair, one hand on my bottom, and i put my hand in his back pocket. We laughed and kissed and acted like teenagers on a date. He took me on the Ferris wheel, when it got stranded at the top, He slid a hand into my sweater and took out my breast and bit my nipple. I blushed and pushed Him away. He looked at me sternly, "Princess, you are My property, don't push Me away." I blushed and giggled embarrassed as He fingered my wet pussy through my panties on the way down from the top of the Ferris wheel.

When we disembarked, i was hastily pushing my breast back into my bra and tugging down my skirt. I don't know if anyone noticed but i giggled and skipped ahead to the horse arena. He took me by the hand and we climbed into the stands. The sulky horses were just about to enter the ring. I am a city girl and know almost nothing about horses, but i do know about leather. Hubby whispered in my ear, "princess that shiny leather harness with the bells would look so pretty on your bare pink ass, i think we will need to get some patent leather straps with shiny bells just for your pretty tits."

I shuddered. My pussy started to leak in Pavlovian response to His teases. The stodgy couple in front of us turned around at my giggles, and my Man, just looked squarely back as if to say "What are you lookin at, Dude?" I was embarrassed but that was His point. He slid a hand under my skirt and snaked a finger into my panties and then pulled it out wet with my nectar and touched it to my nose then licked it clean as if He was savoring the best cake batter left in the bowl. The rest of the day i smelled my hungry musky smell.

We had lunch and then we got back into the car and drove north. We laughed and sang to the radio the whole way up to Vermont. When we got off the highway, the sun was glowing red on the golden leaves and he looked at me. I looked back self conscious, and shy. He shut the radio off and pulled off the road. "Baby, you are so fucking beautiful, i just want you, but I promised 10 hours of torture and I don't think you have even suffered for one." He pulled me close over the shifter and kissed me hard. He cupped a breast in one hand, "We are nearly there baby girl, and i want you so badly."

He turns the car into the most romantic little New England Inn i have ever seen. The outside is covered in Victorian gingerbread shingles and we are met by the inn keeper at the door. "You must be the happy couple on their 10th honeymoon." My face split into a huge smile. I was in complete shock by the surprise. The amount of planning He did to arrange all of this, the lovely inn, the friendly inn keeper, i just beamed happiness. Every pore of me alight with adoration for my Man. The inn keeper commented to me "Are you always this happy dear?" I blushed and gushed to my Man "Oh my god, You did awesome, oh my God, You are sooooo awesome!" He laughed and the inn keeper showed us around the lovely 150 year old house that was broken into 9 rooms.

All of the rooms were lovely, almost all had fire places. By this point i am wondering which one is ours. I had picked out my favorite; the pretty one with the big bed and the large ball in claw tub. Then the inn keeper guides us up one more flight of stairs to the "suite" he pushes open the door, and i am just thrust into the most beautiful room i have ever seen. The walls were peeked to the high to the ceiling and had large windows set in both sides of the high vaulted ceiling so there are vistas of the mountains on both sides. The leaves were changing color even more on the mountain, so the setting sun cast a golden orange glow over the landscape and soaked the large room with bright autumn light. In the center of the room is a huge cast iron four poster bed. I started jumping up and down, and giggling, "You are so awesome, You are so awesome!!!!!!" He laughed "princess, settle down"

Then the inn keeper showed us the bath, and that is when i started to cry. There is a huge whirlpool tub in a marble surround that is tucked into a gable where there is a large window that overlooks the town green. The inn keeper tells us that the glass is coated so no one can see in and winks at Hubby. Then, the inn keeper shows us to the "widows walk". A small cast iron spiral staircase that leads to the roof deck. The roof deck is set with cheese crackers and champagne for our arrival. The inn keeper leaves us up there to enjoy our snack. I start to gush. "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!" He laughs and pulls me to Him and kisses me between the breasts and holds me close. "You really like it, baby?" I look at him like He is mental and nod my head, at a complete loss of words. He coos into my ears as He kisses my neck, "I really love you, princess. I really, really do. "

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Great Expectations

This morning, He pulled me close, nuzzling His hard shaft to my round bottom. He bit my ear and husked softly into it "Princess, tomorrow, it's been ten years. Do you know what that means? It means I'm going to torture you tomorrow for ten hours just to be sure that you are still worth keeping"

I giggled and rolled over to face Him. He smiled and said, "baby, no cumming until I tell you to tomorrow. You understand Me. Right?" I nuzzled closer and pressed my bare body against His and giggled softly into His ear. Teasing him with my soft husky voice i crooned "if that's what you want and that's what you can stand, i'll be a good girl and keep my hands off myself."

He kissed my forehead and laughed. "You are such a slut, i love you" I giggled and he got out of bed. I sat up to watch his hard cock bobbing as i he walked to the shower.

When he got out, i was sitting in bed watching as he dressed for work. He turned to look at me. I was giggling and bubbly. "I want you to pack today. Pack the raunchiest outfit you own, but one you can go out in, and one just for me." He pointed to a pair of running shoes i left on the floor, "I don't want to see those. Be pretty and girly and sexy for Daddy, understand?"

My heart skipped beats when He said that, my body filled with desire and i got out of the bed and pressed my naked body against Him. I slid my fingers into his pants and curled my hand around his warm balls. He pulled my hand out forcefully, and slapped my bare ass. I could tell He was getting hard, I could tell by His smile when he slapped my bottom, i could tell by the look on his face when he said, "Don't disappoint me."

I shivered and started dressing, He was serious. He's on the wagon too it seems. I'm horny, excited and can't wait to see what tomorrow brings! I'm a little nervous about ten hours of torture though, but i can't wait to find out what it is!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Does Sex Matter?

Is there a time in a relationship when sex doesn't matter? I was talking to a friend recently and he said, "I have been married so long, I have forgotten why I have sex with my wife, so I don't." I gasped and looked at him oddly. He said to me, "you have been married for 10 years, don't you wonder?"

I was frankly gobsmacked and must have looked it. Sex matters. It matters a lot. I mean yeah in 10 years it has not always been great sex, but how else do you share your love and affection for eachother? How do you tell your partner non verbally that they matter if you don't touch?

I have another friend, he is unhappy with his marraige, he doesnt have sex with his wife anymore, becuase he cant stand her. I ask him, "how can you lay next to her in bed and not just want to fuck her even if you dont like her." He says he would prefer never to have sex again, than give her even a moment of pleasure because she makes his life such a living hell.

I have another friend, who says she isnt interested in sex, but she does it because she thinks her husband will leave if she doesnt. I agree with her. But how must that sex be? Why would he bother if she just does it so he will stick around.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hot and Steamy

The weather changed again, it's hot and vicious out of doors. The heat is balmy and clingy indoors. It makes us cranky, and fussy. Last night, it was even too hot without the air conditioning to watch TV in the living room. I begged, "please, i will be good, i will do whatever you want, watch whatever You want on the little TV in the bedroom if You let me sit in bed with You with the AC on...I will even watch Cops if You want." He laughed and followed me up to the bedroom where the AC was blasting cold dry air.

I flopped onto our big bed and lay with my legs spread, savoring the cold air, feeling goosebumps rise on my skin as the breeze of the oscillating fan blew the skirt of my thin sundress up. I felt my nipples harden and rise and i closed my eyes in utter tranquility.

He turns on the TV and flips through the channels, i ignore him and his selection as i said i would. He can't seem to settles on anything then he shuts it off. I roll over onto my belly to feel the coolness on my back. He runs his fingertips over my back and then to my ass. He pinches it hard and says, this is the most spankable ass in the world and he pats it lightly with teasing strokes. I giggle and try to swat Him away. At this he gets out of bed and i ignore Him, relishing the cold on my body and the little glowing pain that His swats made on my bottom, I am really not in the mood, its too hot to fuck.

He gets back onto the bed and pulls my hands up over my back and cuffs them together with leather shackles that he attaches to each other with a big carabiener. He lifts my sundress over my ass and pulls down my panties to my thighs. I try to roll back to my side or back to see what he is doing, and he says teasingly "Princess, you promised, now be a good girl and stay still." He slides His fingers into my wet cunt and then wipes my own nectar on my nose. He turns me so my chin is near to the edge of the bed and smiles down at me.

He teases me, spreading my ass cheeks, and then lets them bounce closed. My hands still shackled behind me , He puts the hem of my dress in my hands and tells me to hold on to that so i don't get in his way. He parts my ass again and trails a finger from my opening up to my anus and presses His finger harder into my bottom. I wiggle and groan softly pushing my ass up off of the bed. He spanks my bottom hard "Stay fucking still girl!"

I do my best to obey. My skin is chilled and sticky from where the perspiration has dried and my nipples are painfully hard beneath me. He slaps rhythmically at my ass kneeling beside me. He is wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I crave for Him to lean into me more to warm my cold skin. He runs a finger from my cunt up along my ass and then stops at my asshole presses against it and then continues the slide up my back to where my hands are shackled. With every inhale i smell my musk and i am very aroused now, it takes real will control not to grind down against the cool sheets.

He reaches over me to the drawer next to my bed and he takes out a tube of lube. I smell the pink smell of the lube as he squeezes a droplet onto his finger and rubs it over the entrance to my anus. He tests it with his finger pressing it into my bottom. He kneads my ass cheeks with his other hand and says softly "relax baby, let me in" i take a breath and go limp for him, and his finger easily slides into me. I feel the fullness immediately and i start to arch up toward His finger. He pushes my cuffed wrists down hard against my body "Stay fucking still!"

I am frustrated and needy. I want Him. I am not in the mood to be obedient and that's what is such a thrill for Him. He knows it hard for me to be patient now. With his finger in my ass. He kneads my ass hard with the other hand, pinching it and massaging it. I relax into the massage and when i am fully limp and plyant to Him, he pulls his finger from my as starts spanking with both hands. Slap, SLAP... Slap, SLAP, One cheek then the other. After a while, the spanks hurt, and my body is hot and damp, i am gripping the hem of my dress in my sweating palms behind me and i shudder with each slap and i try to wriggle away.

He stops slapping at me for a moment and kneels across my knees, resting his weight on my calves. He resumes. Slap slap slap! I clench my ass and i say in my head "You cant hurt me, You cant hurt me" so that i dont flinch, i close my eyes and steady myself to the rythum of his slaps. He pauses "are you ok baby?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"Have you had enough now, princess?"

"only if You have, Daddy."

With that, He laughs, "what a good fucking slut i have." He massages my sore red ass saying " no fun it it if you dont mind." He lifts up my ass and kisses the sore red cheeks and slips a pilllow under my hips. I become excited. He parts my ass cheeks again and presses his finger into my still lubed asshole. Then he adds more lube and slides in another finger. I am doing all i can not to buck up toward him when He pulls out His finger and gets off of me.

He stands in front of my face when He drops His shorts and places his cock on my cheek. "What do you want, princess?" I stay as still as possible and speak into His shaft. "I want your cock please, Daddy. I want to put it into my mouth and suck You off unitl You cum down my throat."

I see his hard cock twitching in front of me, and He makes a raspy sound in His throat. but He says "sorry girl, not today" He slaps my face with His cock. I am so fucking frustrated now, i just want to have it! I am becoming more annoyed with each pat of his cock on my cheek, and i am starting to chill again from the freezing air conditioner. He can see it in the lines of my body. He slides a hand over my face and presses his cock against my cheek. "poor baby, wants a cock" He teases me. I open my mouth and turn my head to take his cock. He grips my hair and holds my head still as he slaps my face with his cock. He presses his balls into my nose and strokes his cock. I am irritated. I am feeling disobedienent and i know i wont win. But i want HIM!!! I want that cock. I am frustrated now, competely. It seems the more annoyed and fractious i become the more aroused He becomes.

His balls pressed to my nose smell of that earthy musk that is particular to HIm combined with my own scent he wiped on my nose. I stick out my tongue and lap at his swaying balls as he jerks his cock over my head. He leans forward wiping the precum on my face and steps away. I close my eyes in utter disgruntaled defeat.

He kneels at my feet leaning over my back and squeezes more lube into my ass and slides his fingers back into my asshole. Pressing hard now. He climbs over me and parts my ass cheeks and stradles my ass. He guides his cock into me. Slowly, i feel myself parting to take his girth and i try to arch away from his intrusion. He is too big for my bottom. His thickness is painful, and i feel him trying to control himself so he doesnt push too fast and hurt me.

He is soothing now, gentling me, he knows how frustrated he made me. He unclips the carabiener holding my shackled hands and they drop limply to the bed. "Baby, relax, let me in, i need to feel your tight asshole around me. Please baby, do it this for me." I take in slow deep breaths and He pushes slowly lubing his passage until he is as deep into me as i can take Him. He grunts "Oh My Fuckign God, baby. I am not sure i can do this. You are too tight... you are too fucking tight." I hear Him and tell myself to relax more. Its so painful, but it feels so good. So full so increadibly full. He sits straddling my tender ass cheeks, not moving and he starts to back up. I yelp, "NO!" not in pain but in fear he will take his cock away and i wont have it anymore. I buck back up toward his retreating cock. "Its ok baby, you can have my cock now, i promise i wont take it away"

I shudder finally relaxing losing my anger and i move with Him. My ass can take Him. He slides his thick cock in and out of me. Slowly at first but then he quickly gains speed when he feels me relenting to him, i am on the verge of cumming. I need His orgasm.

When he is in my ass, i feel like i have two pussies, one that he is fucking and one that is about to cum. It's totally surreal. Supernatural almost having two cunts. I feel Him throbbing and i buck hard up toward Him grunting into the soft sheets. He askes if i am ready. I scream "YES! PLEASE!"

"NOW!" A short bark of a command sends me reeling. I am screaming shuddering bucking hard against his impaling cock, and pressing my drooling pussy against the sheets. I feel a spasm, not sure if it is Him or me, and then he pulls out in one fast stroke and coats my buttox with his seed, then shoves his cock back into my open asshole. I am screaming into the pillows now. Rocking back and forth and cumming in waves. My ass is slick and his cock slides in easily now. He flops onto my back panting and jerking his hips into me. With each shudder of his hips i am whimpering groaning and convulsing against Him.

He slips his spent tool out of me and rolls off of me to lays aside me wrapping a leg up over my hip. He kisses my sweaty forehead and smiles at me. "Baby, you are so fucking impatient." I laugh and close my eyes feeling his body close and i start to chill again.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Home At Last

I know it has been such a long time my loyal faithful followers, but this poor girl has been so busy. I have been traveling with work and then i was on vacation with the family. All of that has put a dent in my horny blogging. I am so very sorry for keeping you in suspense for so long. I only have time today for a short little tease, but i promise to be more diligent about blogging soon!

So my faithfuls, what shall i tell you about, how about sex on the beach. So sorry, there is none in my recent history to tell you about. So let me talk very briefly about needs. On the vacation tight quarters made actual shagging difficult, but whilst away, sitting at a campfire with the Man, He pulled my folding chair closer to his and put my hand on his hard cock. There were other people around so i wasn't allowed to stroke Him and suckle Him as i would if we were alone. I would have gladly, gotten to my knees and sucked him off out doors in front of the fire, or stroked Him with my hand until He came, but, never with children about.

Later, we lay in our small bed, listening to the waves on the beach, and He whispers to me "princess, i want to spank your ass so hard right now. I want to do it in the rhythm of the surf" i snuggle close and giggle softly into His ear as His fingers slide under my thin night dress. He doesn't slap my ass because there are children sleeping in the next room, a thin sheet of wainscoting between us. He slides a finger into me and bites my ear reminding me to be very quiet. He presses His hard cock against me and growls into my ear, "this is so hard for you isn't it, princess?"

I nod my head in the darkness and He bites my bottom lip, "no talking, baby, keep quiet" I gasp as His finger strokes my g-spot and i wrap my legs around His hips. He wriggles into me and i feel His big thick cock throbbing when he enters me. It has been days and i am sooo tight. He gasps softly and I moan into His ear, "fucccccckkkkhhhhhhh" It feels so good, we are moving in silence and i wrap my legs high on his hips, pulling him down to me. I shudder biting my palm so not to scream. I need Him so much, i want Him to make me His, turn me over slap my ass and make me beg for Him.

He smells of woodsmoke, chlorine, the misty salt air and the ocean. He leans down, takes a nipple into his mouth, and tugs it hard, i writhe up against him arching higher so that my breast is nearer to His sucking mouth. Then he lets it go with a soft pop and it bounces back against my chest. He grunts softly bucking harder against me, i feel the walls of the little cabin we are in flexing to the motion of His thrusts. The crashing of the surf seems to be too slow now, I put my hands onto his shoulders and i hear him in a hazy dream "cum now" I shudder arching up against Him and i feel Him throbbing and pulsing inside of me.

I let out a tiny squeak of pleasure and pant breathlessly against His chest. He slumps onto me, and moans softly, "fuck baby, i need more"

We both came, but we were both left wanting more, the freedom to make love as noisily and as long as we both wanted. Vacation sex, is not always as good as the vacation.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Tour De France

My Man looks at me whilst sitting next to Him and smiles, "Baby, I love you." I giggle at this spontaneous outburst of affection, i snuggle into Him on the sofa and purr against His chest. He knows i love Him, even when He is grumpy. He has the remote in His hand and starts to surf for a new channel. I got to the floor and sit with my head resting on his lap. It is hot in the house, snuggling is sticky and uncomfortable, the cool wooden floor feels nice sometimes on my sticky flesh. He puts His hand in my hair and strokes it absently. His cotton shorts are cool against my face. He puts the Tour De France on. I am thoroughly bored by the commentary. I look up at Him, he feels my eyes on His and He strokes my hair as he watches the race. I rest my cheek against his crotch and i feel it growing. He pretends to ignore me, but i feel His bulge. I know what He wants.

I slide my hands slowly into the legs of his shorts. He looks at me in mock surprise and i look up at Him. He laughs, "such a horny slut I have. Can't a man watch a race without being mauled." I giggle. It's hot in the room, I am bored, and we are alone. I lean forward and rest my palms flat on His thighs. I look at Him, asking permission to touch him, with my eyes. He opens his fly and teases, "You want this don't you, princess?" I nod and smile and press my cheek to the head of His cock. He grins down at me and then looks back at the television Pretending to ignore me again.

My hands are still on His muscular thighs. I feel them hard and powerful under my flat palms. I can feel the tension in His legs. I watch His face as i lower my head and breath on the tip of His cock. He smiles and continues to watch the television. I look down at His cock, and it bobs as if looking for the mouth that my breath came from. I stick out my pink tongue and He glances down at me. Grinning He strokes my hair , not pulling me toward Him and not pushing me away, an impartial gesture. I smell His cock now, earthy and hot, it stands erect against His belly and He looks down at me again teasing, "You really want My cock don't you baby? You want to suck on My big dick?"

"Yes Please, Please can i have a taste of your cock?" I press my soft , firm, round breasts to His balls.

He reaches down and grips my breast hard, and smiles down at me. He fingers my taut nipple through my shirt and bra. With His other the other hand he rubs the head of His cock onto my face. I smile and open my mouth as a pearl of precum forms at the tip and then slowly trickles down over the head as He holds His cock in front of me. "Look baby, you missed a drop." I giggle with excitement, at being allowed to touch His cock with my lips. I press my flat pink tongue to His shaft and then trace the track that the droplet of precum made, until His fleshy head is on my tongue. I look up at Him again, my tongue flat on his cock and he smiles, "It's OK, princess. You can have my cock if you want," He pets my head, "good asking, pet." He looks down at me for a long moment, and then says, "Baby, take your shirt off. I want to see My girl's big pretty titties."

I wriggle out of my t-shirt and unclasp my bra and shimmy out of it. He smiles as my breasts rest on his thighs. I help him tug down His shorts and He settles back into the sofa. I smile up at Him. He pets my hair absently again. His cock is standing for me, it appears to be posing for me. I lean forward and kiss the tip lovingly, caressing it with my lips and tongue. He glances down at me but says nothing. I take His shaft into my hands in prayer position and slide my palms down His long, rigid shaft.

He wraps His calves around my back pulling me toward Him. He reaches down and fingers one of my nipples. Playing idly with it. He pinches it and then lets it go. He watches me, as i flatten my tongue and press it to the head of His cock. I slowly lap down the shaft as another drop of precum rolls over the head and onto my lips, i lick it greedily into my mouth and savor it. He smiles and i hear the TV remote fall to the floor. He smiles and watches me make love to His cock. I bury my face into His balls, smelling His musk and then wash them with my tongue. Gently, i suck his balls one by one into my lips to push them out again. He grunts softly at me and curls his fingers into my dark curls, pressing me into His balls. I love my Man's testicles, they hang low and loose when its warm like this.

I slide my tongue up over His shaft again, nibbling gently at it with my lips as if i am eating corn on the cob. I milk another drop up from his shaft with my hand and watch it fall over the head then i catch it in my eager lips. His fingertips are still curled gently into my hair, and i grin up at Him, feeling the pressure of his desire against the back of my head. I continue to make love to His cock worship the shaft and feel it on my face. I use one hand and paint my face with His oozing precum. My face is sticky and hot from his nectar and he looks down at me. He says, "smile for me baby, i want to see you" I look up at him smiling brightly and he gasps. That nearly inaudible hitch in his breathing that makes me know He is enjoying me. He whispers. "Fuck baby, you look so fucking hot like that." I giggle and look at Him. My eyes locked on His as His cock disappears slowly into my mouth. He makes that sound again.

I feel his cock start to throb. He grips my hair harder and pushes me farther onto Him. He is getting impatient. I never get impatient when i have a cock in my hands and mouth. He thrusts His cock against my throat and grunts. "Fuck baby, you make me crazy" I hear him, and continue to suckle and caress His cock in my mouth and make love to his balls by cupping them in my hand and snuggling them against my chin just as slowly as before.

He grunts and grips my hair pulling me off of him. I feel his cock throbbing, He is trying to stay in control, to wait. I smile up at Him. I don't rush or complain, i just keep my fingers wrapped loosely around His shaft and cupped around His balls. He curls His fingers into my skull, massaging gently and looks at me, with a look of mingled need, pleasure and frustration. He shakes his head in small motions back and forth, as if he is deciding something. I watch all of this and then lean back down to kiss his drooling cock. he pulls me away sharply. "Fuck baby, if you touch me i will cum." He shakes his head and a reverent tone he asks "What are you doing to me?"

He doesn't sound angry. He sounds more amazed and frustrated that He lost control. He pulls me up. I am standing in front of him, he grunts at my shorts. I understand what He wants. He pulls me onto His lap and slides his long hard cock into my pussy. He holds me there. I am still, not grinding, not really moving, just holding His cock in me. I feel him throb in me. He starts to thrust very slowly, very gently moving me on His shaft. He pulls me to Him, He kisses me hard on the mouth then he takes one of my breasts and holds it in His mouth, sucking too hard. It hurts and will leave a bruise. But he doesn't care right now. He needs me. He needs to have me how he wants.

I feel His cock becoming bigger and throbbing more. The fat swollen head of his cock slides past my g-spot with each stroke. He lifts me back and forth on him with his hands on my ass. I am nearly screaming with pleasure and need. I want him so badly!
He pulls me close and whispers in my ear. "cum for me princess...."

That's all it takes, i am weeping, sobbing, with desire and want. My body spasms over Him, milking His cock with my loins, orgasm ripples through me. I look down to see He is gritting His teeth. Holding back. When i am finished I slump onto His chest. He smiles at me. He pushes me off of him, I scream as his cock exits my swollen soaking pussy, and shudder in an aftershock.

He grunts "...On your knees please baby, i wanna see you covered in my cum" I leap to the opportunity and kneel in front of his sticky, distended cock. I gently wrap my lips around his cock and suckle my juices off of him, groaning and cooing softly as i do. He thrusts his hips up toward my mouth and i feel Him throbbing. He is lost, totally out of control now. He grips me by the hair, and pulls my mouth off of His spurting cock with an audible "POP"

He holds His cock in his hand and sprays my face with his seed. He uses the head of his cock to work the creamy seed into my face and then he rests his head back panting and grunting. "Fuck baby, what the hell do you do to me. I fucking love you."
He looks down at me drowsily, "let me see you princess. Let me see what a slut you are."

I giggle self consciously, feeling like a slut as He weakly strokes my hair smiling at me. My face covered in his seed. He presses my sticky face to his belly, caressing me weakly and goes back to watching the bike race on TV.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Ooh it has been so long since i told my lovely followers of my love for cum. I had a pleasant conversation very recently where i was asked, "so you love cum that much?"

My response, my loyal readers is, Yes. I love the knowledge of His desire and watching the power of his need on His face and spurting from His cock when His cum pulses from his throbbing member. I love milky texture and the tangy taste He gives to me. I derive total satisfaction in His orgasm.

For me, a Man's cum is nectar of the gods. I worship it on my knees. I love it, and want to behold it. Cum is is the purest essence of a man. His love and passion and his need and desire all spilled onto me. Drizzled or squirted upon me. I am like an alter for His offering. His chalice to hold his sacrifice. I as, His vessel am the one that is used to bring forth his spirit and make me whole, the sacrament.

My dear readers, do you see now more of why i revere a man and his cock so. How i feel no shame at worshiping his member and the nectar he produces? Can you understand why, being covered in his seed makes me so happy. Why it is that when i hear his final grunts and watch his cum spew forth i am blissful?

It is my desire, my sincerest wish to be the one who gives such pleasure to a Man. If my writing does that for you, please tell me. I love such compliments. Until the next time...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rainy Day

It hasn't stopped raining in days. I sit on the sofa watching the long tracks of the rain slipping down the glass door like tears. I stand up and look up at the gray sky, I step away from the door pacing restlessly and then flop back onto the sofa next the Man. He looks at me, and i get up again a few moment later and look out the window again He says "you are pacing like a restless animal running from window to window. " I grunt and say "i am just watching the rain." He pats the seat next to Him and i sit again but only for a moment. Then i get up again, to watch the rain. He shuts off the television and stands up and leaves the room, a streak of lightning parts the gray sky and i shudder involuntarily.

He comes back into the room, "If you are bored, entertain me" I giggle and look at Him and reach for the TV remote. He grins, and tosses high heeled sandals at my feet, "Get undressed, leave your panties on and put those shoes on." I look at Him like He's lost His mind, but then i smile and do what he says. He returns to his seat on the sofa and watches me as I slide my denim shorts down my tanned legs making sure to take my time at it. I grin as i pull my white t-shirt up over my head and wiggle out of it. I lean forward showing off my ample cleavage as i take my bra off.

I lean over feeling foolish now in just my white panties and high heeled sandals standing in my own living room. He lifts and finger and swirls it, wordlessly telling me to spin for Him. I do. I slowly spin around watching his face as he smiles. His hand moves to his shorts and massages His crotch through the fabric. He tells me to wait here, he gets up again and goes to the laundry room and out to the garage, and runs upstairs then down again. He returns with a canvas grocery bag. I look at Him slightly afraid, and slightly amused as he rummages in His sack and takes out two plastic clothes pins and smiles as he sees my face. I am aroused and surprised, this isn't like Him. If i was to describe my Man, spontaneous is not a word that comes to mind.

He stands in front of me, his fingers trail down my bare neck and shoulder then down my arms. He leans close to my ear and whispers, "princess, wanna play?" i giggle and nod my head. He kisses my neck, "good." He slides the red plastic clothes pin down my neck and over the round curve of my large breast and then when he gets to the nipple, He smiles and teases me for a moment. Then he lifts my breast with his one hand, places my nipple to his lips and i gasp in pleasure, then He bites it hard, making sure my nipple is erect he snaps the clothes pin onto it. He repeats this slow torture on the other breast.

He steps back to admire His handy work. Then he sits back onto the sofa and tells me to bounce my titties for Him. I bend low at the knee and bounce up so that my tits sway and the pins bob up and down. I waggle my hips and sway back and forth so that my breasts move in an undulating rhythm before Him. I feel very silly and exposed dancing this way for Him. He laughs and pushes at my breasts with both hands so they clap together with a fleshy slap. He continues to play with me like this and then tells me to stand up straight.

He reaches into His bag again pulling out long coil of rope. The rope is one i have seen many times, its His "bitch" rope. It is soft green cotton rope that is about a thumb in thickness. He uncoils the rope and finds the center, he lifts my arms, and wraps the center of it under my breasts then he criss crosses my cleavage and wraps it around my back then he laces my breasts up each coil of the rope touching the previous one, so my breasts are bound to each other and around fully by the rope. i look down as he works wrapping me like that, its beautiful. The stark contrast of my white flesh and the bright green my tits are held away from my body by the stiff ropes and my nipples are still pinched with the red plastic pins that jut away from my body. Every so often one gets in his way and he flicks at it and i shudder.

I feel the softness of the rope on my skin as he binds my large breasts tighter and tighter, i watch as he makes a platform out my breasts and then when he is done he ties the ends of the rope together and puts it over my head like a halter so that my breasts are sticking straight forward. I feel rigid in this position and i reach up to touch the round red balls at the end of the laced ropes which are my breasts. He swats my hands away and ties them behind me with the tails of the ropes that are hanging down my back.

He steps back and admires His work and i look down and see He is fully hard now. He reaches forward and plucks the clips off my nipples in a fast click. I let out a loud high scream. My shoulders are pressed back and he smiles. He steps back again and looks at me for a moment and pulls my long hair out of the band that is holding it in a pony tail and he grins. A crack of thunder makes me jump and i look out the window. He leans in close to me and says softly, "princess, you will look so pretty all wet. " He pulls me by the hair to the sliding sliding glass doors. He says i want you to go outside now, pet." His hand is on his cock and he is stroking it through his shorts. The air in the room is still and humid and the air from the open door is cooler and wetter. I am terrified now, the neighbors don't know what we are into, i mean, i am on the P.T.A. I feel that trickle of humiliation and terror flood over me. He knows what i am thinking, but he smiles and pushes me outside. I stand there on the deck lamely wearing my white panties, high heels and bondage rope, in view of whoever else may be out there. (Unlikely in this weather)

I am feeling very bound as the rain falls over my shoulders wetting my hair, the smell of ozone tingles in my nostrils and i suck in deeply telling myself to "relax". I can't see through the glass into the darker room, so I stand there, for what seems like forever and He comes outside in a raincoat and smiles down at me. My nipples are hard from the bondage and my exposed breasts are turning a bright red. I am shivering and my hair is streaming with rain. He stands behind me caressing me and guides my fingers to his cock and he starts unlacing me. His lips are on my neck as he removes His ropes. freeing me. I no longer restless or wanting to pace, i want to be held and taken and reminded that i am His.

As the blood rushes back into my tits i feel a shudder of relief and i just want his cock. He takes my wet hair into his hand and grips it in his fist turning my face to his and kisses me hard. "you look so pretty all wet and bound like that, i just wanted to shoot my load all over the window looking at you, but you are such a good girl, i think you deserve it." A sensation of bliss takes over me. I no longer feel cold or wet or bound, i just feel Him. My focus narrows and i become only His.

He leads me back inside and gives me a fluffy towel warm from the dryer, and lays me on the couch. He pulls down my soaking panties and feels my soft mound with His fingers. "princess, you smell like sex, did you like that? did you like how i tied you up?" I smile and massage my sore breasts in my fingers and say "yes. Sir."He continues to finger my wanting pussy leaning down to kiss me and tender caress my sore red breasts. I grind my hips against his working fingers, "that's a good girl" he croons as he pulls His fingers out of me and puts them to my lips. I suck them greedily tasting myself on His fingers.

Then He lowers His mouth to my cunt and i arch up, bite my bottom lip and close my eyes so not to cum. I shudder pressing my wet pussy to His mouth as He devours me, suckling at me, and making me writhe with want and need. He presses his fingers back into me and he lifts his head looks at my face and, then He says it, softly but firmly "Cum, Now,princess." I arch and buck my hips off of the sofa and writhe as my cunt grips at his fingers. My entire body quivering with my orgasm, i scream and put my hand to my mouth to dampen my screams, i lay panting, quivering, from the orgasm He gave me and he pulls his fingers from my oozing cunt.

He pats his wet fingers on my mound of Venus, and then wipes His wet fingers in my hair. The smell of my pussy is pungent and fills the humid room. He turns me over and tells me to get to my knees. He grips my fleshy ass cheek with his fingers and spreads my bottom open. With one hand on my ass, He presses a finger into my pussy again, then He leans over and opens His bag again and pulls out a midsized butt plug, and wets it in my pussy then slides it slowly into my ass. I relax so that it slides all the way up and in and he pats it with his hand. "You are such a good fucking slut, I need to fuck you now, princess. I want you to feel so fucking full you are going to explode."

I feel that ripple of pleasure through me as i hear him unzip His shorts and lets them fall. He puts a finger into my wet cunt again and traces it along my back, painting me with my own nectar. He dips the finger into me again, and then touches it to my nose, so that i smell my own musk. Again, he dips the finger into me and then feeds it to me off his finger and then in one fast unexpected thrust he pushes the entire length of his cock into my cunt. My ass is so full and now i can feel his cock pressing against the thin layer of flesh between my rectum and pussy making both feel so fucking good, i buck against him, wanting to bury his cock so deep in me. I feel perfectly HIS. I am His, He takes me, fills me and uses me hard.

He moves slowly, crooning at me, "princess, your fucking cunt feels so good..... you are so tight...., what a good slut i have.... such a tight cunt.... such a pretty little cunt." He stops talking and then he bucks hard against me, and holds my hips pulling him to me. I am shuddering slapping my ass against his cock with every stroke, and it bottoms out with a wet slap, each time. He pauses, and grunts roughly, "Baby, i am gonna fill your cunt so fucking much," He grunts pushing his cock into me over and over with that resounding wet slap. Then he starts slapping my ass hard with his hand as he thrusts into me, i am oblivious to pain now, all i feel is FULL and in need of cumming again, i am quivering and supple to his strokes, i feel every throb and thrust of his cock as if it were my own, and then finally i see a white heat and feel his cock throbbing relentlessly as he pushes toward me one more time, He erupts into me, His cock spasming in me.

I rock back on my haunches, almost sitting on Him. He rolls me forward and pulls his cock out, and i scream. "NOOOOoooooooo" then in one fast stroke he shoves it back in and holds me there. I hold him deep in me writhing, panting and screaming with my own orgasm as i spurt my own nectar all over him. He is still for a moment and His cock is still tight in me. He rolls me forward and pulls out of me. He lays slumped on top of me.

As i come back to myself, i blink looking around the bright room then over at the window, and see that the rain has stopped and the sky is clearing, the whole yard is still wet but has that fresh clean look as things do after a hard rain.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dungeon princess

"Princess, I have a surprise for you." He led me to the cross in the center of the dusky room. I felt the terror creeping through my body and i started to giggle and resist, i pulled my arm away from His and felt my breath run cool in my chest.

He looked at me, sternly, "Princess, obey" I started to giggle and said something sassy in response. "Don't you trust Me?" His voice had that tremor of hurt in it. I giggled, "i did until a few minutes ago."

He looked at me hard, assessing me, He looked at His feet and said sadly "let's go then."

I hurt Him. I didn't mean to, but i did. I was sorry, He wanted this to be fun for me. I took a breath and stopped laughing. "I am sorry, Sir. Yes, i trust You, always."

He pointed at me, at my sundress, "off" He was nervous too. This was our first time in the rented dungeon. I looked at Him, and reminded myself in my head, "submit, girl, submit, you are His property, He will take care of you, submit, it will be o.k." I sang these words in my head as a mantra. Over and over, "submit, submit, submit"

He smiled at me weakly at first then he just stood there watching me. He watched as i stood there in the cool humid air, my nipples under my white lace bra hard and attentive. He watched as my breathing slowed, and he saw me slipping into His control. I shifted from foot to foot, and He stepped closer to me, He leaned down to whisper into my ear, "You are fine princess, trust Me."

The mantra i kept singing my head "submit, submit submit...." played over and over again with each breath i slowed and felt the air become thicker and looked around again. I saw the shine of the buckle on the cross, i saw the hooks on the walls that held assorted Gothic looking implements, i saw the line of red paint that was uneven on the wall and the faux brass rivets on the spanking horse in the corner. The dark room seemed suddenly bright and the details of it stuck out in my head, but the edges of the reality of it were starting to haze. He pushed me gently toward the cross. I stepped up to it, my whiteness, the whiteness of my panties and bra, the femininity of my shoes seemed to contrast in his dark dungeon. He saw it too, he smiled at the juxtaposition of me nearly naked and pure in this room designed for the dirtiest of kinks.

He took my hand in His and kissed my knuckles gently. Then He lifted it to the arm of the cross, a shudder of panic rippled down my spine and into my loins, as i felt the clasp of the buckle tighten around my wrist. Then the other hand. I looked at Him, and the palpable fear that washed over me, knowing that i couldn't get away if i wanted to now pricked over me. It was up to trust.

"Submit. Submit. Submit...." the words came to me again and again i became pliant to Him. I wouldn't feel any pain, until He wanted me to. I was His. Entirely. I left myself to become His. I was entirely free. I faced the wall. He asked me if i wanted to be blindfolded, then i felt the soft leather of a blindfold over my face. He tugged my collar gently to remind me what I am. I knew it already, I am His. Then i felt the soft tendrils of a flogger on my bottom, and his hand kneading my fleshy ass. He held me from behind, and held my breasts. Gripping them hard over my bra. He pulled one of my round white breasts out over the top of my bra. I couldn't see as he pinched the pink nipple in his fingertips, harder and harder until i squirmed. He moved in close "good girl" He hissed in my ear. Those words that send a shiver through me.

I wanted to obey more. My arms were starting to ache, and reminded myself "pain is good, whatever he wants i am...submit"He held Himself close to me, and thrust His hips at me. He was self conscious being in a rented room. But no one would disturb us. He was still clothed, fully. He pulled my panties down. He pressed two fingers into my dripping cunt and whispered to me "princess, you are all wet. you like this don't you?"

I nodded and started to giggle. He spanked my bare ass with his hand a few times, i felt the blossom of pain rising through me and into my loins. With his fingers still in me, He slapped my bottom over and over with His hand, until my bottom was on fire and i was grinding against His hand. He pressed Himself against me so that i could feel his hard cock through his jeans against my bare hip. I wanted Him, i would have done anything for Him at that moment. I begged Please please please can i have You. He bit my ear and told me "be a patient girl."

My feet ached and so did my arms. The pain was starting to seep into my subspace and i was starting to become uncomfortable and aware. I asked Him to release my arms. He did, and i learned be careful what you wish for. He pulled the spanking horse from the corner and he told me to lean over it. He took my bra off and i felt the sticky vinyl cover of it soft on my bare belly and tits. I shuddered as He bound my hands and feet to the legs of it. I am short but i had to be on tippy toes so i could have my hands in position for the straps. I was bent low, with my ass high. He took the blind fold off so i could watch him take a paddle off the wall.

The fear riveted through me again, He reminded me of the safe word and put the blind fold back on. I flinched and screamed when i heard the air whistle past the paddle. Then the light tap on my bottom made me waggle. He laughed, "it's all in your head, princess" I started singing in my head again, "submit...submit...submit." i relaxed again, as stroke after stroke of the paddle on my ass left me wet with tears.

I couldn't move except to waggle my bottom at Him which made Him laugh and spank me again with the paddle. Each blow made a blossom of heat rise through my ass into my chest and down to my loins. It hurt so much, but it felt so fucking good. I thought i would burn up. I thought about the safe word, but ooh fuck, i didn't want to say it. I wouldn't give in. I wouldn't let Him better me, there is such power in submission. Then when i couldn't take anymore and i was panting with the effort of staying in that position, tears and perspiration slipping off my cheeks. He rubbed my bottom with soothing lotion and massaged hard it into my sore ass crooning "what a good girl, what a good fucking girl I have, what a good little slut" He slid a finger into my eager throbbing cunt and then one in my ass. He slid them in back and forth and whispered, "that's a good girl, cum for Daddy." i screamed and writhed against my restraints over and over, every single pore of my body throbbing with my orgasm. A white heat flooded over me as i came and i felt every single part of me prickle with release.

He untied me and helped me stretch. Gently He put a cushion under me and sat me on the floor with my head in His lap. He sat in a ridiculous throne made from wood and painted in gold gilt. It had a red crushed velvet cushion and He rested my head between his legs. He pet my hair and let me rest against Him. I reached up i took His cock out of His jeans. I needed to feel Him, to know i had pleased Him. He smiled down at me, and let me have Him. I took Him gently into my lips and hands, feeling his long thick shaft slide into my throat. I held Him there, resting hard and throbbing in my throat and slowly lifted up. Suckling His cock into my lips slowly with each stroke, taking my time to pleasure Him. He curled His fingers into my hair and held me down for a moment too long, i lifted up, gasping. I curled my fingers around His balls tenderly caressing Him, milking Him. Then He gently drove my head back down onto His hard cock, over and over in a torturous rhythm, up and back, up and back. Gulping His cock deeper and deeper into my throat, until He held me down again and then, gripped at my hair and pulled me off, as he shot his sticky seed all over my face.

He hadn't thought to bring anything to clean up with so he wiped my face on my panties and put them sticky with my nectar and his cum in his pocket. He helped me put my dress back on, my arms were too sore to lift over my head. He was gentle with me. Kissing at my neck and biting at me gently as He dressed me. He teased me and played with my nipples as he put my bra on me. I stood there in my white sun dress and He smiled at me. The contradiction of what had happened in that dark Gothic room juxtaposed against my pure virginal dress made Him smile. He still laughs about it, if only people knew what His girl was really like.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Good Morning

So it happened this morning that i was awoken in the most delightful way. In a foggy dream-like state my Man's voice came to me through the haze of sleep, "Princess, I am horny and need to leave soon for work." As His fingers gently pull my head toward the edge of the bed i look up to see Him standing over me, His trousers are open and His cock is in His hand. I look at Him, and smile weakly up at Him. He smiles down at me, "You are such a good girl. Baby, I don't have much time." He says this as His hand slides over His cock and pats the purple tip His cock against my cheek. I smile lazily up at Him and open my mouth, wanting Him to guide His long cock into my lips. He slips His fingers into my hair and caresses my scalp with His strong finger tips.

"Baby, I have been reading your blog. See what you did to me?" I nod and giggle sleepily and open my mouth wider. He says, "No, pet, I want to cum on your face today, to remind you that you are MY girl." I nod silently and reach out my arm to pull His hips toward me. He pushes my hand gently aside and smiles at me. He shakes His cock over my face so that a drop of pre-cum falls on my cheek. I feel the warm wet droplet rolling toward my open lips and i open my mouth to catch it with my tongue. As i tastes His nectar, I feel and hear the lurid wet slapping of His cock on my hollow cheek and i close my eyes again.

Then i hear Him pull open the drawer next to my bed. He puts a vibrator into my hand. With one hand on His cock He pulls the blankets aside and exposes my bare breasts and my white cotton panties. He pulls the panties aside and directs me to presses the vibrator against my pussy. "I want to watch you pet. I want to watch you make yourself hot for Me."

I part my legs, and slide the vibrator between my already moist lips and stroke it slowly up from the entrance to my clit. I arch my hips up toward His hand which is pulling my white panties aside. I roll my hips toward Him. He laughs, His raucous bawdy laugh, "No, princess, you get nothing from Me, show Me how much you want Me." He slaps my cheek with His hard cock, it bounces from my cheek and i watch as the beautiful, purple head arcs toward my face and slaps my cheek again and again. THWAT... THWAT... TWHAT with each stroke of His cock against my face. I tighten my cheeks so that the sound changes. It turns from a lurid wet sound to that of a hollow drum THUNK, THUNK, THUNK.

"Show Me My pussy, show Me how much you love MY cock." I arch up and whisper "please" so softly its just a breath, barely a word, more like a sound. My Man knows what i want. He knows i cannot resist His cock in so near my lips. He takes his hand from my panties and i slide my panties down past my fuzzy mound. I slip my finger into my wet entrance then over my clit, showing Him how much i want Him. I show Him how His arousal makes me so wet and needy for Him.

He smiles down a me, His cock still in His one hand , with His other hand, He curls His fingers into my hair pulling my face to His downy pubis. He presses my nose into His balls. His curly russet hair is moist, He smells of soap and the musky smell that is particular to Him. His balls are soft against my lips, i stick out my tongue to taste Him and He pulls my head away from Him. I grunt. He smiles down at me playfully, "You want Daddy's balls, princess?" I am still very near Him, his pubic hair tickles my lips when i respond "Yes, please"

"Tell Me what you want, say it!" He likes when i talk dirty to Him, He likes to hear me beg.

"Please, Daddy, Please let me taste Your balls."

He teases me, His fingers grip harder in my hair, it's a game, i know it, so does He. "Is that really what you want, princess?"

"I want You to fuck my mouth please. Please Daddy, put Your big fucking cock into my lips and use my mouth. Please, i promise to be good."

"My, dear, little, slut, you will be good no matter what I do to you. I know you will. Now open your fucking mouth so I can use My little horny slut."

I open my mouth and He shoves His fully hard cock into my lips and i gasp, gagging on his long tool. He fucks my mouth for just a few strokes, pulls His throbbing tool out of my mouth. His cock drips pre-cum and my spittle. He rubs it all over my lips like He is painting lipstick onto me then on my bare tits coating me with His sticky nectar. I have the vibrator going between my legs, i am sooo ready to cum. But i don't dare cum without His permission. He smiles down at me, and strokes His drooling cock over my face, splashing me with pre-cum. He reaches down and grips a nipple hard into His hand and smiles at me one last time. He strokes His cock onto my face pressing the tip into my soft cheek with each stroke.

"Princess, ask Me for your gift."

I perk to attention and beg for all i am worth "PLEASE can i have Your cum! Please cum on my face, please! I will take it all, i wont move i promise."

He thrusts His hips toward my face and with one hand on the back of my head, With His other hand He strokes His cock. Then with one final stroke He pulls my face toward His cock and thrusts His hips as His cock erupts. His hips buck into My face so that His cock spews His hot creamy load onto my cheeks, lips and forehead.

He looks down at me. Satisfied He puts the tip of His spent tool into my lips and i sip the last drops gently from His tip. He strokes my head. "You are such a good girl princess, I love you but I need to go to work now. Don't wash your face until I call you, but you can cum if you want." He reaches down with a knuckle and smears His cum over my lips. I part my lips and suck his salty finger into my mouth and savor the taste of His cum on my lips. He strokes my cheek gently with His hand, sending the congealing cum sliding over my neck and into my hair and over my tits.

He smiles at me zips His pants and leaves for work.

He called, but not until lunchtime, His sticky cum on my face and chest a reminder of Whose slut i am.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Three's Company

I was living a double life. I had to make it stop. She and i talked about it. We discussed how to keep this up. She knew what was happening to me. I was turning into a liar and cheat, things neither of us liked. We talked about how to have it all. How to not let this end, but to keep my marriage safe. We decided to tell Hubby. But not just tell Him, but invite Him to join. So it happened that cheating turned to sharing.

She came into our bed. I watched as my Man, held her in His arms, and made love to her. Slowly, he discovered her and became aroused by her. I wanted him to know all of the wonderful things i had had of her, and give them to Him. This is how i would repent. It was my penance for being naughty. I would buy back my conscience by giving him another woman, the one i loved.

And all at once, things had changed. She wasn't just another girl anymore. She wasn't my best friend anymore, she was our shared lover. I would watch as he touched her, watch as his fingertips roamed her body, and kissed those nipples that gave me such a thrill. As he smelled her, i would lay behind Him, sandwiching Him between us. He faced her though, she was new and something to discover. I felt his body stirring to hers, i reached around Him and held his cock stiff in my hand. I took pride in being the one to offer Him the gifts of her. It thrilled me to know that. I watched as she took His manhood into her mouth. I watched as she sucked his cock, i watched as she stroked his long shaft and kissed it and took it into her lips. I was secretly thrilled she wasn't able to make Him cum in her mouth as i loved to do.

He lay me back and directed her to lay on top of me. Her breasts were pressed to my chest, and i wanted so badly to take one into my mouth and suckle it. I wanted to take comfort in her body and in her sex. He stood there at the end of the bed, as I held her in my arms, and she kissed me. Her hair curtained my view of Him, but i could feel Him as He stood behind us. When i thought He would take me, He took her instead. I felt her move against me, straddling me when He entered her. I felt as though she entered me. It was glorious. He lifted her ass with His hands and pressed his cock into her. I felt her respond to Him. I felt her lift up toward Him, crouching to feel Him enter her deeper. I raised my hips to feel her against me. I clutched at her, pushed her back against Him. I whimpered and moaned, i felt her writhing against Him, pressing herself deeper onto His hard cock. I wanted that cock. I wanted it so badly, but in the wanting it, i lost my power to take it, so i reveled in the humility of not having it. I relaxed and submitted. He came, thrusting into her, pounding her brutally, and she came panting into my face and clutching at my raw skin, and as if by osmosis, i felt every movement of her cunt, every quiver of body and felt her ragged breath and i came with them.

I pulled her closer to me. Kissing her, needing more. We touched. My fingers found her nipples. He lay beside us spent, and held me spooned in His hips as she made love to me. She was on fire. It was different than it had been when it was just she and i. There was an urgency, as if she had to prove she could satisfy me as much as He could. She fingered me, dipping her long fingers into my soft folds, she swirled her fingers into my pussy and teased my clit, i writhed in His arms as she did this. Then she lay me back and He lay on his side watching as she licked me, in slow swirls until her face was coated with my nectar and i was writhing. Screaming in ecstasy, i exploded, quivering and pulling her hair as my Man touched my breasts.

That was the first time she slept over, in our bed. She lay nestled between Hubby and me. We slept that night, feeling devilish and giddy. We woke to touch each other again and more, the combinations were infinite. Its like we were showing off to each other, "look what i can make her do"..."look how hard He came when i did that" It was a short summer and as all things that burn too hot and bright, it burnt out quickly. (AMEN)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Naughty Girls

I didn't tell Hubby what i had done. I really didn't think of it as cheating, not in the way i would had she been a Man. She practically lived with us. She and i still did all of the things we always did together. We went to work, went to the gym and hung around with or without Hubby in the evenings. It got to the point where i was wishing Hubby would go out so that i could touch her. She and i would make excuses to go down to her apartment below. "Be back soon Hubby, we are trying on dresses", "I need to borrow a scarf for work","We are going to talk about girly things." Hubby didnt suspect a thing, he just was happy to be away from the girls for a while.

We would close the door behind us, and touch. Touch each others hair and skin and bodies. We became more adventurous. I would hold her in my arms, and bury my face in her warm breasts. I kissed her skin, and cupped her breasts. I could not get enough of her lovely creamy breasts. She would undress me, and lay next to me. We touched everywhere. My fingers skated across her smooth flat belly. I loved to feel the softness of her body, savor her smells. I wasn't bold enough yet to taste her. Taste her warm nectar. I touched it, i slid my fingers into her, curled my fingertips until i felt the rough nub of her gspot and then, i would feel her, feel the power i had, feel her shiver and quake as she held me tighter. She groaned my name, she would giggle through her orgams. She cooed and cried and moaned as my fingers slid into her soft moist folds. She felt like warm cake batter in my fingers and i just wanted more of it.

She did the same to me, i would hold her wrists, pushing her hands against me, to feel her strong slim hand deeper in me. She teased me, she lowered her head to my belly and dragged her tongue downward, slashing at my belly with her long hair. She made me writhe and want her more. And i did want her, i wanted so much more of her.

She lowered her head more and held me in her arms, not like a man does, she held my bottom like one holds a fractious child. Cupped in her elbows, pulling me toward her, so she could press her lips deeper into me. I writhed and slid my fingers into her long silky hair. I panted and groaned, and tried to push her away, but i didn't want to. I wanted more of this. I closed my eyes and felt my orgasm sliding over me. I wanted her, i wanted so much more of her. I had been in this same position in Hubby's arms so recently, but it was so diffrent. I wanted her, i wanted so much more. I knew what i had been doing was so very, very, wrong.

She and i were equals not like i was with Hubby. He was my Master, she was my friend. We talked about Hubby. I told her this was wrong, so very wrong, but i was so greedy. I wanted so much more, i thought i could have it all.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just another Girl

She was my best friend. In the way that girls have best friends. We did things together, we shared our stories we laughed at other people, we watched T.V. together, we talked about everything, never kept secrets from each other, and told each other the most intimate details of our lives.

She lived downstairs. I lived with Hubby, she knew every single detail of my sex life with Him, she giggled with me about things Hubby and i did. She told me play by play accounts of the dates she went on. We were best friends. We joined the same gym, went together, came home together. She practically lived in our apartment. It was fun, always having her around.

We went to the gym together, we walked home talking, and in that way that girls that are friends can do, we held hands and skipped the 3 blocks home. We were warm from the workout, the perspiration dried and was left salty on our un-showered skin. It was springtime, the leaves were starting to bud on the leaves and we were happy. That electric tingle of spring was in the air. That warm clean air, that gets washed with a cool breeze. It scrubs the mind of all that is stagnant or stodgy. The kind of weather that makes you want to sing happy songs like the birds that have just returned to the park after a nice holiday in the southern tropics.

We got home from the gym, and flopped onto my big bed, the one i shared with my Husband. She and I lay there, tired and happy watching tv, making fun of whatever was on. I remember watching her. Staring at her, thinking how beautiful she looked. She was smiling, her hair was a mess, her body long and lean sprawled on the bed. I just stared at her, admiring her aesthetic. I watched her lips move as she spoke, i watched the swell of her small breasts in her tight tank top. I watched her, not critically, just seeing her, surveying how her body moved. i reached out and touched her face. The back of my hand sliding over her smooth skin pushing the hair from her cheek.

It was not awkward at all, not like it would be if she were a man, that I was friends with, it was just me, touching her. But then she turned her head, and looked at me. Our eyes locked, she was still smiling and so was I. I slid my hand over her shoulder to the back of her neck. Feeling the warmth of her skin, she moved closer to me, and she touched me. We stopped speaking, everything stopped. The air seemed to become thick and heady, and my fingers trailed over her body feeling the senusal form of her, as a blind sculptor might learn his subject. My fingers traced lightly over her jaw, feeling how smooth her skin was, then over her bare arm. It didnt feel wrong, it felt so right. We lay like that, just touching for hours.

Then it happend, i am not sure how, but my lips touched hers, and a crackle of electricity sparked through us. It was like a bolt of lightening splitting the spring air, which announces summer. It was hot and humid and bright. She tasted sweet and warm and soft and buttery and smooth and nothing like any man i had ever kissed. Not like a man at all. Nothing like it.

I still don't know if all women taste like her, but it's like the most narcotic drug. One that slows your blood, makes everything move slower. Our hands slowed on eachothers bodies, but as before it was just tender touching now it was with intention. Her skin, palpable in its sexuality called to my fingers. I leaned in and held her small breast, feeling it soft in my hand, i watched in rapt fascination as her nipple tightened in my fingers and i lowered my head to kiss it.

She didn't taste like anything that my lips had ever touched before. Her skin was salty and sweet. Her breast was smooth and the pink nipple was surprising to me, it tasted metallic, and smelled like her perfume. She was so feminine, so beautiful, so sexy. It was surreal. Our bodies moved slowly against each other. Grinding kissing, feeling touching, but there was no urgency as there is with a Man. When i am with a man, i feel his body and his cock separately. His cock speaks to me like another entity, throbbing and asking to be held.

Her whole entire body was like a cock one that i wanted to possess. I wanted to have her entirely.

It was just her, My friend, my best friend who i knew everything about. I knew how she liked to be touched by men, what her turn offs were, i knew it all. It was like i had the cliffs notes to what made her tick, and she had the same manual for me.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What's the Difference?

Sorry for my absence my loyal and delicious followers, but sometimes a girl needs to rest her poor pussy. In my last post i referred to a heated affair i had with a girl. And gosh, i have been getting a vib in box regarding that tidbit. And ooh, that reminds me, i need to make a correction... NOT ALL the Men i know say they are below average in size, the ones that are below average tell me they are hung like stallions. (Settled that good and plenty.)

MMmm... Girl on Girl action. That's what you want to hear about isn't it? I have been working that one out in my head, how to write it, how to put an actual "affair" into a blog post, how to describe how lovely and tantric being with a woman can be, and how, lovely and different women are from men, how sexual and beautifully formed women are, and how smooth and soft their skin is, in contrast with men. It's thrilling to think about a woman's breasts, feeling one in my hand, tasting the metallic piquant of her nipple. Touching her skin that feels like warm melted butter mixxed with velvet. Feeling the passion welling from within myself amplified by the same exact emotions in another woman.

Women are nothing like men (as if you needed me to tell you that.) But not just in anatomy or in any carnal way. Women are unlike men in how they think and how they react to stimulis. A woman discuss her friend's body, in a conversational way, "Your tits look so great in that dress, i wish my tits looked so nice in anything i own." I have never seen men discuss their anatomy in such an obvious comparative way. Women will touch other women in very intimate ways without feeling awkward. "Feel my legs, this new razor is great." Have you ever imagined a man having his friend touch his face with the back of His hand to feel how smooth His shave is? Makes me giggle to think of. Even the gayest of gay men don't do that.

Women are dichotomies in everything we do. We change our minds, we are fickle, we are two faced, duplicitous, and never seem to know what we want. We can be passionate and affectionate one moment, and nasty and cold the next. Multiply that by 2 women, and you have an exponential potential for pleasure and misery. Add a man to the mix and you have a powder keg with a lit fuse.

That is where my story should begin, but not yet. It will start, i promise. But i am also a woman, a seductress, a siren, an adulteress and tease. I can make you wait, so I will.

Not yet. But very soon, i promise.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Does Size Really Matter?

I am not a doctor but i know enough about researching really important topics online to feel like i can discuss this lengthy topic. As a self admitted cock worshiper, who better to analyze this topic. I mean it is one of my favorites after all.

I know that most of my readers are men. ( Thank you fellas!) In my conversations with most of my male friends or sex partners or online fuck buddies, i hear all the time. My dick is just average. My dick is small. And then there are always the pick up lines in the sex chat rooms where some guy says "I have an 11 inch cock, wanna cyber?" Well to all of you gents that feel unworthy let me start by saying yet again I LOVE COCK! no matter what size you are, so long as you can get it up and make it spit, i am a HAPPY, HAPPY GIRL!

Like i said at the start of this article, i have done EXTENSIVE research into this topic, I read like 4 blogs and 3 online articles on google news, as well as all the wonderful delicious delightful cock photos you gents send me. (Thank you fellas!!) Also, lets not discount all of the wonderful first hand expiriences i have had. You will all get to hear the long and short of it.

I am gonna start out by getting myself in a LOT of trouble here. My Man, has never let me measure his cock with a ruler so my estimate of his delicious, succulent rod is just using a practical measuring device (my hands and mouth). By that measure he is 2 hands a bit in the mouth. But now i ask, who the fuck cares what line is ticked on a ruler? Well sorry boys, all I care about is how hard it gets and how long you can stand my lips wrapped around your sweet rod before you cum. I mean there are benefits to the small ones and to the big ones. But mmm mmmm mmm, like the joke about pizza, even bad pizza its still better than cooking. And by that analagy i mean, any cock is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than not having a cock at all.

I have had sex with a woman, a heated affair infact (story for another blog, stay tuned) but i cannot understand why women go gay. I mean i am all for gay relationships, but dayummmmm whats the point without a cock? I LOVE COCK, and no strapon in the world is as succulent and sweet as any cock you gents pack in your shorts. I mean Writing this is making me all hot and bothered, i will try to continue coherently.

OK, back to the topic i wish was in my hands. Size, does it matter? According to CBS News a Study shows that 85% Of Women Are Pleased With Partner’s Penis Size, But 45% of Men Wish Theirs Were Bigger. So clearly size matters. But here is the key question does it matter to you or your partner?? 85% of women say you are just fine! And i have never met a cock i didn't want to suck!

I have been with all sorts of cocks in my time. From the ones that when he drops his drawers my jaw fell on the floor and said "Oh MY GOD! Did the elephant mind you took his dick?" And the ones that I just pet and say, "its ok dear, you will grow", to find that it has already grown all the way. Here is the rub. Size matters, but only for the task that you are wanting to do.

For example, the best lover i ever had had the smallest cock of all the ones i have ever been with. But he doesn't know he is small and worked that tool like a magician shuffles cards. He could literally have me screaming in orgasm with a tiny change in position, but he is so small in certain positions i wasn't sure he was actually inside of me. But some men with that have big cocks seem to think that's all it takes. "I am packing a rifle loaded with bird shot... she's gonna cum" Sorry boys, it takes more than that.

When i met the man that belongs to the biggest cock i ever saw. He said his dick is less than average. He made all sorts of "irish" jokes about the size of his dick and he said he was on the small size of average. When i finally got to see that golden rod of of lucious manhood, standing erect and crookedly bobbing for my touch. I nearly fell over. I asked him what the hell were all of the jokes about. He replied, something like "when its flacid it looks like all the others in the shower" he went on to explain, the only erect ones he saw were in porn films and by those standards he was average. *(this is porn from the 70's through 1990 when porn stars had huge dicks.)

Let me leave you with this in parting the average cock size world wide varies by less than half an inch, but everyone i have ever met says in all honesty that they think they are a bit less than average. But so long as they are covered in skin i want it in my mouth!