Rough And Dirty Gems

Rough And Dirty Gems

Monday, March 31, 2014

Breakfast in Bed

The morning rose bright and unseasonably warm. The sun shone through the thin gossamer curtains in our small cheap hotel room in dusty yellow beams. The light puddled cheerfully on the cotton blanket as if a friendly specter lay there with us to to absorb the weariness of yesterday's travel. Miguel rolled on top of me and squinted down into my eyes. "Mmmmm my sweet, Belle, I will eat you for breakfast."

I groaned sleepily and rolled my head to face him. "Morning... It looks like a nice day. Let's go get breakfast then." 

"Belle, my sweet treat, I told you already, I will have you for breakfast." He grinned playfully at me and raised himself to his hands and knees above me and lowered his face to my chest. Burying his lips into my cleavage he shook his head back and forth like a dog shedding water, Miguel’s butt waggled back and forth as he breathed in my breasts. 

Squealing I tried to roll out from under him.  He leaned down and took a mouthful of my large soft breast into his lips and sucked my nipple into his mouth. Teasing and biting my nipple until it was firm and erect, he opened his mouth and slurped my sensitive pink nipple and aureole into his lips, teasing my nipple with his tongue as he ground his hips against me, Miguel moaned playfully, "Mmmm, my Belle, you taste better than any fruit I ever tasted." 

I exhaled in erotic glee as his lips moved from my one breast to the other. I arched my hips up to meet his hard cock between us. His lips moved from my breasts to my shoulders then he nipped at my neck, dragging his tongue over the tops of my breast again he paused and licked under my breast and down my side. I convulsed in a giggle and tried to wriggle out from under him again. 

I squirmed playfully under him giggling, "You are tickling me!" 

"Mmmm yes, I am." His lips moved from my side under my breast down over the slight curve of my belly licking and nipping and biting his way south.  His lips nipped at my flesh, never resting in one place, laughing and roving with his fingers and mouth down my body, making me giggle in snorts, thrashing side to side to escape his ticking.  When his flicking tongue lapped into my navel i wriggled laughing trying to roll over. I struggled against him pushing at his chest but, his 6' wiry strength was no match for me. He sat on my hips and gripped my hands one in each of his and laid down on top of me, extending our hands over my head. He laughed wolfishly at me."MMmmmmm Belle, you make me want to do wicked things to you when you struggle against me." He thrust his hips hard into my pelvis and I reflexively opened my legs around wrapping myself around his thighs. He teased, "Lay still, be a good girl now, and let me eat my breakfast."

He let go of my hands and slithered down my body parting my thighs with both his forearms. When he inhaled deeply, I whimpered softly in expectation. His nearly two day beard was rough on my inner thighs and I squirmed. He held my legs apart and blew softly on the recently shorn heart shape he carved into my pubis. He rubbed the rasp of his beard over my sensitized newly cropped patch making me convulse from the rough pleasure. He flicked out his tongue, and I could feel his breath hot on my responsive loins. His beard rasped as his lips soothed my sensitive folds at the same time, sending shivers of impossible need throughout my entire body.  Slowly, he licked smaller and smaller circuits of my outer folds and I writhed in matching speed to his. He picked up his head and squinted at me near sightedly grinning, "Always such a greedy girl. I like seeing your pink petals. This way, I can see the dew glistening off them." 

I squeaked in embarrassment at his poetic praise of his handiwork from the night before. I tried to close my legs and cover myself with my hands, but he had me trapped. I couldn’t close my legs to hide myself and he grabbed my wrists and held my hands to my sides.  Feeling the flush rise from my chest to my ears,  I closed my eyes in the infantile thought if I can't see you, you can't see me blushing. He grinned down at me purring in a sweet sing-song, "Mmmmmmhhh querida, your skin becomes so pretty pink when I say these things to you. Look, your little flower turns all red when I tell you about her sweet juice. Open your eyes and see what I do. Look, minha.

I opened my eyes to see him staring right into my pussy. He let go of my hands which I curled into the thick dark hair on the top of his head, arching myself toward his lips again; partially to feel his lips on me, but also to not have to see my own sex reflected into his eyes. He grinned at me, lewdly watching my eyes as he held my buttocks cupped in his forearms, rubbing his prickly chin into the overly sensitive flesh of my entrance, lapping long strokes with his flattened tongue. I whimpered softly and mewed like a hungry cat, rocking my pelvis back and for his touch. 

I was on fire. Each stroke of his rough lips and chin countered by the warmer soothing wetness of his tongue had me gripping the edge of my orgasm. He flicked his tongue back and forth over my clitoris over and over. When I became needy and stiff, he slowed his movements and suckling. I was whimpering and gripping into his back with my fingernails. My entire body was like a bow with an arrow cocked ready for launching. I was arched and tight ready and for him to release me. He looked up at me, holding this tension he purred softly, "Darling girl...yes, minha…that's right, give it to me, cum, cum, cum. ..... Mmmmm au au, that's a good girl! Do it for me now, my sweet."

His tongue felt like a thousand cocks had entered me, as my hips thrust upward toward his slurping sucking lips. I was panting in short, rasping, whimpers as my entire body quivered in my release. I cried out in long keening wales as my orgasm spiraled me in a mosaic of sensations. His tongue flicked over and over my most sensitive nub. I rocked back and forth, gasping as if i was in raft on the ocean. I couldn’t take more, but his lips kept suckling and slurping at my pink velvety folds. I pushed his slurping greedy mouth from my overused pussy with both of my hands on the top of his head to make the overwhelming sensations stop.  

He looked up at me, his chin shone in the bright morning sun light, glazed with my nectar,"Mmmmmm Belle, your lips feel like rose petals, and your dew tastes like sweet cream." I covered my eyes with my forearm. He rolled out from between my legs and snuggled into my side. I was sweating and exhausted, panting from my release. I turned snuggling against him with my bottom nestled into the curve of his groin and wriggled slightly teasing his hard cock between my butt cheeks. He matched my rhythmic gyrations and rocked with me. He crooned into my ear teasing, "Minha, Belle, you will make me wait... such a naughty girl... making me suffer with this cock-stand you caused." 

I purred softly, reaching between my legs I gripped his cock firmly. Stroking it in my small hand, he felt so rigid, so ready. I curled forward slightly and placed him in my silken tunnel, gripping him tightly inside of me. I felt his cock soothe and reawaken my over-sensitized pussy. I curled tighter into a fetal position feeling his rhythm increase. It felt like he was slipping out too far and then reentering me thrusting too fast to hard at this angle. I couldn't hold on to anything, I was being thrust over the side of the bed. "Belle, roll over." I rolled forward, my knees tucked up tightly under me with my head down on the pillow. Miguel's cock slid out of me momentarily.  Pausing his stabbing thrusts, he breathed,"Meu deus, Belle, que vista. Obrigado," forgetting his English, he translated, "My God, Belle, what a view. Thank you."

Then he slammed his cock deeply into my pussy again and held my head down with one hand as he reached around me with the other to tease my clit. "Ooohhhhh fuck, Miguel, ooh fuck, please!" I couldn’t hold on long like this. His cock felt like it was the size of his forearm like this. It was so big and hard. I needed to cum again, my vision started to turn red. I whimpered, begging with each pounding stroke. "Please! Oh god, fuck please, Miguel, I need to cum"  When I was ready to tip over the precipice of lust, he held still for a moment, slowing me, keeping that razors edge of control over his own lust. 

Our bodies slapped together, in desperate violent need. His breath was ragged, and he groaned softly with each stroke until I felt his cock grow and throb inside of me, "Cum para mim. Agora! Eu estou gozando." I didn't understand the words, but I knew what he wanted and I let go, in a red torrent of lust. Sobbing, I clapped myself against his pounding exploding cock. As I came my insides contracted like a fist then released in waves around his bone hard cock as his pounding throbbing expulsion continued. My vision turned white and I gripped the sheets desperately, as my wetness flooded down my legs.  

Miguel collapsed beside me, panting, as I straightened out to snuggle into his shoulder. He pulled me close and breathed, as if mystified, "Jesus Cristo, Belle, what you did to me." Calming his breath he added, "Let us go shopping now that I had my breakfast."

I giggled and rolled on top of him teasing his softening cock between my legs, "But I want breakfast sausage."

"Greedy girl, you will need to have something other than sausage this morning, that dish has been over cooked."

Monday, March 24, 2014

One Night In Paris

I woke with him nuzzling me, whispering, "Belle sweet, girl time to get on the train." 
 We found our seats, it was a weekend, not a peak time, so the train was not full. We found seats which were in relative private.  There was more room on the train than on the coach, and we got a section where two rows faced each other. Another two and a half hours until we reached Paris, I was feeling cramped and irritable.  I needed to move, I was restless, the journey was taking forever. Miguel sensing my irritability, went to the restaurant car to buy us dinner. Standing, holding the hand rail, I leaned against the window, watching the lights in the tunnel fade from one to another then to dark, it was hypnotically soothing. When I regained my surroundings, Miguel was standing close behind me, watching me undulating in the sensual rhythm of the train's motion. "My Belle, you are so lovely." He pressed his hips to mine as together we rocked in silence. I turned to look at him, but the train slowed suddenly and I was thrust akimbo into his arms. He lowered me to the seat under the window and leaned over me. "Belle, even when you moody you are beautiful." He held my face between his palms and kissed me gently. "Belle, will we make love on this train?" He wasn't demanding, he was asking if this is what I wanted. I wasn't in the mood, I just wanted to be left alone. He ran his fingers over my shoulders and through the hair at the back of my neck. I was tired and cold and felt fragile and weak. But, his touch kindled something in me. I reached my hands up to his head and curled my fingertips through his short hair on his neck and arched against him. He pressed himself to me and groaned softly in my ear. "My darling minha, we will eat, then we will pass the time in less athletic pursuits."
I smiled at him weakly feeling foolishly on the verge of tears as he let go of me and fussed with the setting out the dinner he bought. On the disposable paperboard tray there were greasy looking meat pasties a packet of chocolate chip cookies, and a fruit bowl along with two beers and two waters set on one of the outer chairs.  As we ate our meal of pasties and cookies Miguel sensed my gloomy mood opened a beer and handed it to me. He sat across from me saying nothing. After I finished picking at my pasty in silence, I felt the beer going to my head, making me more irascible, I couldn't help my festering thoughts. "Were you serious about me being punished?"'

He looked up from the fruit bowl, the fork midway to his mouth. "What?"

"On the coach, you said, I needed to be punished for making you lose control. Were you serious?"

"Yes, Belle, I'm serious, that was cruel, you should know, you do not take my manhood from me, I don't like that. You make me feel less potent. It hurts my pride. You are mine, you do what I say. I make you happy, Yes?" He paused and looked at me. I nodded slowly, not knowing where he was going with this, he continued, "Belle, you agreed to be mine, you understand this right? I keep you safe, I know your needs, yes? I satisfy your needs okay? You must understand, I also have needs. I like discipline, in my work, in my house, in my lover. You must know this. You are mine. I want you to give yourself to me always." 
I opened my mouth to respond, but he cut me off with one finger - Holding the finger in my face as if counting for a child, he pointed at me for emphasis. "First, you are mine. Always that first. You can't say no to me, you don't want me to be less of a man. When you say no to me, I am no longer a man. How can I be anything useful to you if I am not a Man. You do not want me as a woman or a gay, right?" He continued, "What if I had made a mess, and others had seen us doing what we did on the bus. I would have been arrested. How could you trust me to keep you safe I wasn't safe myself. I need you to know that this is very important to me. Of course I enjoyed very much what we did on the coach, but I need to trust that you will not humiliate me and risk us getting into trouble because you think it's funny to spite me." 

 I shrugged  thinking this very machismo and silly, but not saying anything, only nodding slowly as he made this impassioned plea for me to understand. "Of course you are a man even if you came on my face for others to see."
He was annoyed, I had apparently missed his point. "Belle, I did not like it. You asked, I answered, that is all there is to it."

I shrugged, feeling sort of pissed off, and frustrated. I felt on the verge of tears, not liking being chastised for something so foolish. He saw my mood and tried to lighten the atmosphere between us by changing the subject. "We will be at our hotel in Paris in an hour. I look forward to sleeping with you in the city of lovers."

"I may not sleep in the same hotel with you tonight," I pouted, "I may find a new person to sleep with in Paris." 
"Belle, is that really what you wish? You wound me." He was no longer playing, he was serious, I hurt his feelings.
"No, of course I don't want anyone else, I love you. I'm sorry, I didn't mean that, I was only bickering. I'm sick of traveling, I'm taking my bad mood out on you." I was contrite, I didn't mean to be cruel, I was starting to feel bad and didn't want to ruin the journey. "I'm so sorry, Miguel, you do know I don't want anyone but you, right? You are my everything, I love you." I got up and moved into his lap nuzzling and kissed his neck.
He pulled me closer and kissed the top of my head, "Belle, do not make jokes like that, it hurts me to the heart." 

 I felt bad, he took the fizz out if me. I slumped onto his chest and felt the tears sting my eyes.  
We arrived in Paris we were both unsettled and in foul temper. We walked to our hotel, a small, cheap place on a narrow side street near the train station. Irritable from our journey, we decided to go to the bar below the hotel for a late snack and a drink. We had been traveling for 14 hours already today, my legs were sore, my pride was sore, I had a headache and I just wanted to go to sleep. I didn't want to bother translating the menu so I snapped at Miguel, "Just get whatever you want." 

He ordered for us both in French, without consulting me at all, which made me bristle even more. When our food arrived, I was relieved that he had gotten exactly what I wanted.  A loaf of  warm, fragrant, crusty bread, soft white cheese, fruit and a bottle of red wine. Miguel poured my glass nearly full and smiled at me, holding his glass in a toast "Let's get drunk and forget the journey. Salude." When I paused before drinking, he crinkled his eyes at me, "Drink Belle, we will get drunk and sleep late, we do not leave until the afternoon, let's enjoy this night in Paris as lovers."

I smiled at him, this was his way of making it up with me. We were ok. He reached across the small table and held my hands. "Belle, meu amor, eu quero voce, I love you, I want you, I need you. You know this always, minha, mine" I drained my glass and he poured another. I was feeling the wine in my head. I shook my head side to side like a lion sniffing the air. I was feeling tipsy, my temper subsiding with the meal and wine. I looked up at him shyly, "Thank you."

He smiled at me. "Belle, I like you like this, vulnerable, but always so strong." I laughed. He smiled then raised his glass again, "To making love on every train, coach and taxi in Europe!" 
I laughed, and he drained his glass. "We will go now, I will make love to you slowly and make you know who is your Mestre."
The room was small and sparsely furnished but had a spacious en-suite bathroom with a large old fashioned ball and claw bathtub fitted in the European style with a hand body sprayer. We were both dirty and dreary from the traveling and when Miguel suggested a bath I was thrilled. He turned on the water so that it would fill while we unpacked. This is just what I needed, a nice hot, soothing, relaxing bath to wash away my temper and residual snappishness. We unpacked our toiletry kits and laid them on the small vanity counter next to the tub. I hung my skirt and sweater on one of the hangers provided in the small wardrobe and folded up my t-shirt, I shed my tights and boots. I was parading around the room in just my cotton panties and bra. I was bending over the sink in the bathroom brushing my teeth, Miguel came up behind me fully naked. "Belle, in your lingerie you are so sexy, you make me want to do terrible things to those old knickers, and then to you underneath." 

Spitting into the sink, I turned and faced him, rolling my eyes at him, not feeling the slightest bit sexy at the moment, "Miguel, do your worst, I am sure it will be a challenge to keep you up."

He laughed at my pun, I loved that about Him, He found my silly humor funny. He pulled my bottom into his hips and gyrated. "Yes, Belle, now that I have your permission, I will." He leaned over his valet kit and took out a few items and laid them on the vanity shelf. "Now, Belle, take off your bra, sit on the edge of the tub." I looked at him, really not in the mood for being sexy, but I wanted to make Him happy. His good humor had returned, the least I could do was play along. I sat on the rim of the tub which was a little too tall for me to sit comfortably. I perched with my toes down with my heels on the wooden support ledge. leaning forward so I would not fall back. The narrow, rolled rim of the tub sharp on my butt. Miguel stood over me, smiling lewdly down at me. He folded a small towel and knelt between my legs. I parted my legs slightly, still wearing my panties, when he cupped my sex with his hand, I reached out and placed a balancing hand on his head. He looked up at me, and whispered. "Close your eyes, my darling."

I closed my eyes, he tugged on the narrow side band of my panties and cut them away from my body with his small manicure scissors. My eyes popped open with a squawk as I shuddered arching back away from him fearful for a moment, i was afraid i would fall into the half filled tub. He gripped my hand pulling me back toward him. I realized he was serious, he did want to do terrible things to my knickers. I was anxious about the underneath now. "I did not like those knickers, too ugly for your orchid." He continued to cut the other side, then let the shreds of fabric hang under me, exposing my pubis to the cool room. Tugging on my downy fluff to get my attention he gazed up at me, "Tell me you trust me, Belle. Tell me you are mine." That word, mine, pregnant with unspoken meaning. He was not done with the lesson on the train. He was going to teach me what he meant now.

I looked down at Him, fearful, but trusting. I nodded into his eyes.

"Say it, Belle, tell me that you are MINE, tell me you trust me."

"Yes, Miguel, I trust you, I am Yours."

His smile bloomed slowly but crossed his face, he waited until what felt like an electric buzz filled the entire room, my nerves and excitement became a palpable force, I felt myself relax and become attuned to him and only Him. He stayed kneeling between my knees but his shoulders squared, and his power was evident. His lean frame seemed to grow and by contrast I felt my self shrinking, letting go of all of the stress that I was holding. "Good girl, Belle, you always make me so proud."

I glowed from the inside out. There was a force between us now, it was as if I was held in his net. The tub was still filling behind me, he spoke over the sound of the running water,  "Belle, put your hands on your head, stay still, I will not hurt you, but you need to trust me. You may close your eyes, but don't move." I nodded, still under his spell and closed my eyes. He tugged gently on my pubic hair and curled his fingers into the downy mound, his fingertip found my opening and stroked slowly back and forth, teasing my entrance. I started to lean forward, he spoke sharply, "Belle, be still, do not move."

I closed my eyes again and concentrated on not moving, feeling his fingers massaging my entrance slowly. He leaned forward, I could feel his lips close to my opening, I heard him inhale slowly and part my legs farther,  tipping my hips forward. The humid air in the bathroom seemed to thicken, my breathing was coming in long deep rasps, and my motions seemed sluggish as if I was moving through honey. He made soft soothing sounds in Portuguese which I didn't entirely hear or understand. He tugged gently on my pubic hair and then kissed it gently. I was embarrassed. I tried to close my legs, but he stilled me with his hands on my knees. I closed my eyes again. I felt as if I was being weighted down but I was aroused. I felt the dewy moisture between my legs with each stroke of his finger. He seemed to be moving in slow motion, but so was I. With my eyes closed I heard a soft clicking, intermittently over the sound of the water filling in the tub under me. I felt the warm steam from the tub under me. He pet my pubic hair softly with his palm, I arched my hips toward him. But he stopped again, and chastised me, "Belle, my sweet, please be still, do not move." I think I was in a semi sleeping state, I am not sure how long this went on.

A short hissing sound, then an astringent smell. He gently rubbed the minty lotion into my mons and fingered my entrance again. I squeaked and I arched, feeling a burn on my pussy and then realized it was mentholated shaving gel. I opened my eyes to see he had covered my entire pubic mound with shaving cream and was preparing to shave me. I dropped my hands from my head to my mound, "No, please...don't." I was afraid, I had never shaved there before.

"Please, Minha, do not worry, I wont hurt you. You trust me." He took my hands and placed them back on my head again and kissed my forehead. He leaned over and shut off the water. He knelt between my legs again, "Close your eyes, Belle."

I closed my eyes and resigned myself to my punishment. I would be bare there, it would likely itch, but its not as humiliating as it could have been. He gentled me, rubbing the numbing cream into my patch again, then with deliberate strokes starting at the top he depilated my pubis. I didn't feel like crying as I usually did when he punished me, it seemed he was enjoying this and it didn't hurt, actually it felt nice. I parted my legs wider so he could shave the creases between my thighs. Then, he stood up, taking my hand, calmly telling me to keep my eyes closed, he reached around me, guiding me into the water. He asked me to turn, and put my feet into the tub. He cooed into my ear. "Touch yourself and look at what is mine." I blinked adjusting to the brightness in the room as I stood, in the bath. I reached down to feel I was not as bald as I thought I was, when I looked at my bush, I saw, he left a heart shaped patch of hair above my opening, I was so touched to see the care and careful sculpting of the heart, it had full rounded cheeks and then tapered to a thin line pointing to my entrance. I slipped down into the water which was too hot. Then Miguel took his time and eased into the tub behind me. I felt the water hot on my over sensitized entrance. The menthol made me hyper-aware of my sex and I felt nearly on the verge of orgasm from the feel of the water on my exposed clit. I arched back and looked at him. I felt a lump come to my throat, the heat of the water hopefully masking the tears that started to fall. I could see the emotion in his eyes as well. He reached around and stroked the newly quaffed mound with his thumb, "My darling, minha, this is only part of what is mine." His fingers trailed up my belly to my chest and rest his hand on my chest over my heart, "This is mine," he slid his warm hands over my shoulders and rested on my temples, "This is mine. Do I make you understand now?"

A sob shuddered through me, he felt it too. Miguel pulled me closer to him, I whimpered, "I am sorry. I know. I didn't mean to upset you, I am so sorry Miguel. Please forgive me. I understand why you did this, I understand why you punished me." I couldn't stop the tears and was glad I faced away from him and looked down at the heart distorted by the water carved into my loins which made me cry more. It was such a beautiful lesson of what he wanted me to realize. I am HISI am his pleasure, my privates are beautiful to him, and he loves me, but, I am his to do with what he wants, to mold how he pleases. 

He gentled me softly, "Belle, minha querida, do not cry, stop that now. This was not punishment. This was just a reminder. You have not been punished yet, this was just a sketch. This was for my amusement and a reminder for you." He turned my head to his and kissed me hard on the lips, "When I punish you, you will know you are being punished. Let's go to bed now, mine."

My brain was too muddy to process what he said. Feeling his hardness in my back I flipped over to see him. I stroked his manhood gently with my hand and kissed the tip which barely crested the waterline. I watched his cock bob looking for my mouth when I moved my lips away and raised myself from the tub, taking a towel from the bar wrapping it around myself I dried quickly and got into the bed not waiting for him.

He climbed in behind me and pulled me close. His fingertips found the sensitive, shorn outline of his heart. He traced it gently with his fingers which made me writhe against him. Feeling his arousal against my buttox, I wanted to redeem myself. I wanted to worship him and give him pleasure. But I thought, I knew better, he wanted my submission more than he wanted my attention. He slipped his finger into my wetness and traced the heart with my own nectar, he laid me back on the bed, and straddled my knees. He leaned down over my face. He looked at me, his eyes dark and piercing, with one index finger held in front of me, he said, "Mine." That word, again, so full of unspoken meaning, then, he slid the finger down over my bottom lip, across my cheek, down my chin across my one breast stopping to pinch one nipple then dragged the finger slowly across to the other nipple, pinching that one harder than the other. I cried out and he let go, dragging the one finger lower to my belly, across my hips then sitting back on my thighs he traced the heart at my loins again. I purred and writhed wanting to part my legs wider, but he was not letting me move. His finger trailed around the heart one circuit then another, I closed my eyes in submission telling myself to let him have what he wants. I owed him this. I felt the tension leave me and savored the feelings of his fingers on my sensitive skin, purring softly with each circuit.  

Suddenly, in one fast overwhelming motion he rocked back off my thighs, pulled my legs up and up over his shoulders, and forced himself deep into me. I arched up with a scream, not expecting the abrupt intrusion. He looked down at me, baring his teeth in a grimace, stabbing himself hard into my tight cleft, forcing himself deeper into me. His fingers found my breasts and he tugged my nipples making me writhe in pain but the pleasure of his cock in me was nearly excruciating. I was a jumbled mess of sensations. He let go of my breasts letting them bounce to my chest and I reached for him, trying to anchor myself on his body. He pulled my wrists up behind my head with one hand and tangled his hand holding mine wrists into my hair, making it impossible for me to touch him without pulling my own hair. Thrusting violently in and out of me, I squirmed, whimpering my skin already so sensitive and my body alert to him entirely. I started to shudder feeling myself tipping over the precipice of my orgasm. 

He glared at me, "NO! You will not cum, not until I say." 

He continued to stab himself violently in me. Making me so ready for my release. He fingered my sensitive clit with his other hand, watching me, making me see his face, see the pride with which he held me on the edge. He groaned and I felt his orgasm near, but he pulled out of me completely and held himself over me, still fingering my clit. I started to beg. "Oh god, please, Miguel, please I need you, please, oh fuck, I need your cock, I need your cum, I need you! Please let me have you?! I want it so badly, I want to have you, I need you so much. I can't cum without you." 

He shook his head slowly, no, and glared down at me, his face looked as if he was in agony. It looked as if he was thinking about something torturous. I started to whimper and contract around his finger, which he now held still inside of me. His cock slick wiht my juices laid hard and throbbing on the senstive heart he carved into my sex. He looked at me still, waiting and I started to cry again, begging, "Please Miguel, I am sorry, please, I love you. I need you. I am yours. I won't forget again, please... please, I need you so much." 

As I sobbed incoherent words, he leaned in close to my ear, and whispered in a slow staccato, so softly I had to stop to hear him, "Belle, You. Are. Mine. Never forget that. You. Are. Mine." With those words he entered me again, this time, slowly, every inch of him settling into its matching fold inside of me, soothing me with his body. He let go of my wrists and my hair, then he kissed my face, my cheeks, licked the tears where they still leaked from my eyes, and kissed my lips. He soothed me slowly, his hands finding every curve, every sore inside of me and out, as his manhood slowly, tenderly, caressed my insides. I felt myself tipping over the edge again, where as before it was a hurtling drop, this time, it was a slow spiral into oblivion. My eyes found his and I asked, not with words, but with my body wrapped vinelike around his, matching his rhythm, if I could have his release. He looked down into my eyes, as we unraveled together into a skane of never ending fathomless need. I choked back sobs and felt myself pouring, in spurting gushes, matching his unsure where his body ended and mine began. 

I was HIS

Monday, February 17, 2014

Oral the Way to London

I couldn't wait, I wanted to go to Amsterdam more than anywhere else in Europe.  This was my first visit to the city which I imaged was full of enlightened thinkers and freedom from the stodgy American war on drugs and the cloistered view of prostitution. I couldn't wait to experience it for myself. I was practically vibrating with impatience to be on the coach to London. Miguel said coolly, in no hurry to be off, "Belle, if we get to the station before the bus, we will still be waiting." He was so frustrating sometimes!

Finally we were on the way to London. The bus was so slow, the landscape through the window was painfully dull on this dreary, gray February day and I couldn't sleep. I was like a caged panther. I wanted to be there, the tight quarters were making me fussy and fidgety. Miguel sat next to me, his long legs stretched into the aisle, reading his textbook as placid as a frozen lake. I pressed my breasts against him and beamed my brightest smile at him, "We are gonna be on the train in 5 more hours. One night in Paris then tomorrow we will be in Amsterdam!!! I can't wait!" 

"Querida, I am happy also, but you are like a bean in a box, relax." 
"I can't I'm too excited."

He leaned over me where I sat in the window seat, and covered my lips with his, "Minha Belle, I will make you relax." He slid his fingers under my jumper and grabbed my breast, cupping my soft flesh over my bra, then kissing me, he pinched my puffy nipple through the lace fabric, harder I could have expected. 
I gasped, shocked at his audacity and tried moving back away from him, but there was nowhere to retreat in the tight confinement of the window seat. I hissed, "Miguel! Stop, others can see!" 

He chortled, kissing me harder whispering in my ear, "Belle, I want to have you here on this coach with all these people watching."

I giggled and tried to wriggle out of his grasp, "You wouldn't!"

He smiled and purred to me, "Oh, yes I will, my Belle. I will do what I want, and you will like it." He pressed his lips to mine and nuzzled my neck, snaking his fingers into my bra, around my breast and gripped my puffy nipple tightly, stroking it until it was elongated and hard. I moaned softly in pleasure. He continued to toy with my nipple under my sweater. Leaning close to me, nuzzling me, licking my neck and ears, purring sweet romantic words in my ear until I was writhing. "I can make you cum with just my fingers on your breast. I love how you respond to me my dear girl."

I gasped, biting my lip to keep from moaning out loud. His fingers tweaking my nipple hard, twisting and tugging the sensitive flesh painfully making me wince and shudder, feeling embarrassed, but very aroused and hoping for more.  
"I won't make you cum, that would not be fair to the other passengers." He moved his fingers from my bra, I was disappointed and frustrated. He watched my face, he saw me becoming fractious and annoyed. I felt like I was going to explode in a fury of sexual wrath. He felt me becoming angry and tight. Kissing my nose gently he teased, "Poor girl, so horny, but so shy, you said 'no', you told me to stop. Did you not? No, means no, right querida?" 
I glared at him. He smiled down at me serenely, slid his navy blue woolen jacket over my lap as if to tuck me in for sleep and put his hand on my thigh under the jacket and patted my leg gently as if to soothe me. I sat in a red fury, frustrated and angry at him for teasing me this way. He smiled at me and kissed my forehead gently. I put my head on the cold window to try to sleep. As I sat there, the fury rose in me like a wave coming into shore, until i was in a blazing fury. I sat motionless, swearing at him in my head. You fucking asshole! Where do you get off making me all  frustrated then dropping me like I'm Hot... FUCK YOU! What do you think I am, your fucking puppy?!? Making me dance for you like a puppet on strings. FUCK YOU! 
As I sat there seething I felt his fingers slowly trailed down lower on my leg to my knee, to the hem of my skirt. He lifted the hem of my skirt slightly and tucked his hand under the hem. I pushed his fingers away forcefully. I was pissed! I opened my eyes, and looked at him, my eyes wide and shook my head, "No". He smiled the sweetest, most disarming smile at me, and nodded playfully, "Yes" at me. The voice in my head yelled. No, I'm angry at you. He continued to smile boyishly at me, his fingers toying with the hem of my skirt. I felt my resolve slip away. Damn the man! I can't stay angry when he is playful like this. His fingers slid under my woolen tweed skirt up over my cream colored, cable knit tights to the wet cleft. He left his finger there, a warm, un-moving pressure against my clit. He stayed there, letting me relax and waited for my temper to dissolve. When I parted my legs ever so slightly, he leaned into my ear and moved my hair away with his other hand. "That's a good girl. I'm always going to have what is mine, no matter what you want." He was so frustrating!

I glared at him, and closed my thighs around his finger, but with his other hand he put his thumb into the muscle above my knee and gripped tightly, making me open my legs involuntarily as he activated a pressure point. He pressed his finger into my pussy through my tights and stroked back and forth very gently. I relented, relaxing, parting my thighs for him even wider. He kissed my lips and smiled warmly at me. Pressing his lips to my ear through my hair he breathed, "That is my good girl. You know this is what you want, you want me to pleasure you on this bus, with all these other people here, not knowing what they are missing. I have your hot sex to distract me from the journey, they have nothing."

His words left me pliant and somewhat giddy, my fury waning completely. He moved his hand up and tugged down my tights from around my hips, and whispered to me "Lift up for a moment, Belle, I do not want to ruin your pretty clothing." I rose my hips up against his hand and with his other hand he reached around me and tugged the elastic of my tights and panties under my buttocks freeing my moist cleft to his hand. With my tights around my thighs, I felt confined. But seeing him grin as if he were a lottery winner relaxed me as he pressed his finger tenderly against my warm button. 

Very slowly he worked me, his finger gliding over my closed entrance back and forth, meditatively. With each circuit he outlined my nub, never touching it. He purred softly in my ear. "Sweet, Belle, relax, just enjoy the journey with me." I closed my eyes and felt every motion of his finger on me as if it were designed to make me calm and wait, as each stroke made me more and more aroused. I was so wet now, I was sure I was going to leave a hot puddle on my seat. When I was very relaxed and it appeared I was sleeping he thrust two fingers deep into me. I bolted to attention and opened my eyes with a squeal. 

"Mmmmm Belle, you make me so hard when you react like that." He thrust his fingers deeper into me, pumping them now, making me writhe. My world lost focus of everything except his fingers in me, and the sensations I was feeling. I heard the embarrassing sloppy wet squish of each thrust of his fingers and I started to moan softly. "Be very quiet Belle, or the rest of the coach will be so jealous of you." 

I felt myself blush hotly, with his words and I bit my lip hard, pinching my eyes closed, careful not to move so I looked as if I were sleeping to any other passengers. He kept thrusting his fingers wetly in and out of me, I started to feel myself contract around his fingers, I was aching to cum, but was afraid of being heard or even worse seen. He leaned his head against my chest and looked up at me, his fingers deep in my pussy, rocking up and back until i thought I was going to shatter into a million glistening shards. When I opened my eyes his were bright and on mine. He nodded and mouthed one word, "Cum." 

I couldn't stop myself any longer. His fingers kept moving in me, making me writhe, hot spikes went through me, I couldn't stop it. I needed release. Humiliated I closed my eyes, put my wrist in my mouth and convulsed silently around his fingers, gasping softly, and gripping his shirt with my other hand.  

He pulled his hand from under my skirt and out from his jacket on my lap. He placed his fingers in his mouth and sucked them clean. "Meu deus, Belle, your honey tastes delicious."

I looked at him, shocked, my eyes wide and round and he only laughed at my reaction. "Do not play at the being the prude, querida, you just came on a coach with all these people who could hear you." He carefully arranged the jacket over his lap and placed my hand on his lap. I looked at him, appalled, and he nodded sagely. He whispered into my ear "Belle, what is good sauce for the chicken, is also good for the cock." His primitive and punny translation of that phrase made me giggle. "Do not laugh, it is true. You made me this way, it hurts for you to leave me to suffer with blued balls." 

In the guise of getting more comfortable we switched places. I pulled up my tights and knickers as I shimmied under him to the outer seat. When he got comfortable in the window seat. He leaned back and opened his fly, arranging his woolen pea coat around his hips he pulled me down to rest my head in his lap. He pulled my long woolen coat around my shoulders and arranged the skirt of it over my hips but kept the oversized fur lined hood up over my head, shielding the view of his lap. 

I gripped his rigid cock in my grip and stroked him firmly, milking droplets of precum up over the tip. I licked them off, then stopped my massage, resting my head on his thighs and I looked up at him coyly and breathed "I am going to sleep now. You don't want to make a mess here on the bus."    

He reached into my hood, gripping my hair and neck in both his hands and growled, "The fuck I don't." Miguel almost never swore in English. I grinned up at him batting my eyes prettily and watched his eyes. He watched as I lifted off his lap very, very slowly opened my mouth wide, and sucked his entire length into my mouth. As I held him not moving, with his cock lodged deeply in my throat, his mouth formed a round O as he gawked at the sight of me deep-throating him on a public coach. I slid my mouth up gradually and watched him lose his usually rock solid control. His eyes rolled back and he started to pant in ragged breaths. Then he looked back down at me again. I watched him grimace as his cock throbbed in my mouth. And again, he looked away.

I kept my eyes up so he could see me. So I could watch what I was doing to his control, so i could feel this power. So I could see my revenge. With one hand massaging his sack, I slid slowly, sleepily up and down his turgid rod. Feeling it stiffen and throb, as soon as I felt like he was going to cum, i looked up at him watching the suffering on his face, as held perfectly still, wrapping two fingers around the base of his cock like a cock ring to still him. He didn't say a single word, the only sound he made was his breath, blowing through his nose like an anxious colt. When I cinched his cock at the base with my fingers he clutched his fingers tighter into my hair under the hood of my coat, gently pushing me down. 

When my jaw was starting to become sore, i kept going. I wanted to punish him for making me so angry, for turning me into such a slut on the bus, for making me into his puppet. I urged the cum up with my lips and fingers. Taking him deep in my throat and massaging his balls with the tip of my tongue. Then massaging his shaft in pulses as i moved in long slow strokes, then working faster and faster. When he was ready to cum, I felt him gripping with his hands, his cock throbbing in my throat i looked up at him and slid off entirely, exposing the purple head of his cock to the cold air.

He glared at me, gripping my hair and pushed me down. I grinned up at him and saw, I had achieved what I wanted. He had lost his calm self discipline. I made him frustrated, needy and ready as he had done to me. I gripped his balls in my hand firmly and stroked him with my lips fast and firmly. I felt his legs under me go tight and I felt my reward slush into my throat. He let out an audible groan and sprayed my throat with his seed in hot pulses. Pressing his clenched hands firmly on the back of my head he thrust up again and again into my throat, I felt myself gagging on the stream of cum and his intruding cock. I swallowed as quickly as I could, gulping the torrent of cum as quickly as I could but some dribbled over my chin onto his balls. My eyes were streaming, I pressed my hands hard against his thighs, I needed air. I looked up at him imploring, he pulled me back by my cheeks seeing I needed a moment. I sucked in gulpfuls of air through my sore throat. He grinned at me rakishly. He pulled me up to his chest wiping my face with a serviette. 
He smirked weakly at me, "You are amazing, Belle, but you need to be punished. That was very cruel, making me wait like that, and then making me lose control and nearly embarrassing myself."

I grinned at him, my makeup running but I was happy and calm. I snuggled against him and slept until we arrived in London. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cuming experiments

"Do you know this person, Harold Houdini?"

"Not personally, I'm pretty sure he's dead,"

"You think you are funny with the smart mouth. He knew about controlling his body with his mind, I am going to control your body with my mind, I'm going to be your magician."

I crawled on top of him and kissed him, "You already are."

Smiling at me nearsightedly, he held me tightly as he rolled over dropping me to the bed. "Let us experiment."

I was dubious, "Sounds like science, and it's Sunday, no science on Sunday, I'm sure that's a church rule." 

"You, with the smart mouth, behave. Listen to me, and do what I say. It will be fun querida."
I rolled my eyes at him but agreed.

He asked me to lay on the bed, on my back, which I did. He looked down at me for a moment then ran to the bathroom and got a large bath towel. Taking his time he folded it twice and arranged it under my hips and buttox.  I submitted to this, smiling up at him as he fussed in his precise way. 

He sat on the bed next to me and slid his fingertips over my skin. Purring sweet words at me as he did this, as if currying a horse.  He moved his fingers smoothly over my breasts and belly and thighs in long slow effleurages.  I started to purr and feel myself becoming attuned to his touches.  "That's right cara, feel me make you warm, feel me making you want me, and want to love me. You need to remember how it feels to be loved by me, feel how warm you become, feel how wet you are." He moved his gentle massage between my legs and up my thighs."see how you want me to touch your honey box? You need to be touched. You want me to make you cum, minha doce menina." 

"Yes, please Miguel make me cum, please."

"Yes, my impatient girl, you need to know what it feels like first. Feel how it feels when I put my fingers inside you. You feel that? You feel how needy you are? Don't cum, you will wait, but I want you to feel everything, feel how wet you are, feel how my fingers touch your sweet box. Feel how only my fingers can make you want this." 

He curls his fingers up so he's rubbing my g-spot and I arch up toward his fingers. He stills his hand for a moment and purrs in his sweet accent, "Belle, this is my honey box, my fingers make you want to cum, my voice, my touches. My cock. You are my sweet girl." 

"Yes I'm yours Miguel, yours entirely." I convulse as he starts to stoke inside of me again, his third and fourth finger stroking my inner nub while his first finger and thumb tug on my clit. I grip his wrist. Holding it as a lifeline.

"Feel how wet I make you, feel how good it feels? Feel that pressure, feel your need, feel that desire to cum."

He pushes his fingers more forcefully into my hole, pressing in and out harder and faster now. My breath becomes ragged, I'm tense and holding back. Listening for his words.

 "Meu deus, you are beautiful. That's right, you feel ready now, so wet and ready to cum. Feel the wetness leak from you, feel how slick your box is, so hot and wet. You want to squirt the nectar onto me, that's right, you want to cum. Hold onto that for a moment longer. Feel it build, let it grow in you." 
I start to writhe, my vision turns red, I squeeze my eyes closed. I'm gasping sobbing, I feel like I'm being torn apart, I am so eager to do as he asks, the feeling is intense. I want it to go on forever, but I'm needing to cum, I feel the intensity of his words, I won't cum until he says it's time. It must be near, I see a white glowing ribbon of lust before my eyes, I start to make sobbing whimpers. He fucks his hand in me faster harder now, bringing me to an insane painful need.

"That's right, querida, tell me you want to cum, tell me you need me to let you cum. Tell me who my horny girl is." 

I scream "Miguel, please I'm your horny girl, I am your horny girl! Please let me cum, oh my god please please!!!"

"Good horny girl, remember how it feels to be my horny girl."

I'm panting, writhing in excruciating need. My hand wrapped clawlike around his wrist, not knowing if I want him to stop or go harder. I beg "please Miguel, please let me cum, I can't cum without you please!!"

"That's right horny girl, you can't cum without me. Cum for me, my horny girl, when you hear me say horny girl, you are going to squirt your nectar." Then in a business like firm voice he commands " Cum now horny girl!"

And I unravel. My entire body is lost in spasm after spasm of my own lust. I feel myself wetting the bed, with each contraction of my orgasm. I feel every convulsion, every nuance, the gripping of my inner walls, the pressure of my soft canal on his fingers, the way my hips arch up toward his fingers, and  the pulsing warm spray of my lust. As I feel this I have no control over it. My body takes over it's primal animal impulses as his fingers continue to pump in and out of me, stoking my g-spot with each thrust of his hand. All the while he coos softly in my ear "my horny girl, my sweet horny girl" over and over like a mantra while my entire world unravels and breaks into shards around me.  

When I am fully sated and the quaking aftershocks still. He quiets and removes his hand from me with a  grotesque slurping sound. He leans into me and grips my face with both hands, moving the hair from my temples with his thumbs. He tells me to open my eyes and look at him. He leans in to kiss my sweaty forehead  "Belle, don't forget that feeling, you are my horny girl." As he says those words, my body betrays me and starts to quiver again with an aftershock that leaves me panting and writhing, pressing my thighs together as his hands hold my head.  

He laughs softy pulling me close. "Belle, querida, you are mine, I'm  your magician, you belong only to me."

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Miguel and René- Three's not always a crowd.

I didn't want to go to the pub with Miguel. It was about 2 weeks after Easter break and I wanted to write some letters to my parents to soften the hard feelings about going to Miguel's family's  home for the holiday rather than to New York and tell them about my holiday.

"But it's Portugal in the finals" he crooned, coming close to stand between my legs where I sat at the dining table with my sketchbook and journal out. I was flipping through postcards and printed photos of Miguel's family and estate that I wanted to include in my letters. "Querida, you can bring your notes to the pub and write there. I need for you to come with me,  If you are not there, who will I kiss when we win?" I looked up at him rolling my eyes. "He put his lips to mine as his fingers slid down my head to my neck where his fingers curled into my hair. You just come, that's all there is to it."

So I sat with Miguel at the bar perched on a stool, my note papers and sketchbook still in my rucksack. This bar was frequented mostly by the European international students at the University of Glasgow. I had been here with Miguel a number of times, there was a mix of people here tonight, many Portuguese to watch the game, some Spanish, some Italian, a few French, Germans, Dutch and Danes rounded out the crowd to see Portugal beat our Scottish hosts, but for the most part English was not spoken here. The Scotland team supporters would be at another pub. Portugal was winning the match so the spirits were high. Miguel stood behind my chair, he talked and cheered with his mates, always touching my shoulder, my hair. When his team was with the ball, he put his lips to the top of my head and held his breath. When Portugal scored he leaned my head back to kiss me passionately.

As much as I liked his attentions, I was becoming bored with the game and had no idea or interest what he was saying to his friends in Portuguese. I wanted to leave but knew there was no chance of Miguel letting me walk home alone at night. I told Miguel I was going to sit in the back of the pub where small tables were randomly scattered to work on my letters.  When I slid off the stool, he climbed up in my place. He arranged me between his knees turning me to face him and looked into my eyes. His hands drifted to the back of my neck and he leaned forward. He kissed me hard and passionately on the lips. His lips opened to mine and i felt his tongue teasing into my mouth. I could taste the beer on his breath. His kiss made my heart skip a beat. I moved in closer toward him and nuzzled closer. He smiled down at me, grabbing my ass "Thank you for coming with me, go sit, I will join you shortly, be a good girl, don't talk to strangers" He teased as he dismissed me.

Still grinning, I found an empty table and waved to him across the bar. He lifted his glass in a mock toast to me, and finished his beer in one long gulp. I watched his Adam's apple bob up and down as he swallowed. I grinned at him, even his drinking was sexy I mused to myself. When I came back to myself I realized there was a man standing over me.  He was very handsome in that Northern European way, tall with dark blonde hair that flopped forward into his face, and the bluest, blue eyes that seemed to look directly through me. I gasped, not expecting to see anyone, "you mind if I sit in this chair?" he asked in English. I looked at him struck mute for a moment. I stuttered, "well....uh, uh, oh, um ... my .... uh...." He asked again in what I thought was German, I answered in English "my boyfriend is over there" I pointed toward the bar where Miguel was downing another beer.

The bar lass came for our drink orders and without asking me, the man ordered 2 beers.  "You don't mind right, you are thirsty." he gestured toward my empty beer. I laughed at his observation,  he stared at me. He was about my age wearing a red jersey shirt and jeans. "Why is your man over there?"
"Watching the game."
"I was watching a game too."
I looked at him, I had assumed he was supporting Portugal because of his red jersey and said dully "Congrats, your team will win."
"Not that game, i am not interested in this game." He smiled rakishly and gestured toward the bar and the televisions all playing the final moments of the Portugal vs. Scotland football match.
"Then what game?" I asked somewhat entertained.
He quirked his lip at me in a half smile "You with your man over there."
I looked at him, embarrassed, and pissed off, but decided not to say anything. I leaned down to get my notebook out of my rucksack, when I looked up he was staring at me again. His hair had fallen in front of his blue eyes, in that way that made it seem he was looking through me into my soul.
I decided to ignore him, he was too handsome to be this odd.
"I'm Rene."
"Belle, beautiful name for a beautiful girl... I was watching you because when you kissed him, you looked so satisfied"
I tilted my head to the side and looked at Miguel, "I guess cus I am" I said dismissively.
"I know him, your man there, Miguel"
Now this was interesting, "Oh really?"
The crowd at the bar erupted into whistles and cheers. Miguel was toasting his friends at the bar all singing what I assumed was the Portuguese national anthem.
I sat staring at Rene, confused and surprised by his audacity.
I watched as Miguel sauntered toward me, I beamed thankfully, at him "congratulations Miguel, i'm so happy for your win." Miguel stared down at the Man seated across from me,  and possessively took my shoulder, smiling down at me "René, I see you met my, Belle"
"Yes as lovely as you bragged her to be,"
"It's not bragging if it's true, right Rene?" Miguel patted Rene on the shoulder amiably and sunk into the chair between us.  Our drinks arrived and Miguel added another round. Miguel was very cheerful due in parts to the drink and his team's win.

"Belle, I caught my Danish friend here looking at you many times, he said he likes to watch us together because he fantasizes about having a girl like you"
I looked at Rene and punched Miguel playfully laughing, "I apologize for my drunken boyfriend."
Rene answered me sincerely "But it is true, to have a girl like you, who has so much love and admiration for her man, yet has a smart mind and a submissive nature, this is what fantasies are made from."
I stared at Rene, gobsmacked then my gaze shifted to Miguel who nodded affirmation to his friend and smiled at me.
Miguel slid closer to me and touched my cheek, then leaned in and kissed my lips fervently.  Leaning into my ear he crooned, "Belle, querida, he likes to watch how I love you." As Miguel said this he ran his fingers over my thigh and up my belly to rest one hand very lightly on my breast. "It makes him happy to see me touch you like this." his fingers clamped around my nipple over my shirt and bra right there in the pub. He looked at his friend and smiled. Miguel was drunk.
His fingers on me in public to tease this new comer was arousing, the beer was going to my head. The bar maid came with out next round and the men called out "SHOTS!!! 2 Jaegermeister! 4 Vodka!"
"You are drunk Miguel!" I scolded. 
"No I'm not, I'm happy." He said drunkenly.
I shrugged, yes he was happy and drunk, but stating the obvious would just piss him off. 
Miguel slid his fingers up and down my arms as they rested on the table, skimming lightly, then lifted my hands to his mouth and kissed the back of each of my hands gently and chivalrously, placing my hands back on the table.  I looked up to see Rene watching. I was embarrassed and tried to shrug Miguel off, but Rene saw this. "Belle, dear, it gives me much pleasure to meet you here, with Miguel and see how he touches you, don't be shy with me here, just pretend you are alone." 
Miguel grinned lewdly at me as if he won some argument and pulled me closer and gathered me onto his lap with his arms around my hips, he nuzzled into my cleavage.  The drinks came and the men decided it would be fun to play a game, "Tell a Secret" the best secret wins and the others need to drink.
Ladies first, trying to see what reaction I would get from Miguel I said, "I want to see René naked." Miguel tightened his grip around my hips and grinned up at me. Rene went next "I want to see Belle naked." Miguel went last, "I want to make love to my Belle here in this bar." He crooned into my hair, as he thrust his semi-hardness into my back.
Miguel wins, Rene and I take our shots, I have the Jaegermeister, Rene vodka. 
Rene goes first this time "I want to watch Miguel make love to Belle." 
Miguel next, "I want to make love to Belle while Rene watches."
I go mute and stare at them. I'm a little tipsy now, horny as hell and wriggle my bottom into Miguel's lap. I cannot believe what my lover just said. "I lose."
The men both look at me and debate if I can just duck out according to the rules and decide that I must take a shot for being a loser but I must say something anyway. I down the second Jaegermeister feeling it burn down my throat, I cough and shudder as I feel the heat of it settle in my gut. Miguel rubs me helpfully on the back, but, i look down at Him glassy eyed.  I'm solidly drunk now and whisper in Miguel's ear, "Do you really want to?" He looks at me with both eyes locked on me and nods slowly. 
"I want to have sex with Rene and Miguel!" I announce. 
Both men stammer for a moment then laugh "Belle wins!!" Both tip back the final vodkas. Miguel stands dumping me back to my feet, and presses his hips lewdly into my side so I can feel his full erection. He turns me and kisses my lips hard. I'm afraid Miguel is going to combust from the mix of alcohol fumes and his desire. Rene is shifting awkwardly. Come on, we are leaving. The three of  us walk out into the damp night drunkenly bouncing off each other laughing on our way toward our apartment.
On the way Miguel pulls me into a doorway kissing me hard, pulling me toward him and pressing his crotch against me, "Belle, querida, do you want to? Really?" I look at him deeply in the eyes to see if he wants to,  he pulls me close again kissing me searchingly. 
"Do you?" I ask breathlessly.
"Yes, very much, cara, but if you don't want, I will not allow it." I laugh softly at him and cup his crotch with my hand over his pants, feeling his semi hard cock. "Allow it." 

I skip up ahead to where Rene is standing under an awning and link arms with him. I bounce up against him, teasing him i slur, "We're gonna fuck tonight, wanna join?" Rene looks down at me, a slow smile crossing his lips and looks toward Miguel who curls his hand around my hip and grins at his friend. The night started to take on the excited nervous thrill of standing in line for a roller coaster you have never ridden.  I was only slightly afraid, but very excited. Miguel would never let anything happen to me, he will take care of me. 

We exploded into our flat like a bunch of ping ping balls, bouncing off door frames and each other laughing. Miguel goes to the fridge and pops the tops off 3 beers setting them on the table. Miguel and Rene take theirs but I'm afraid I'll be sick if I have another drink.  I excuse myself to go to the bathroom and brush my teeth. Sitting on the toilet i look at the wall, trying to focus. Telling myself, "it will be ok, Miguel isn't going to let anyone fuck me, who am i kidding? But fuck, I really want to fuck Rene, he is hot. When I return the men are sitting in the living room, Miguel on the sofa, Rene in the side chair, drinking beers watching me. Miguel calls for me, "Belle, meu amor, sit here with me." he pats his lap.
I climb onto his lap, facing him and away from Rene. I am blushing hotly, embarrassed and look down at Miguel. I will put on a show for Rene, but fuck him... i don't think so.... 

Miguel senses my tension and my plan and looks up at me. "Belle, my sweet girl, you are so pretty, let our friend see how pretty you look. It's only being a nice hostess."
I toss my hair over my shoulder and look at Rene, blushing, Rene smiles at me and holds his bottle as if in toast. I look down at Miguel again, I'm too embarrassed, I hide behind my hair, straddling Miguel's lap with my knees. Miguel holds my back and slips his hands under my t-shirt and unfastens my bra. I stare at Miguel, my eyes wide and he grins up at me. His fingers move around my sides and slip under my bra, and he holds my breasts in his 2 hands, cupping underneath both. I stare at Him, my eyes locked on his. Forgetting Rene is there I do what is natural when I am with Miguel, I arch back and offer myself to Him.
Miguel gasps cooing sweetnesses at me in Portuguese. His eyes never leaving mine, he pulls my shirt off over my head and drops my bra to the floor. I hear Rene gasp and I am thrust into the moment again. Trying to clear myself of the Jaegermeister haze I look at Miguel afraid and embarrassed and a little angry. "Belle, relax querida, he is just watching, let him, he wont touch you unless you want. He thinks you are beautiful. He is right, don't be afraid, he wont hurt you. I wont let anything happen to you, meu amor. You are mine, safe.
His words tame me, I am back with him. He reaches up and pulls the clip from my hair, letting my hair fall. Using his fingers he combs my hair to either side of my face,  pulling me gently down to kiss me, my hair curtains my view of the room, Miguel is my only focus.  He leans me back, being sure to arrange my face so my head is down and my hair keeps my field of view only to him, he pulls down my zipper and asks me to stand in front of him. I slide off of him and do ask asked, looking only at him, not taking notice of  Rene on the chair. Miguel pulls down my jeans so I am left in only my panties. Miguel, takes down his zipper and frees his manhood from his pants. Miguel whispers softly at me "please Belle, take me into your mouth, my sweet love." I sink to my knees, and Miguel tosses a pillow down to me. I put it under my knees, admiring his hard cock curving into his belly, i look at him directly in the eyes as I open my mouth and sink slowly down onto Him. I see that Miguel is looking at Rene for a moment, but I am no longer embarrassed, I want to show off. I open my eyes ,watching Miguel and take his cock as deeply into my throat as I have ever taken him. I stay down for as long as I can, feeling my throat becoming raw, and my eyes water, I slide up gasping for breath, then take my descent again. My fingers curled around His shaft, I hear Rene shift behind me, but don't look at Him. I just concentrate on my man, on making him happy. I feel Miguel throbbing but he remains in control. the precum oozes down his cock in clear thick droplets which I lick up. bobbing my head back and forth over him. My tongue caressing his tip with tiny circles which become wider and wider the lower I go, until I am holding one of his balls in my mouth. Miguel is panting. I put him back into my mouth and move up and down on his shaft bobbing in slow effleurages.  I am unaware of his hands in my hair pulling me forcefully up. He is urging me to stop, losing control of his English. "Merda, Belle get up! Eu não quero gozar na sua boca!" I look at him, confused, but then I realize what he is saying, he doesn't want to cum in my mouth.
I turn to face Rene, who is massaging his own cock. "Belle you should give our guest the same pleasure you gave to me." Miguel teases. I smile at Miguel and crawl to Rene. His cock although shorter than Miguel's is thicker and oozing precum. I curl my hand over Rene's and slide back and forth, following the same motion as He was. Long slow strokes. Rene removes his hand and sets them gently on the crown of my head. Not pushing me just holding the top of my hair. He looks at Miguel and smiles "cheers, Mate."
I look up at Miguel and he smiles at me, "It's ok Belle, I love you, you can give him pleasure, but you are still mine. Always only mine." Miguel sits with his hand cupped around his cock, not masturbating just holding himself watching me.
I take Rene's cock into my mouth, sliding my lips down over his oozing drooling cock. Rene tastes different than Miguel. Less sweet, more bitter but I slide my lips up and down over His thicker cock. Gulping his shaft, deeply into my throat, I gag, grunting on the intrusion in my throat. My eyes dark and wet I look up at him.  Then lift up, my lips circling the thick shaft, gulping him down. Then I slide up, letting my cheeks hollow around his shaft, cooing and gurgling on his now throbbing rod. I know he is close, I look at Miguel for permission to let this stranger cum. Miguel sees me, and nods at me smiling. With my fingers gripped tightly around Rene's cock I urge the cum up from his balls until he is arching and gripping my head down onto his cock. I grunt and close my lips tightly around his shaft as the first load hits the back of my throat. I arch back, gasping as his second load hits my lips and drips down my chin. I open my mouth for the next blast of ropy thick oozing cum which sprays across my lips and tongue. With my fingers gripped tightly around his shaft, I stroke the last oozing pulses over my hand.

I look at Miguel, who is now stroking His cock. He tosses his T-shirt at me, and gestures for me to wipe up with it. I look up at  Rene, who is gasping but smiling down at me, then across at his friend. I wipe my hands and face and Miguel opens his arms for me. I walk over to Miguel and stand for a moment in front of him. He parts his legs, pulling  me down onto him, cooing in my ears, "sweet Belle, you are such a good girl, thank you for doing that, it is so lovely to watch you, you are so beautiful, you are my darling girl, my love, what a good girl. Come to me now." He pulls me down, so I'm straddling his lap and purrs at me in my ear. "Belle, I am so ready, I have never seen anything more beautiful and arousing in my entire life" He pulled me close and kissed me firmly. His breath tasted of alcohol, and I wanted more of him. He looked at me pulling back from me, "Belle, my love,  you taste of Him, it's disgusting, but i'm so needy now. You must take me into you and fuck me."
I lowered the rest of the way onto him, feeling him fill me I stared directly at him, my eyes on the level with his now. Wanting to kiss him but not wanting to "disgust" him leaned forward and bit his chest, sucking his flesh into my lips as he filled me, leaving a bite on his chest. He pulled my head up to his with my hair, and looked darkly into my eyes. He grunted softly as I bottomed out on his shaft tight in my soft damp folds, curling his fingers into the hair on my neck with his thumbs on my neck he held me still watching me, making short rocking thrusts with his hips inside of me. Then all of a sudden he pulled my lips to his and kissed me hard. Sucking on my tongue and lips and thrust hard upward. I matched his strokes and bounced hard on his cock. Moving my hips so that he was nearly out of me with each stroke. I was in a frenzy, his hands on my neck holding my head to his, my pussy entirely full and the taste of Miguel's breath on my lips and the other man's cum in my mouth made me crazy in my drunken state. I felt as if I was outside of my own body, watching myself from Rene's seat on the chair but feeling every nuance within me. I started to unravel, feeling the lust and depravity fueling me I bounced hard on Miguel's cock. Urging him to cum in me. To have Rene watch what he wanted to see. To give Rene the show of his lifetime. Miguel spoke as if into my own head "that's right Belle, show Rene how you cum, querida. Give me all of you."
I arched back so my breasts were high, Miguel holding tightly onto my back I screamed, panting with ragged breaths. I arched back up and looked down at Miguel, who was only barely holding onto his own lust. When our eyes locked, He gripped the flesh of my buttox hard and grunted, sharp exhales of desire as each pulse of his lust filled me. Screaming I wrapped myself around him like a python constricting with each pulse as my own orgasm took me spiraling into him. My world focused only on Him again. I woke, dizzy, cold slumped on His chest, with his arms locked around me. His lips on my skin as he cooed sweetnesses at me in Portuguese. Still naked and still wrapped around him, he stood up and carried me to bed as I looked back to see Rene smiling as he got up to let himself out. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Miguel: Part 5: Home Coming

Our passion was rewarded. I received acceptance into my first choice of Graduate programs a very prestigious school. They had an excellent independent study program and agreed I could study and write my thesis in Europe as long as I corresponded with my advisers monthly. I could go back to Miguel in October. My heart lifted, I booked my flights and my body relaxed in the knowledge I would be in Miguel’s arms again.

As the date of my arrival neared, Miguel called more regularly, he told me he got an apartment for us he had procured a dresser for me, the apartment was small, but it had 2 bedrooms, because that seemed more suitable. I felt like I would cry. Was he setting me aside. I didn’t have the heart to ask. My body clenched, the agony of rejection was inside of me. Had I made a mistake? Would we be only roommates now? What should I say to Him? I thought about this revelation for weeks. I discussed it with my friends and sisters. They all encouraged me to ask Him.

With my heart in my throat, one week before I was meant to depart I asked him if he had procured a bed for me. He said matter-of-factly, with no inflection of hurt or lust or anything “Belle, will you not need a bed, you stay with me in mine.” My heart leapt out of my chest and relief flooded me entirely. The familiar butterflies moved in me and He agreed to meet me at the airport in Glasgow in five days.

The entire flight from New York to London then the connection to Glasgow, I was in turns, sick with longing and want and desire and an uncontrollable fear of what was to come. I imagined His lips on mine in the airport, His arms around me, my body convulsing in orgasm in our bed. Would it be like it had been? Was I making a mistake? Did he pine for me the way I did for him?

When the wheels set down in Glasgow, the murky gray sky was a relief to me. The bright autumn sunshine of New York was behind me, my life would be brightened by  Miguel now. He stood at baggage claim waiting for my flight. I saw Him first. His handsome face, his neat clothing, the gray woolen cardigan with the large wooden buttons we bought together at the touristy handcraft store in Skye, his neatly laundered dark wash jeans, his expensive Italian shoes, his stylish glasses and then he saw me. His smile made my body tingle, from my hair to my fingertips. My heart thumped, with the blood rushing through my veins, I felt dizzy and sick. I was sure I was dreaming, I was sure I would faint. He had become even more handsome in my absence.

I thought he was going to see me and just turn and leave. He stood still, completely motionless as I walked slowly toward Him. All focus around me narrowed to the pinpoints of His eyes. Then he started to move toward me as if called by a magnetic force. Then he moved faster and faster toward me, then we were touching. I was alive again. I was whole. I was in His arms and I was sobbing and his lips were on mine and his hand was around me curled into my hair, his tongue probing me teasing me. I wanted him right there on the linoleum floor. We must have made quite a scene in the moldy yellow airport baggage claim. My body ached to be pressed naked to his. I could feel his cock stirring against my belly. He whispered in my ear, in English which was much less accented than the last time he spoke to me. “Belle, my dear lovely girl, you are Mine again. I was lonely and now I am not anymore. You are mine, I will not let you go away again. My Belle, I’m so happy you came back to me.” He fussed over me, asking me if I was hungry, if I was tired. I lied and told him no. Please just show me our apartment. He smiled and said, “Yes eager Belle, I will take you to my flat.”

The flat was larger than I expected, it was on the first floor with a shared hallway, but Miguel explained he had discussed using the side door with the landlady and he would have keys made in a day or so. The apartment had a sunny (by Glaswegian standards) open kitchen/ dining room/ living room. Miguel had furnished the apartment sparsely with a small parson’s style table, two orange and two harvest gold color fiberglass stacking chairs that looked like they were lifted from a classroom lecture hall. There was a second hand Danish Modern Sofa with a bright red and gold fifty’s mod print on it.  In the largish bedroom it had a low platform queen sized bed and 2 dressers which looked like they matched the Danish Modern style sofa in the other room. The third room could barely be called a bedroom. He had set it as an office, with saw horses and an old door was the computer and desk under the window. And on the adjacent wall was a tilting drafting table. There were wooden wine crates staked for books. The apartment was absolutely lovely, much better than I could have expected.

All of a sudden, in my new home, surrounded by objects I had never seen nor had any part in acquiring I felt all alone. Fear rippled up my spine like a viper. A slow coil around me left me cold as I slowly walked from room to room admiring and smiling outwardly. Miguel looked at me then. He saw the anxiety cross me. Looking down his narrow nose at me, I think he felt my fear. He pulled me close and kissed the top of my head. “My Darling Belle, you are here with me now, Mine. You are tired and hungry. Please let’s get a meal then we will try on the new bed.”  He ushered me from the apartment, took my hand not letting me go even as people passed us on the side walk. We walked to the nearest pub about 4 buildings down the side road. It was an old building with a painted pressed tin ceiling and cracked mirrors on the walls. It was bright and cheerful inside. Miguel ordered for me as if I was unable to read the menu or speak to the waitress. Like I did for him when he first arrived I mused moodily.
He sat next to me at a small square table. He smiled at me, his confident, mischievous smile, waiting for me to speak. Not pushing for words he just looked at me smiling. I felt a lump rise to my throat as I searched my mind for words. He hasn’t said anything. My heart started beating faster and I felt a panic overtaking me. A need for words for something to fill this silence. “Where did you get the dining chairs?”
 “You don’t like them Belle? We can get new, they were here when I moved in. I didn’t think they were so bad. I think they were taken from the lecture halls at the University.” He was anxious as I was. We were like two nervous cats circling. He was doing his best to be nice and I was tired, hungry and cranky. The silence lingered again. I had not felt a loss of words or awkwardness with Him in so long. But all of my old insecurities arose again. Did I do the right thing, can we go back to where we were? I can tell he missed me. What the fuck did he mean, …His flat. He hasn't said he loves me.
“I love you, Belle, It will be ok.”
I looked up at him. Did I say that out loud? Did he read my mind? I must have stared at Him open mouthed again, because He reached over and placed his fingertip on my tongue and stroked it. I felt my heart leap into my stomach. He was back, we were back, It would be okay. I started to cry.
Meu deus! Belle, what is wrong, are you ill, why do you weep? Stop please, I will make you happy, I will tend to you, I will make you happy, you already made me so happy.”
Every word he said made me cry more. He looked at me, confused. The waitress came with our beers and looked at us and backed away hurriedly.  I took a napkin and buried my face into it racking with sobs that wouldn’t stop. I hunched forward in the uncomfortable bent wood chair with the cane mesh seat feeling foolish.  I hurried from the table to be away from the staring customers, to be away from His probing eyes. I stood outside on the curb, sucking cold moist air sobbing.  I could not stop crying. I turned the corner to be away from the stares through the windows. I slumped like a marathon runner hands on my knees sobbing and gasping for breath between sobs. I calmed myself finally, and tried to think about what to do next. I stood up slowly, dizzily to find that He was standing over me. There was an odd a ray of sunshine that shone between the 2 buildings in the setting sun illuminating one half of his face in orange dusky sunshine. It looked like he was burning. He reached around me and pulled me close kissing my hair. “Belle, You will learn to love me again. You will. You are mine.” He didn’t understand which made me cry even harder.
“Jesus, meu deus, please let’s go I will take you to home now.He bristled with impatience.
I struggled for composure and snuffled into his shirt. “I am so sorry Miguel, I am so very sorry. I am ok, you are...” He backed up slightly as if to ward off an attack. He looked at me, his face was growing hard, he was becoming angry.
“Merda! Will you stop it?” He stepped back toward the street.
He was not understanding, he was going to leave me, I would be alone. I struggled to make him understand why I was weeping. “I love you. Ooh fuck, Miguel. This is so hard to explain. While I was home, you were my talisman, my family and friends kept asking me, ‘Are you sure, you are not just going back for a fling? You are not wasting your time on an affair are you?’...  You are my reason for living, my everything, I needed you to want me, to love me and you didn’t say it. And then you did, and….” I petered off lamely His face glowing with sunlight brightened more he was starting to understand. He stepped toward me,  the sun on his face glowed redder and brighter.  “Please, Miguel, all I want is to be with you, and you did all this,” I waved my arms around toward the flat, the restaurant the street encompassing everything I could in one gesture. I was failing so I stepped toward Him and felt the sun on my face and looked up at His glowing face and looked into His eyes, trying to telepathically tell him everything that was in my heart but the words only came out. “I love you.”
He gathered me into His arms and looked directly into my eyes and kissed me. I was whole, I was going to be okay. My body arched and pressed against His and people on the street stopped what they were doing to look at us, then immediately looked away again in voyeuristic shame feeling the lust spark between us. When we separated I looked into His black eyes and felt myself burning.
He pulled me to Him and curled his fingers into the hair at the back of my head which hung in thick unruly curls. “You are tired and hungry, you are emotional. Let’s have our meal then go to bed.” The word bed hung in the air between us as a sinful promise.
“Drink.” He ordered me as he pushed my beer toward me. “I want you easy.”
I laughed and peered at Him as innocently as I could over the rim of my glass, teasing Him as I flicked my tongue across the thick foam and let it sit on my tongue. His gasp of surprise made me smile and look at him coquettishly. I picked up the small gherkin on my plate, holding it gently between 2 fingers in front of my mouth  I  leaned forward showing Him my teeth as I grazed the bumpy green surface very gently. Sliding the gherkin back and forth over my bottom lip, I stuck out my tongue and licked the tip of the pickle then stuck out my tongue then closed my lips around the pickle biting the tip very gently until it cracked and I smiled rakishly His eyes.
He watched my display avidly as a new tension grew between us. Electricity sparked between us like Tesla coil. He reached forward and pulled the pickle from my fingertips. Leaning in close, so only I could hear, he purred erotically, “Belle, my naughty girl, I have a lot more to fill your lips with. Let’s go.” Still bending over the table with my hands clasped he pushed his chair back with his knees and pulled me up with Him so that when I stood I was bent forward. Pressing his nose into my hair breathing in as he gripped the back of my chair possessively, In my ear so quietly I almost didn’t hear all the words he crooned, “I will make love to you now, Belle.”  Our bodies touched and a spark went through us.
Holding my jacket open for me in the most chivalrous manner, he leaned over and breathed into my hair, “Now.” My heart thudded in my chest. I could hear the blood rushing through my body. He flipped some bills onto the table not waiting for the waitress or the bill. Resting his hand on the small of my back Miguel ushered me out of the restaurant. Through my light woolen coat I could feel the heat of my lover. I could feel His desire transmitted to me. I shuddered like a colt who is being tamed to the saddle. I was in a hurry to be home, He started to walk faster and I matched his pace until we were sprinting to the door, of our building laughing.  He handed me the keys and I bent to unlock the door, he pressed his hips against me I could feel his need against my back. He cupped my bottom in his 2 hands through my jeans. He was distracting me, this was the first time I ever tried this lock and I wasn’t sure which key.
He breathed into my ear, teasing me, “Take your time Belle, I will take you in the hall if you prefer” I finally found the correct key and pushed open the door. He shed his coat and hung it on the peg, I was in fever I dropped mine on the floor in the entrance and ran toward the bed, still breathless from the run and his nearness. He pointed to my jacket on the floor, “Now, now, Belle my dear, you will not leave messes, pick it up and put it where it goes.” I bent low and picked my abandoned jacket off the floor and put it on the hook. I scurried into the bedroom and started to strip.
“No, stay with your clothes on, do not move.” His words were firm. I stood still,  turning my head to face Him.
He smiled wolfishly at me. “Belle my dear girl, I have not seen you in months, my body has ached for you for this long time. Now I have you, I do not want to rush. I want you little by little. I want you all night long.” He stepped behind me, and whispered near my ear, without touching me. “Belle, please slowly remove your jumper.”
I started to shake, I was on fire, my knees felt weak, I was hot and cold and I thought I would fall. I turned toward him and put my hands to my sweater and lifted it off my head, revealing my bright orange t-shirt with the rounded block letters R I S D on them. He grinned, “riso” and started to chuckle.
“What does that mean?”
 “Your shirt, riso, means ‘I laugh’”
I looked down,
“Take it off, I do not think laughing is what I want right now”
I pulled at the hem and pulled it off quickly and threw it to the floor at his feet.
Mais lentamente. No Belle, put it back on again, do it again, more slowly.”
I picked up my shirt and obliged him coyly. Leaning over so that my breasts hung still confined in my bra in front of him, I lifted my arms and let it drop down onto me again. I curled my lip at Him sweetly and he lounged in the door-frame watching me. His eyes were dark now. I looked up and said “your turn”
“Oh, no, my sweet, Belle, I will watch you, I will drink every curve of your flesh into my eyes then I will savor it with my tongue and I will fill every part of you with my seed.” HOLY FUCK! MY breath came in rasping pants and I wanted to touch Him. I stepped toward Him, he moved away. This was no longer a striptease, this was a challenge.
I turned toward the bed and looked back over my shoulder at Him. I lifted my shirt very slowly past my hip over my chest above my breast and then bent down, swaying my ass toward Him. Freeing my head I flipped my long hair back over my shoulder, folding my tee shirt and placing it at His feet with the letters R I S D facing upward. I looked up at Him smiling under my lashes at my own joke. “Good girl, Belle. You are making me happy my dear.” I smiled at Him staring directly into His eyes as my fingers fumbled with the button on my jeans. I unbuttoned the top button of the fly, then sat on the low bed. I looked to the side to see Him watching me, his hand in his pocket of his jeans. I smiled at Him again, playing with Him. “Good girl, belle, go on please.”
I leaned low, so my breasts nearly freed themselves from the top of my demi-bra, and held my foot out to unlace my boot. I slowly undid each lace from the grommet and laid back on the bed lifting my foot over my head and pulled it off. I rolled toward Him, laying on the bed I reached up with my hand and struggled to get the other boot off over my head. Letting the laces fall toward my mouth I made suckling faces as if I was trying to grasp the lace in my mouth. “Take the shoe off belle. Now.” Victory, Belle.
I looked back at Him and pouted. “But, you said slowly.”
“You are on my bed and I want to fuck you before sunrise.” He never used such crass words, I had succeeded. I rolled onto my back and peeked up at Him, he was staring at me, his hand was petting his crotch through his jeans as if there were a kitten in them. I watched Him touching himself and smiled. He saw where I was looking and tapped his fly with his fingertips.  “Belle, continue please, we are both very happy to see you.”
I smiled up at Him through my lashes and rolled back on the bed so that my foot was over my shoulder, my legs spread and buttocks facing him, I pulled the boot off and tossed it on the floor. Then I reached both socks and pulled them off at the same time pulling them until they peeled off my feet leaving my feet bare.  I rolled back up to a sititng position with my lets over the edge of the bed and grinned at Him brightly wiggling my red painted toes. His fly was open now and he was touching himself over His shorts. I stood up  and stepped toward Him, my bare feet slapping against the wooden floor. Looking directly into his eyes, I slid my fingers into my already opened jeans and pushed them slowly past my hips swaying back and forth in front of Him so that my breasts swayed before His eyes. He looked down at me and nodded, breathlessly he rasped, “Go on, Belle” I smiled and let my jeans fall from my hips.
In just my pink lace bra and knickers I stood in front of him reaching out I covered His hand with mine over His already stiff cock.  He reached for me suddenly and pulled me closer to him. He curled a fist around my long,  thick,  tousled mane and pulled my head to the side. He closed his lips on my neck and I started to whimper. He licked and suckled and bit at my neck and shoulders and the tops of my breasts as if he were starved. Groaning he pressed his hips toward me, feeling the rough wool of his cardigan and the cold hard buttons on my skin made me whimper and feel overly sensitized. I reached my hands into his sweater, needing to feel him now, I wanted to touch his flesh, I pulled at his buttons in a frenzy of wanton lust. He let me undress him. I pressed my hands against his warm flesh. His hand still fisted in my hair I couldn’t kiss Him or drop to my knees and service Him. He could sense what I wanted and whispered, “Belle, meu deus, wait, you will unman me, please, I don’t want to…. Not yet.” This made me struggle against Him more, I wanted to make Him throb, I wanted to make him cum. I wanted to have some power over Him. He held me by my hair and pulled me away from him, He was hurting me but I was hungry for him, I needed to feel him, I needed more.
He put me aside, “Now Belle, lay on the bed, you will make me ruin my shorts. Stop!” He was serious now, not the playful man that started. He wanted to be in control, he needed to exert this over me. I stopped struggling and went to the bed, I was feeling somewhat shy and put aside. I needed him, didn’t he see that? He undressed dropping his jeans and shorts to the floor and stepping out of his shoes. I watched Him, he stepped to the end of the bed, his hard cock curled against His taught belly. I was laying in the fresh white sheets in just my bra and panties. I felt, hot, wet anxious and needy. He looked at me, as if he had never seen me before assaying me with a somewhat cold detachment. I felt like a butterfly pinned to a board. I closed my legs so he wouldn’t see the wet patch between my thighs and tried to cover myself with my hands. His stare was unnerving; I closed my eyes to be away from it and started to roll onto my belly. “No Belle, please I want to see you, don’t move please, I just want to see everything about you now. You are so much more beautiful than when I saw you last. Your hair is longer, you are thinner, you are stronger, your toes are decorated, you are even more lovely, you are all mine now.” He crawled onto the bed and sat kneeling at my feet.
I blushed hotly, feeling myself pinking from my hair to my breasts. I was in a frenzy of lust before, but now, I felt my pulse slow, I was still pinned by his gaze, I was mounted for His pleasure, and that gave me confidence to lay there exposed. He picked up my foot and kissed the top, then he touched each toe and kissed them one at a time, cooing. “bonita pé.” I was still in my panties and I could feel them wet against my cleft. When he was finished with one foot he moved my foot to his lap and pressed my sole to his cock. He repeated with the other foot as I curled my toes and tried to stroke His cock with my foot.  When he was finished with my feet, he  knelt across my calves, straddling my legs with my panties still intact. I tried to wriggle free by pushing them down but he just looked up at me smiling ruthlessly. “Ever the impatient girl, my Belle, I want your knickers on to make me go slow, if I see your orchid I will fuck you, I told you already, I want to savor you, will you make me tie you down?”
The threat of his words made a flush cross my flesh followed by a shiver. I was not used to this language from him or threats. I became afraid of upsetting him. I didn’t want Him angry with me on this first night. I turned my head away and let Him do what He wanted to me.  He knew what He wanted, even if I didn’t. He had planned this, I was not going to ruin His plans. He looked down at me, his glasses still on but his glare conveyed control and lust. He saw me lose my spirit. He leaned forward crouching over me, pleading, “My querida Belle, look at me, look at my, caralho, You can see I want you, you make me want too much, you make me hurt with need, please Belle, please, let me love you the way you deserve to be loved, don’t be a silly American, don’t rush. This is my gift for you, please let me give it to you.
His words, made me ache, I wrapped my legs and arms up and around him, my fingers curled into His back and I felt the tears sting my eyes. His words left me pliant and submissive but he kissed me now. I was afraid he would feel my tears wet on his face but I moved with him. He covered me with his body and held me tightly, holding me to him he reached around my back and unhooked my bra. He sat up across my hips and looked down at me. He pulled the pink lace contraption from my body and held it in his fingertips. He looked at it and put it to his face, and inhaled. His eyes rolled back as if he had taken a dose of morphine and then dropped it to the bed. “Jesus Dios, you are beautiful.” He leaned forward and took my pink puffy nipple into his lips and suckled hungrily. Slurping noisily on my breasts he held them overflowing in his hands and ground his hips into my panties while he feasted on my flesh. Biting and nipping and sucking, he made me writhe in lust. He wanted me, and I was beautiful.”
I placed my hands on his head and stroked the soft short hair on the top of his head whimpering. I moaned softly “Miguel, I love you, please, please ooh god please, Miguel, I need you please.”
He rolled off of me looking down at me. Then he leaned into my ear “Belle, did sort out medicina?” I looked up at him not knowing what he meant “Belle, I don’t want a child, please, the medicine” I understood, and assured him frantically, “it is okay Miguel, I am safe, please, please, please, I need you. Put yourself inside of me.”
He sat high on His knees and lifted my bottom onto His folded legs, spreading my legs around his hips. He reached for a pillow behind me and placed it under my rear and shifted even closer to me rolling my hips higher onto his thighs. I had no idea what He was doing. My hips were tipped up now and his cock was below the level of my bottom now. Then he whispered something in Portuguese and said “relax darling, relax and let me drink you.” He grabbed my knees and lifted them over his shoulders and I started to shudder. I was still wearing my panties and I was on fire, I needed him to take me. I wanted them off so badly.  Leaning in slowly he pressed his lips to the silky fabric of my knickers and I started to whimper. He ran his tongue up and down my already swollen glans through my panties which felt amazing, almost painful. I bucked up higher on his shoulders, begging for all I was worth” Oh god please! Please! Miguel I’m going to lose it! I can’t help it I’m going to cum, you have to let me, please ooh fuck, ooh God, please……Miguel!”  I started to cry, I was already a bundle of emotions, but now I was out of control. I started shaking and sobbing, as soon as my insides started clenching with my orgasm, he lifted his mouth from my soaked panties.  Letting me relax, the pain was intense, I couldn’t do this much longer, I was in agony. I tried to push him off of me with my legs but he was too strong.
Purring soft words at me in a mixture of English and Portuguese, “meu deus, its okay Belle, you can do this you can wait, you will be ok, doce menina, just hold on a bit longer you can do it for me, you will be brave for me.” I was thrashing flailing my arms my legs were bucking then he pulled on my panties and tore them off of me by the leg. My body was too sensitive, I was a mess then he stroked my thighs purring very softly in English as if he were gentling a wild beast “it's okay now, Belle you will show me your honey  now, I will taste you then I will fuck you” He dropped his lips to mine, curled his elbows around my thighs pulling my sex toward his lips and thrust his tongue inside of me, Flicking at my clit with his tongue so that I felt like he was fucking me with a thousand small cocks.  “let go now Belle, cum para mim.” I unraveled in vortex of spiraling white heat. My entire body clenched and I felt like I was peeing the release was so immense. I was spurting in wet jets of sex and he was slurping loudly on my over eager cunt. I couldn't stop, I bucked frantically against him, he just pressed his lips firmly to my glans and held me in his lips while I spun in waves of heat and shuddering aching painful pleasure. When I was spent, totally exhausted and sobbing he let go of me, easing my bottom, back onto the bed covering me with his body. Holding me tightly in his arms, gentling me, and encouraging me softly “that’s a good girl, you make me so happy darling girl, you are so sweet, you taste like honey, you are so lovely, my girl, my sweet beautiful, Belle.” I wept, holding him in my arms, my eyes wet I kissed him hungrily and tasted my nectar on his lips and sucked his lips drinking myself in through his lips.
He lifted his hips gently and entered me slowly, delicately, watching me. I was sore and sensitive but his prick in me felt like a balm. He moved slowly, rocking me so gently. He watched my eyes and I watched his. I could feel him holding back, I knew how ready he was, how long he had been holding on to his own need. I wanted to give him as much of me as I could.  I infused myself with his body and felt every motion he made as a part of me. We in this moment were one. Love radiated from my heart so brightly that I thought we would both burn, I had never felt so alive in my life. This was the first time his skin was next to mine and I could feel him clench his muscles and still himself to hold on. I whispered into His ear “please Miguel, take what you want of me, don’t hold back use me, take me make me yours, I love you”
He stilled for my words, and slowly, he translated them. Looking at me as if to read through me, he saw my sincerity, felt it in my body and knew I was entirely his. He arched back and started to ram me, forcefully, thrusting himself into me. One punishing stroke, then another and another, I was lost, I was going to cum again, and I didn’t want to. My eyes were on His, he saw me starting to slip away from consciousness and lose control, then he shouted in Portuguese and was gushing into me. I felt him filling me and I clenched around him, then he throbbed deeper into me, I wasn’t sure where I began or ended and what was him. We were entirely one in that moment gasping and clutching to each other twisting in our love and need.  Wetness oozed from us and we pulsed together gasping and holding on to each other in desperate lust.

We lay holding each other, gasping for breath, stilling to calm our own hearts and find ourselves again. As we came back to reality, he found my shredded panties were hanging from my thigh between us. He held me. “Ai, ai, ai, Bella mina, Belle, I am sorry, did I hurt you? I will take you shopping, we will get new knickers for you.” He felt ashamed which made me surprised. I tried to explain to Him I wasn’t upset about anything at all, nothing mattered, we were together.  He pulled me close to Him, breathing into my hair, saying words in Portuguese I didn’t know but I thought I understood. “mim amo você, mim queira você, eu preciso de você.”