Rough And Dirty Gems

Rough And Dirty Gems

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday Morning Minx

He lay in the bed next to me, sleeping he pulls me toward Him and wrapps his big long arms around me. I nuzzled up against Him and lay there awake, timing my breathing to His until i heard his measured sleeping breaths. Winter is nice in that way, you wake in the darkness, the house is still quiet and cold, and there is little to do on a Saturday morning that just cant wait. So i lay there in my Man's arms, as he snored softly. I lay awake, feeling his warm nakedness next to me. When i was sure he was fully asleep, i rolled toward Him and rested my head in the crook of His arm. He adjusted me there a bit and i slid my fingers over his smooth chest. Watching as as his small nipples puckers and rose. A smile comes to my lips as i think about what i want to do next. I cant control myself, i think how naughty it is to take advantage of Him when He is asleep giggling inwardly at my thoughts. I lean in and kiss his chest very gently, trying not to wake Him.

I drag my fingertips slowly over his warm skin, feeling the sensuality of his warmth. The light from the window is weak and blue but i can see His body, the barrel of His ribs, the small rise of His belly and then the descent to his pubis. My fingers slide lower, and i curl the tips of my fingers into his thick dark pupis. My Man shifts, rolling slightly toward me. I am doubtful He is still asleep but i move slowly and cautiously as if he is. I watch in the dusky dawn light as his cock hardens slowly as i stroke his balls so gently.

My body is alert to His, i try to be careful not to wake him. He sleepily rests His big hand on my head and pets my hair gently. I wriggle slyly downward and rest my head on HIs hip, watching the arch of his penis rise toward my face and i reach out with a warm hand and cup his balls so gently. His hand on my head, strokes my hair sleepily. He is not pushing me toward Him, or away. He just comforts me, letting me know i have permission to touch Him. I smile watching as His cock rises with the dawn light and i see the ruddy pink head. I curl my fingers around his shaft and lazily i work it in my hand, siding up and down the long length of his shaft with my one hand as i watch the little slit a the top wink at me. I do this lazily, watching  the opening at the head of his cock wink then close as my hand comes closer to the bulbous head. I milk up droplets from his thick rod, slowly and watch as they form at the tip then disappear with each stroke until finally one thick droplet rolls over the head. I catch it with my thumb and rub the slick nectar into the fleshy head.

He lays there, inert except for the throbbing pulsing of His cock in my hand. I turn my head to look up at Him. He is surely awake now, but lays with His eyes closed a half smile on His lips as i manipulate His cock in my hand. I coo softly into His shaft. "good Morning Cock, i want to suck you now, would you like to be woken with my soft warm lips wrapped around your shaft?" My Man stirs at my words and the hand on my head curls into my scalp. I lower my lips so close to the thick fleshy head that He reacts to my warm breath. He shivers and arches his hips up toward my lips. I see what He wants, i know what He wants, but i am taking my time. I stick out my tongue, resting it flat on the winking eye, i part the little opening with the very tip of my tongue and catlike lap up the bead of precum that has formed.

At that touch of my tongue on his cock i know he is awake, because his fingers grip into my hair, and i can feel he is losing control, and He wants it back. He wants to control me, it is hard for Him to let go and just accept like this. But, he lays there, his fingers tightly wrapped in my hair, as He knows i like and he lets me guide His cock into my lips. I press my soft tongue over the head and caress it with my flattened tongue, opening my mouth a bit wider i take His thick hard cock a bit deeper, all the while, my tongue dances over His swollen glans. I caress the head, and slip my warm mouth down the shaft, purring like a hungry cat as i do, I exhale a very soft "gggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrwwwww" sound as i slip deeper onto His engorged cock. His fingers tighten in my hair. If i am not careful He will take my head and start fucking my face. He is about to take control.

I slow down my pace, but continue murmuring over his shaft, that hollow throaty purring sound that resonates through His balls. My lips always curled over my teeth form a tight ring around His shaft, the purring of my throat stirring into His balls. He lets out a sharp hiss of breath and mutters something inaudible. I keep going.

I reach my hand up and caress His heavy swollen sack. Holding His balls gently in my cupped hand, I sink my lips ever lower onto His turgid shaft. He is bucking up against me now, His hips moving rhythmically to the motion of my mouth. I grunt when his tip reaches my throat, sending a shiver of sound through his thick, throbbing, eager member and i move deeper still. Lowering my mouth onto his shaft i look up at Him now. His eyes are open and He watches me take His cock into my mouth and i look back down at His cock and slide my mouth onto his tool as far as i can take it. He mutters softly "Look at me, baby."

I look up at Him. We lock eyes and He smiles weakly at me. I show of for him, lowering my mouth so that his tip rests on my throat, cutting off my air for a moment.  His heavy balls rest on my palm nestled against my chin. I hold Him deeply in my throat as long as i can, my throat closing around the head as i gag and my eyes water. My lips so tight around His shaft they act like a cock ring, making his cock even harder, I slowly slide back up his shaft. Never breaking eye contact, His cock dangles from my lips and i move back down all the way in one very fast motion so that His tip is being closed in my throat again.

He grunts and curls his fingers into my hair with both hands and i feel his balls tighten and His cock get stiffer. He hisses, "fuck baby, fuck!" I tease him, pulling back up again, so that the tip dangles from my lips attached with  a stringer of spittle, i  smile at Him, teasing Him with my smile as His cock bobs toward my warm lips looking for me again. He grips my hair and pushes me onto His cock. "FUCK BABY!" I look up at Him, my eyes dark and teasing as He watches as i suck his cock into my lips. He is awake now, thrusting his hips and pushing His cock into my throat. "what do you want, princess?"

I slide up slowly and take my time answering. "I want your cum Daddy, please?"

"You are a naughty little slut, but i fucking love you so much." He thrusts his cock into my mouth three hard bucks of his hips and i feel his cock throbbing and scratching my throat. "Look at Me! Fuck baby, you make me crazy! You want my cum, princess?"

His cock dangling in my lips like an Andy Capp cigarette "Yes please Daddy, cum in my mouth, please i want to taste You"

He pulls my head down onto His cock, his fingers working into my temples, massaging my scalp. I stroke his balls gently while my hungry mouth massages and milks the cum up from his heavy balls. Then he goes stiff, his entire body rigid and he grunts an animalistic sound of aching lust, and i feel his warm seed in the back of my throat, acrid and hot. I swallow it reflexively. He pushes my mouth of his tool with a loud pop and he shoots another sticky load of cum onto my lips. "He grunts, Look at me" I look up at Him and a smile crosses his entire face. "Mmmmmmmhm...good, messy, girl" He watches as i lick my lips and show him as I savor the cum from my lips and show it to Him in my mouth before i swallow.

He smiles weakly pulling me into His chest, He rests his hand in my hair Holding me against. I listen to his heart beat slow and become more regular. He sighs happily. "Princess, you are awesome"

"Thank You Daddy" i murmur into his bare chest as the undulating rise and fall of his chest lulls me back to sleep. 

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