Rough And Dirty Gems

Rough And Dirty Gems

Sunday, May 30, 2010

On Your Knees, Bitch

We were at Wal-Mart holding hands shopping for thinks we needed for our new dog when He leans into my ear "princess, that spiked collar will look so pretty on your neck." I laugh and playfully punch him in the ribs. "I'm serious, princess." He takes the collar off the peg and drops in into our cart next to the rawhide chews and the laundry detergent. I look at Him like he had gone mental, I laugh and move along. In the next aisle He says, "Baby, I am thinking very dirty thoughts again." and grabs my ass in full view of all the other shoppers. I hop out of His way and scurry up the aisle. He pushes the cart up along side me and leans in and bites at my neck and whispers softly into my ear. "Be afraid princess, I may hurt you" I giggle playfully feeling myself responding to His teases.

We get to the checkout line where He presses Himself against me and snakes a hand under my dress and grabs my cunt  through my panties. He leans into my ear and whispers sternly "Baby, you are wet, did you get permission to be wet?" I look at Him and laugh softly, my eyes bright from His teases. "You will be punished when we get home." He removes His hand from my wet panties and rubs my cheek with it. Then He takes the spiked dog collar out of the cart and places it on the belt with a  flourish.

We arrive home and unload the groceries and i start to proceed with the day. He calls me into the kitchen with a stern voice. "Princess, there is the matter of your punishment. You were wet in public without permission." He cracks the tags off of the collar and snaps it around my neck, he takes the leather dog leash off the peg by the door and clicks it to the collar. I must have looked at Him like He lost a screw in His head, but He just smiled wanly and pulled me to the floor with it.

I am on my knees in the kitchen with a dog leash attached to my neck and He is standing over me. I know he isn't really angry at me for being wet in public. This is a game. I look up at Him pleadingly and play along. "Daddy, i am sorry, i should have gotten permission to get wet at the store today."

"Yes pet, you should be sorry. You are a naughty girl, tell Daddy what you are."

"I'm a naughty slut, Daddy, i'm sorry. I shouldn't get wet when You tell me dirty things in public, only sluts get wet when they are in public."

"That's right princess, what else do sluts do?"

This is what He has been waiting for me to say. He loves it when i talk dirty. He loves looking at my sweet, angelic, good-girl face saying filthy things. "Sluts suck cock, Daddy, and they like sucking cock and getting the cum on their faces, i'm a dirty, fucking, cock sucking slut, Daddy"

He smiles down at me, and massages His cock through His jeans. "You are making me hard, You are a tease. If you are going to just have wet panties when we are out, you will have no panties at all." He tugs the leash and lifts me to my feet. He pulls up my dress over my head and pulls down my panties. He grips the round soft curve of my ass and i feel myself getting wet again. "Bend over, slut, now is the time you will be punished."

For an instant i am very afraid, I am worried he is actually seriously upset with me. He can feel my tension and works with it. He likes seeing me off balance and insecure. He grips my bottom in His big hand parting the cheeks and pressing his thick fingertips into my flesh. He looks down at me sternly then His face contorts and slowly turns to a wolfish smile. He places a hand between my shoulders and pushes my head down so my  bottom is pointing upward. He raises His hand and i flinch.

"Fuck girl,  you are a whimp, stay fucking still!"

I lower my head again, He raises His hand again, i breath in slowly and then it comes, CRACK!. A hard smack on the meaty fleshy of my ass. He commands, as if speaking to the dog, "good girl. Stay!" He raises his hand again and crack. Again, the flat tones "good girl, Stay!" My bottom starts to bloom with a red pain. It's not unbearable, but then He quickens his pace, He sees I am going to stay still and take the spanking so He proceeds to make my ass as red as He can, waiting for me to flinch again. I breathe slowly telling myself to relax, submit, stay still.. submit...let him have this... submit...pain is good, submit... submit... you belong to Him... submit...whatever He wants He can have... submit... I find myself drifting, relaxing into the spanking and i start to relish and look forward the next burst of pain. Then it stops. I don't know how long it lasted, but it was over. He was rubbing my bare red bottom. Soothing it with his hands cooing at me "that's a good girl, you are such a good girl for Daddy. You make Daddy so happy, baby."  Then he dips His fingers into my moist cunt.

"You are wet again, princess, whatever will i do with You? tell Daddy what You are."

"I'm a slut Daddy, my cunt keeps getting wet. I don't know why... im sorry, Daddy...i can't help it"

He grins at me tugging me down again to my knees with the leash so my nose is pressed against His bulging jeans "I understand baby, see what you did to me? When you make me punish you for being wet... it makes my cock get hard. See what you do? That is a very naughty thing to do, slut."

I grin then quickly wipe the grin off my face and look up at Him. He uses the leash and collar to pull me against His bulge as He unzips His jeans with His other hand. He pulls his hard cock from His pants and slaps my face with it saying "Naughty slut. Dirty, naughty, slutty wet girl.Tell Me what you are and what you will do to make Me happy with you again."

I nod and smile up at Him. I know He loves this. i know what makes Him happy. I smile my biggest sweetest smile and say "Daddy, i am a dirty little cock sucking whore. i will suck your cock and make the cum spurt all over my face and show you what Your dirty little cock sucking whore looks like when she is all covered in cum."

He smiles down at me lets go of the leash and i curl my small hand around the base of his cock and slide it into my lips. He exhales slowly and grips my hair in His two hands guiding my mouth onto His cock slowly. He pushes Himself all the way to my throat and i hold Him there as long as I can. i groan softly feeling the tears stinging my eyes and the back of my throat getting raw and my lungs starting to burn.  Then he pulls me off slightly. He rotates His hips so that His cock is pressed to the inside of my cheek and he pats His hand against my full cheek and grins down at me watching as i slowly take His cock in and out of my mouth. He watches as my cheek fills squirrel-like with his turgid cock. He pulls my head back and i gasp my lips closing around the tip. I look up at Him and giggle softly, "Your cock tastes so fucking good, Daddy, can i have more, please?"

He thrusts his hips and the leather leash swings between my breasts a reminder of what i am. His property. I slide my lips back and forth over Him, my eyes big and dark looking up at Him. I coo softly a deep humming like a swarm of bees in the back of my throat, bringing him to a frenzy. Then he holds still and pulls his cock out of my mouth. He pulls my mouth away and looks down at me. "You are a slut, I love you, you are MY slut. SAY IT!"

I look up at Him, serious now, His cock touching my lip and i say distinctly and calmly, "I am YOUR slut, i love You, i want You, i want Your cum, I want to make You happy forever. Please, can i have Your cum?" He grabs the back of my head and pulls me into His cock thrusts violently for a few strokes and pulls His cock from my lips and sprays his seed over my face. I feel it warm and thick dripping from my cheeks down my chin and neck.

"Look at Me!" He orders

I look up at Him and smile huge, satisfied. "See Daddy, You got the cum on my face. Thank You, Daddy."

He laughs weakly and runs a finger through the cum on my face and feeds it to me. "You are such a good slut. I fucking love you"


  1. I do Love your stories minx.. I would happily put you across my knee



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