Rough And Dirty Gems

Rough And Dirty Gems

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Do It For Daddy

I know why i am a submissive, and i know why i let myself be used and taken and controlled by the Man i love.  I let my Man tell me what to do, how to do it, what to say, and i enjoy it. He tells me "say it" because he wants to have that control over me, He wants to know that i will SAY IT whatever IT is he wants to hear. I wear His collar, around my neck and in my heart and on the fourth finger of my left hand. But those aren't the only reasons. He takes the power from me because i want Him to, i give it to Him, because it frees me.

I'm a very strong woman, i live a double life in fact. I'm the kind of girl that doesn't take shit. I do what i want, when i want. I earn my own money and I'm a full supporter of our household. I own my own company and boss other people around all day. I take responsibility for the mishaps and the fuck-ups of my employees and suck customers dicks all day. (Metaphorically, however, i would like my work so much more if i could actually suck cock all day.)

So when i get home at night, and i get the kids out of the way, all i want to do is have my strong Man tell me, "You know what I want. Say you want My cum all over your face" I look up at Him, He is taunting me, seeing if i will obey or respond with sass.  He drawls, "Just do what you are told, do it for Daddy" He knows what He wants of me, He knows how i will react to it. He knows what i need and how to give it to me. He knows how to make me let go of my day, let go of all of the stress of life, of being a mother, of being a wife. "Do it for Daddy, tell Daddy, what I want to hear, princess, give Daddy everything."

I give it all to Daddy. He asks me to put my hair in pony tails, and put on a little short dress. I do that for Him. He purrs softly into my ear while kissing my neck "on your knees baby, i want to hear you beg for Daddy." I sink to my knees, He stands in front of me. My knees sink into the plush of the carpet when I give him the words, the naughty slutty words he loves to hear me say. I coo up at Him, "Daddy, can i touch your cock? I wanna touch your boner, i want to lick and suck your cock and feel your balls."

I have the face of an angel. I look up at him, my eyes big, dark and round. My pony tails swing by ears. He opens his fly and takes out his semi hard cock. He grips my pony tails, one in each hand and smiles down at me, "that's a good girl, tell Daddy"

I make a sweet pouty face and grin like a naughty school girl, "Daddy, i wanna have your boner on my lips. Daddy i wanna make you cum with my mouth. I know it's naughty Daddy, but i wanna taste the cum. I want you to make my face all shiny with the precum." He puts the tip of His boner to my lips and i grin up at Him. "Daddy, gimme the big hard boner please?"

He stands in front of me slowly stroking his stiffening cock. Teasing me with it. "You want this, princess?" He puts it to my lips and rubs the velvety soft skin on my lips. I taste his scent in my nose and i stick out my tongue. He pulls away, "bad, naughty slutty girl, you have to ask nicely for My cock." He taps my cheek with his cock.
"Please, Daddy, can i taste your boner? Please can i have it in my mouth? I wanna suck Your dick. I'll be a good girl, i will do whatever you want."

His face changes into a slow sly grin and responds in a thick slow growl, "Open your fucking mouth, slut" I respond instantly, i feel myself relax into Him, feeling his control of me. Just the words make me go soft and i submit.  My mouth opens and i look up at him waiting, fully submissive to Him.  I watch his cock thicken and throb to fullness, his hands are on my pony tails as he shoves the entire length into my mouth. I choke gagging on his cock my eyes water for that instant i am afraid , the instinctive response to being choked. I feel the fleshy head on the back of my throat, he tilts my head back and shoves himself deeper inside. His eyes locked on mine, watching his cock violate me. He thrusts His hips, i relax and let him have whatever he wants.

He smiles down at me as he slides his cock out of my mouth slowly as my cheeks hollow around his thickness and the wet sliding gasping sounds fill the still room. I feel nothing other than His cock sliding over my lips and touching the back of my throat His hands are on my head guiding me over him. I am entirely His. His tool, His pleasure object, He uses me to get himself off. I curl my lips over my teeth and let Him use me. I Want Him to use me. I love that i have nothing to do other than give Him the suppleness of my lips and relax and be used.  He strokes his cock over my tongue and into my cheek. His heavy balls sway against my chin. He turns my head from side to side and He grins, down at me, because i have become limp, just an object for Him to use. Seeing my cute face violated, turned into a pocket pussy or some other device.

He pulls His cock out of my mouth and i moan softly, feeling the loss of His cock. I lean forward into Him wanting more of Him, wanting to give Him more wanting to be used more. He laughs, "you are a needy little slut. I love you. Get up." But I'm not done, i reach out and take his cock into my fist and start to stroke it in my hand. He is so ready. I feel it, throbbing in my fist. I want to make Him cum. I want to feel his cum splash against my face.  He yanks my head back by my hair so i have to look at Him. "I said, get up!"

He pulls me by my hair to my feet then pushes me down onto the bed. I am flat on my back when he lifts my dress over my hips and pulls my panties up so they are tight against the cleft of my pussy. He presses a finger into the wet crease and clicks his tongue "naughty slut is wet" He flosses my pussy with my panties. I squirm wriggling side to side he laughs and tugs them down over my buttox and off. "What should i do with my slutty girl's panties? Slutty girls shouldn't be wet without permission. You should eat them." He rolls them into a ball and puts them in my mouth. They taste like my sex. I look  up at Him my eyes wide and he smiles down at me, and spreads my legs. He keeps his eyes on mine as he buries His face into my soft folds. He breaths in deeply, I shudder as his tongue flicks my eager nub. I writhe, biting down and  groaning into the panties in my mouth which are wet from my saliva. He teases me. "Tell Daddy, tell Daddy what you want." I groan in response, begging behind the gag of my panties. "I cant understand you. You aren't speaking clearly, you must not want to cum." I am writhing, groaning and begging, about to spit out the panties and scream. He sees i am so ready, His face is shiny  like a glazed doughnut from my nectar. He whispers. "Show Daddy how you cum, princess. Cum for Daddy"

I scream behind the gag and let go. Waves of hot white heat spill from me. He buries his mouth on my cunt, pulling the last of my control from me...... He tugs the panties from my mouth and i erupt. He forces my legs apart and shoves His hard thick cock into me and pumps fast. I respond by clenching around him, arching up to meet him as he thrusts hard into me. My fingers curl into the coverlet, His hands are on my ass pulling me hard up toward his bucking hips. He pauses with His cock buried to his balls inside of me, "tell Daddy what you are."

"I'm Your girl, i'm YOURS, Daddy" He grunts and with one final thrust he explodes inside of me. I feel his throbbing heat in me, and I am whole. I shudder hard and wrap my legs around His hips and give myself to Him entirely. I am His.


  1. I just found your blog. I love this post especially, because you capture the sensuality of your submission so well! As a sub myself, it's so easy to relate. Mine is to black men, and I don't call them Daddy (nor my husband) but it's the same idea - total, unmitigated giving over of one's self, total release, total lust for what they offer.

    Omigod, I have to subscribe to this!


    1. Giving all you have to one man and knowing that it makes you more whole to give it....that's purpose, black white, pink, yellow, spotted it doesn't matter what color...just why....


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