Rough And Dirty Gems

Rough And Dirty Gems

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Separate Lives

As I am sure you all know by now, I'm the real deal. I live the D/s lifestyle full time. I own a business and I live in a very vanilla world in a very vanilla neighborhood and have very vanilla friends. I am the fudge ripple in the vanilla world I live in. Now imagine hiding the luscious fudgy delicious center in a shell of bland white vanilla cream. It is impossible. As much as i try, my worlds collide from time to time.

I am a whore for a living. I don't sell sex but I sell items that for the most part have no function other than aesthetic. My world is filled with ladies with white hair, white skin, that weigh nothing, and eat bland white foods of straw and grass. They do not know about my delicious sensual fudgie center,  they cannot relate with my world. Perhaps their husbands can, but these white ladies don't. My worlds cannot collide. But at times my fudgy center leaks through the vanilla crust and I am outed.

I'm a designer, and this season my designs are more violent and darker than they ever have been. I first showed my designs to my agent, she said "belle, this is so dark, it's not your style, i am not sure how it will fly." I said, "This is who i am, this is what i look like inside, see what sells"

My agent shrugged and did her job. A few days later she called. "Belle, i'm not sure what the story is, but we have had more sales than we ever have before, how did you know what to make?"

How was i to answer that? I mean i was on the spot, she was looking for the story behind bloody bullets and locks and chains.

This is high fashion, this is department stores on 5th avenue. This isn't bondage websites. So I said, "this is just what i was feeling this season." Should i have outed myself? My love of being spanked and used and controlled. How i find it sexy for a woman to look like she is owned and used and property. That silver chains wrapped around a woman is such a turn on that i could cum at the thought?

If you are at your local Neiman Marcus or Macy's and see necklaces called Cat-O-Six tails? Stiff collars and lots of leather.

You will know, the person that designed those isn't just your typical vanilla designer on 6th avenue. It's a kinky dirty girly who calls her Man, Daddy and likes to be spanked when she is naughty.

Perhaps the markets are changing and even the vanilla white ladies are all starting to show our fudgy centers?

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