Rough And Dirty Gems

Rough And Dirty Gems

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Winter Break

I lay in bed feeling his hands on my bare skin. I am alert to the feel of his rough hands on my sleep warmed flesh I feel a sense of not being in my body and drift with it back to my dreamy slumber. I drift aimlessly into sleep hearing his breathing lulling me back to him. His fingers chastely skim my hip and he breathes very softly in my ear words that barely float into my conciseness. "princess you are so soft and beautiful.... Your skin feels like baby skin... I want to keep you in my arms like this forever... You make me want you all the time...I can never have enough of you..."

His words float over me and coat me in a warm glaze of warmth and comfort. He nuzzles closer pressing his hips into me.I feel his hardness strong and solid against my buttox. But he only holds me. He doesn't thrust his manhood against me the way a younger man would. He is a patient lover. He has nowhere to be, and is in no hurry to get anywhere.My Man is content to hold me in semi-slumber cooing sweetness to me in the dark gray light of winter twilight.

His hands wander over my blood-warm skin as I float back to oblivion. I image I am in a golden field and he is the God of the harvest. He will cherish and use me as He wants. His fingers press harder into my flesh kneading and grabbing my hips breasts and belly. He rolls me onto my back and urges my hips up toward to him. "Look at me baby. I need to see you want me, angel "

I open my eyes and smile up at him. The light has turned gray and the air between us feels cold. "Ooh god baby. I need you. Let me into you." I part my legs obediently and again I am taken away from myself. He demands this of me. Always, I give him all of myself. "look at me" His raspy whisper implores.

I look at him deep into his eyes. My consciousness a pinpoint focused on him. He moves into me and I gasp. Crying out, calling for him. He lowers his mouth quenching my cries with his hungry lips holding me entranced. Moving as one sinuous, undulating body we rock together slowly, slowly until his need and my response is one. We are one needy, lusty body quaking together into our joined eruption. Holding me delicately on the precipice of petite morte I beg. Looking deeply into his slate grey eyes I tell him everything in my heart. "I love you so much. You own me heart and soul. I belong to you, only you. I want you. I need you, please, I need to feel you please please. Daddy, please can I cum? oh god a mighty please??????"

"Yes princess, give me all of you". I feel myself turning inside out. My heart, my entire soul, floods forth from my loins. Every bit of myself I give to him as he reflects my passion and gives it back to me spurting deep inside of me. I gasp, choking sobs, as tears flood down my face. I quiver laying spent in his arms. He grips me to himself as he rolls off of me. He looks at me smiling weakly, "baby I need you again but I can't. Do you see what you do to me?? You make me crazy, I love you so much."

I sob with the last of my aftershocks and snuggle deeper into his arms. I am his. He needs me, he loves me. I am whole.


  1. i just wanted to say that I'm new to Blogs in general but I was amazed and very excited to see your Blog:) I am a business owner, and wife and new to realizing my submission and seeing your blog has been so wonderful to let me know I'm not alone. Not sure if I've put this in the right place but thank you very much:)

  2. Barbi...I think you put it in just the right place....and Mmmmmmm Mmmmmm Mmmmmmm Submissive Business Owners and their journey to one of my Specialties!! ;-)

  3. Thanks for reading. I really appreciate it. Some times juggling is hard, but I like when it's hard ;) xoxo -belle


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