Rough And Dirty Gems

Rough And Dirty Gems

Sunday, September 1, 2013

How it all began...

I'm a good girl from a good neighborhood, I grew up with yuppy Mommy and Daddy, no drama from me. I had little girl friends and boy friends who I played with and went to school with.  When I was about 11 my best friend and I were at her parents house alone one afternoon. This is where it began. This was my introduction to what was to become my passion.

It was quite by accident, my introduction to pornography, we turned on the TV in her parents bedroom and started up the VCR thinking to watch a movie. In the VCR was a tape titled, "The Babysitter" i recall us watching it from where it was left, somewhere in the middle of the film, a woman was sitting alone in a bathroom, legs splayed wide, a white old fashioned vibrator buzzing between her shapely legs. I didn't know what the wand between her legs was at the time, but what she was doing was quite clear to us.  We sat, riveted, completely entranced by the glowing sex before our eyes. I didn't know that a girl could pleasure herself. It was magic. The door to my sexuality was thrown open. Shortly after we realized WHAT we were watching, then suddenly as a soap bubble popping I realized WHO'S what we were watching.  
That is the moment, the exact moment, I started to see Daddies as sexual beings. My best friend's father had filthy, smutty porn, and there could be only one reason why. He liked sex. Daddies didn't  just have sex to make babies, daddies liked to look at girls. Daddies like to see girls as wanton sexy creatures to give them sexual satisfaction.

  It was amazing to watch the slutty girl on TV cumming while the scene changed to the babysitter downstairs fucking the masturbating woman's husband.  I was 11 years old, my favorite shows had some basis in reality, or so I thought. In my barely pubescent mind I though this type of scenario must happen in real life to grown ups.  I wanted to be a grown up more than anything. I wanted to experience a gang-bang like they had on the screen before me.  
My friend and I watched the entire film, rewinding and then watching to the point we started at, so not to arouse suspicion by her father.  We touched ourselves while watching, neither of us had more than a wisp of hair on our pussies yet, but we knew what felt nice.  Later, our sexual exploration continued. We dug deep into her father's closet and found a bag of sex toys. Some, at the time, were as obscure to us as the Rosetta Stone was when it was first found. We played with the vibrators, and the balls attached by a sting that made a soft chime when moved. We found a string of beads attached on a cord about 9" long. We put this into our bald little pussies and jerked it out. It felt funny, but it wasn't until we saw another movie that we learned what that was really for. 
Fast forward 3 years, I was becoming wilder and fantasizing about boys and men.  Mostly men, my friends were into the teen idols like Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt, not me, I liked the older men, like the news reader on the evening news, or my best friend's Daddy, or my teacher Mr. Sensi.  I was in middle school and starting to act on my fantasies. I was filling in and had much larger breasts than most of the girls my age. I had a full set of cleavage and I knew what power my young titties wielded.  I was able to get a bigger tip from the Dad of the kids I babysat.  I always asked that Mr. Almond walk me home instead of Mrs. Almond.  He always slipped me an extra five when I leaned over to tie my laces at my doorstep. 

I had a boyfriend when I was fourteen. He asked me to put my hand into his pants. At this point, I had seen this done on video tape at my friends house many times, but my soft young hand had not touched a cock yet. I have sisters, I had never seen or touched a real cock in my life.  I remember being amazed by the feel of him, so hard yet velvety soft in my hand. He asked me to hold his cock tightly in my small eager hand and rub it back and forth. We sat on the bench at the nearby park one evening after dark, my small hand in his shorts as I stroked his cock. I was amazed by this, he sounded like he was in agony, he breathed hard, panting and gasping softly in my ear and then as if he was in great pain, he slumped over my shoulder and kissed me hard. My hand was wet and sticky, but that didn't matter, he was happy with me. He kissed me and thanked me. He was always eager to be alone with me that summer. He moved away with his family the next year, but there were others to take his place. 
I was 16 now and to my parents I was still a good girl. I didn't get into trouble at school, I made good grades so my parents left me alone when it came to friends. I was able to have time alone with my boyfriend.  His parents went away for a weekend, leaving him home alone to mind the house.  I told my parents I was staying with a girl friend for the weekend.   This boy was the predecessor of my future "type" where I am only 5'2" and athletic, he was 6'4" and built like a football line backer. He was big enough to put me into his pocket.  

We sat in his parents house, in his bed and practiced fucking to see how many times I could make him cum in one day. We fucked in all of the positions I had seen on the tapes which were secreted from my best friend's Daddy's closet.  We tried reverse cowgirl, doggy, I,sat on his face so he could press his tongue deep inside of me. He was the boy who taught me to love swallowing cum. 

He was a miracle of nature, he was able to stay hard after cumming and then be ready for another round in mere moments. I was to later learn this is is a skill which should have been savored.  With my high school lover I discovered the joys of orgasm and how to give a man an orgasm with my lips and mouth and tits and pussy.  I knew how to make him wait, want more and how to make him cum in an instant. Together we learned how to pleasure each other and our future lovers. I recently ran into this boy, now a man and father of 5. After so many, many years of not knowing him, we had a few drinks together and talked about those days, he thanked me for what I gave him and likewise I thanked him. He was the first real lesson. If  you give a man pleasure with your body, he will, please you in every other way imaginable. 

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