Rough And Dirty Gems

Rough And Dirty Gems

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Miguel and René- Three's not always a crowd.

I didn't want to go to the pub with Miguel. It was about 2 weeks after Easter break and I wanted to write some letters to my parents to soften the hard feelings about going to Miguel's family's  home for the holiday rather than to New York and tell them about my holiday.

"But it's Portugal in the finals" he crooned, coming close to stand between my legs where I sat at the dining table with my sketchbook and journal out. I was flipping through postcards and printed photos of Miguel's family and estate that I wanted to include in my letters. "Querida, you can bring your notes to the pub and write there. I need for you to come with me,  If you are not there, who will I kiss when we win?" I looked up at him rolling my eyes. "He put his lips to mine as his fingers slid down my head to my neck where his fingers curled into my hair. You just come, that's all there is to it."

So I sat with Miguel at the bar perched on a stool, my note papers and sketchbook still in my rucksack. This bar was frequented mostly by the European international students at the University of Glasgow. I had been here with Miguel a number of times, there was a mix of people here tonight, many Portuguese to watch the game, some Spanish, some Italian, a few French, Germans, Dutch and Danes rounded out the crowd to see Portugal beat our Scottish hosts, but for the most part English was not spoken here. The Scotland team supporters would be at another pub. Portugal was winning the match so the spirits were high. Miguel stood behind my chair, he talked and cheered with his mates, always touching my shoulder, my hair. When his team was with the ball, he put his lips to the top of my head and held his breath. When Portugal scored he leaned my head back to kiss me passionately.

As much as I liked his attentions, I was becoming bored with the game and had no idea or interest what he was saying to his friends in Portuguese. I wanted to leave but knew there was no chance of Miguel letting me walk home alone at night. I told Miguel I was going to sit in the back of the pub where small tables were randomly scattered to work on my letters.  When I slid off the stool, he climbed up in my place. He arranged me between his knees turning me to face him and looked into my eyes. His hands drifted to the back of my neck and he leaned forward. He kissed me hard and passionately on the lips. His lips opened to mine and i felt his tongue teasing into my mouth. I could taste the beer on his breath. His kiss made my heart skip a beat. I moved in closer toward him and nuzzled closer. He smiled down at me, grabbing my ass "Thank you for coming with me, go sit, I will join you shortly, be a good girl, don't talk to strangers" He teased as he dismissed me.

Still grinning, I found an empty table and waved to him across the bar. He lifted his glass in a mock toast to me, and finished his beer in one long gulp. I watched his Adam's apple bob up and down as he swallowed. I grinned at him, even his drinking was sexy I mused to myself. When I came back to myself I realized there was a man standing over me.  He was very handsome in that Northern European way, tall with dark blonde hair that flopped forward into his face, and the bluest, blue eyes that seemed to look directly through me. I gasped, not expecting to see anyone, "you mind if I sit in this chair?" he asked in English. I looked at him struck mute for a moment. I stuttered, "well....uh, uh, oh, um ... my .... uh...." He asked again in what I thought was German, I answered in English "my boyfriend is over there" I pointed toward the bar where Miguel was downing another beer.

The bar lass came for our drink orders and without asking me, the man ordered 2 beers.  "You don't mind right, you are thirsty." he gestured toward my empty beer. I laughed at his observation,  he stared at me. He was about my age wearing a red jersey shirt and jeans. "Why is your man over there?"
"Watching the game."
"I was watching a game too."
I looked at him, I had assumed he was supporting Portugal because of his red jersey and said dully "Congrats, your team will win."
"Not that game, i am not interested in this game." He smiled rakishly and gestured toward the bar and the televisions all playing the final moments of the Portugal vs. Scotland football match.
"Then what game?" I asked somewhat entertained.
He quirked his lip at me in a half smile "You with your man over there."
I looked at him, embarrassed, and pissed off, but decided not to say anything. I leaned down to get my notebook out of my rucksack, when I looked up he was staring at me again. His hair had fallen in front of his blue eyes, in that way that made it seem he was looking through me into my soul.
I decided to ignore him, he was too handsome to be this odd.
"I'm Rene."
"Belle, beautiful name for a beautiful girl... I was watching you because when you kissed him, you looked so satisfied"
I tilted my head to the side and looked at Miguel, "I guess cus I am" I said dismissively.
"I know him, your man there, Miguel"
Now this was interesting, "Oh really?"
The crowd at the bar erupted into whistles and cheers. Miguel was toasting his friends at the bar all singing what I assumed was the Portuguese national anthem.
I sat staring at Rene, confused and surprised by his audacity.
I watched as Miguel sauntered toward me, I beamed thankfully, at him "congratulations Miguel, i'm so happy for your win." Miguel stared down at the Man seated across from me,  and possessively took my shoulder, smiling down at me "René, I see you met my, Belle"
"Yes as lovely as you bragged her to be,"
"It's not bragging if it's true, right Rene?" Miguel patted Rene on the shoulder amiably and sunk into the chair between us.  Our drinks arrived and Miguel added another round. Miguel was very cheerful due in parts to the drink and his team's win.

"Belle, I caught my Danish friend here looking at you many times, he said he likes to watch us together because he fantasizes about having a girl like you"
I looked at Rene and punched Miguel playfully laughing, "I apologize for my drunken boyfriend."
Rene answered me sincerely "But it is true, to have a girl like you, who has so much love and admiration for her man, yet has a smart mind and a submissive nature, this is what fantasies are made from."
I stared at Rene, gobsmacked then my gaze shifted to Miguel who nodded affirmation to his friend and smiled at me.
Miguel slid closer to me and touched my cheek, then leaned in and kissed my lips fervently.  Leaning into my ear he crooned, "Belle, querida, he likes to watch how I love you." As Miguel said this he ran his fingers over my thigh and up my belly to rest one hand very lightly on my breast. "It makes him happy to see me touch you like this." his fingers clamped around my nipple over my shirt and bra right there in the pub. He looked at his friend and smiled. Miguel was drunk.
His fingers on me in public to tease this new comer was arousing, the beer was going to my head. The bar maid came with out next round and the men called out "SHOTS!!! 2 Jaegermeister! 4 Vodka!"
"You are drunk Miguel!" I scolded. 
"No I'm not, I'm happy." He said drunkenly.
I shrugged, yes he was happy and drunk, but stating the obvious would just piss him off. 
Miguel slid his fingers up and down my arms as they rested on the table, skimming lightly, then lifted my hands to his mouth and kissed the back of each of my hands gently and chivalrously, placing my hands back on the table.  I looked up to see Rene watching. I was embarrassed and tried to shrug Miguel off, but Rene saw this. "Belle, dear, it gives me much pleasure to meet you here, with Miguel and see how he touches you, don't be shy with me here, just pretend you are alone." 
Miguel grinned lewdly at me as if he won some argument and pulled me closer and gathered me onto his lap with his arms around my hips, he nuzzled into my cleavage.  The drinks came and the men decided it would be fun to play a game, "Tell a Secret" the best secret wins and the others need to drink.
Ladies first, trying to see what reaction I would get from Miguel I said, "I want to see René naked." Miguel tightened his grip around my hips and grinned up at me. Rene went next "I want to see Belle naked." Miguel went last, "I want to make love to my Belle here in this bar." He crooned into my hair, as he thrust his semi-hardness into my back.
Miguel wins, Rene and I take our shots, I have the Jaegermeister, Rene vodka. 
Rene goes first this time "I want to watch Miguel make love to Belle." 
Miguel next, "I want to make love to Belle while Rene watches."
I go mute and stare at them. I'm a little tipsy now, horny as hell and wriggle my bottom into Miguel's lap. I cannot believe what my lover just said. "I lose."
The men both look at me and debate if I can just duck out according to the rules and decide that I must take a shot for being a loser but I must say something anyway. I down the second Jaegermeister feeling it burn down my throat, I cough and shudder as I feel the heat of it settle in my gut. Miguel rubs me helpfully on the back, but, i look down at Him glassy eyed.  I'm solidly drunk now and whisper in Miguel's ear, "Do you really want to?" He looks at me with both eyes locked on me and nods slowly. 
"I want to have sex with Rene and Miguel!" I announce. 
Both men stammer for a moment then laugh "Belle wins!!" Both tip back the final vodkas. Miguel stands dumping me back to my feet, and presses his hips lewdly into my side so I can feel his full erection. He turns me and kisses my lips hard. I'm afraid Miguel is going to combust from the mix of alcohol fumes and his desire. Rene is shifting awkwardly. Come on, we are leaving. The three of  us walk out into the damp night drunkenly bouncing off each other laughing on our way toward our apartment.
On the way Miguel pulls me into a doorway kissing me hard, pulling me toward him and pressing his crotch against me, "Belle, querida, do you want to? Really?" I look at him deeply in the eyes to see if he wants to,  he pulls me close again kissing me searchingly. 
"Do you?" I ask breathlessly.
"Yes, very much, cara, but if you don't want, I will not allow it." I laugh softly at him and cup his crotch with my hand over his pants, feeling his semi hard cock. "Allow it." 

I skip up ahead to where Rene is standing under an awning and link arms with him. I bounce up against him, teasing him i slur, "We're gonna fuck tonight, wanna join?" Rene looks down at me, a slow smile crossing his lips and looks toward Miguel who curls his hand around my hip and grins at his friend. The night started to take on the excited nervous thrill of standing in line for a roller coaster you have never ridden.  I was only slightly afraid, but very excited. Miguel would never let anything happen to me, he will take care of me. 

We exploded into our flat like a bunch of ping ping balls, bouncing off door frames and each other laughing. Miguel goes to the fridge and pops the tops off 3 beers setting them on the table. Miguel and Rene take theirs but I'm afraid I'll be sick if I have another drink.  I excuse myself to go to the bathroom and brush my teeth. Sitting on the toilet i look at the wall, trying to focus. Telling myself, "it will be ok, Miguel isn't going to let anyone fuck me, who am i kidding? But fuck, I really want to fuck Rene, he is hot. When I return the men are sitting in the living room, Miguel on the sofa, Rene in the side chair, drinking beers watching me. Miguel calls for me, "Belle, meu amor, sit here with me." he pats his lap.
I climb onto his lap, facing him and away from Rene. I am blushing hotly, embarrassed and look down at Miguel. I will put on a show for Rene, but fuck him... i don't think so.... 

Miguel senses my tension and my plan and looks up at me. "Belle, my sweet girl, you are so pretty, let our friend see how pretty you look. It's only being a nice hostess."
I toss my hair over my shoulder and look at Rene, blushing, Rene smiles at me and holds his bottle as if in toast. I look down at Miguel again, I'm too embarrassed, I hide behind my hair, straddling Miguel's lap with my knees. Miguel holds my back and slips his hands under my t-shirt and unfastens my bra. I stare at Miguel, my eyes wide and he grins up at me. His fingers move around my sides and slip under my bra, and he holds my breasts in his 2 hands, cupping underneath both. I stare at Him, my eyes locked on his. Forgetting Rene is there I do what is natural when I am with Miguel, I arch back and offer myself to Him.
Miguel gasps cooing sweetnesses at me in Portuguese. His eyes never leaving mine, he pulls my shirt off over my head and drops my bra to the floor. I hear Rene gasp and I am thrust into the moment again. Trying to clear myself of the Jaegermeister haze I look at Miguel afraid and embarrassed and a little angry. "Belle, relax querida, he is just watching, let him, he wont touch you unless you want. He thinks you are beautiful. He is right, don't be afraid, he wont hurt you. I wont let anything happen to you, meu amor. You are mine, safe.
His words tame me, I am back with him. He reaches up and pulls the clip from my hair, letting my hair fall. Using his fingers he combs my hair to either side of my face,  pulling me gently down to kiss me, my hair curtains my view of the room, Miguel is my only focus.  He leans me back, being sure to arrange my face so my head is down and my hair keeps my field of view only to him, he pulls down my zipper and asks me to stand in front of him. I slide off of him and do ask asked, looking only at him, not taking notice of  Rene on the chair. Miguel pulls down my jeans so I am left in only my panties. Miguel, takes down his zipper and frees his manhood from his pants. Miguel whispers softly at me "please Belle, take me into your mouth, my sweet love." I sink to my knees, and Miguel tosses a pillow down to me. I put it under my knees, admiring his hard cock curving into his belly, i look at him directly in the eyes as I open my mouth and sink slowly down onto Him. I see that Miguel is looking at Rene for a moment, but I am no longer embarrassed, I want to show off. I open my eyes ,watching Miguel and take his cock as deeply into my throat as I have ever taken him. I stay down for as long as I can, feeling my throat becoming raw, and my eyes water, I slide up gasping for breath, then take my descent again. My fingers curled around His shaft, I hear Rene shift behind me, but don't look at Him. I just concentrate on my man, on making him happy. I feel Miguel throbbing but he remains in control. the precum oozes down his cock in clear thick droplets which I lick up. bobbing my head back and forth over him. My tongue caressing his tip with tiny circles which become wider and wider the lower I go, until I am holding one of his balls in my mouth. Miguel is panting. I put him back into my mouth and move up and down on his shaft bobbing in slow effleurages.  I am unaware of his hands in my hair pulling me forcefully up. He is urging me to stop, losing control of his English. "Merda, Belle get up! Eu não quero gozar na sua boca!" I look at him, confused, but then I realize what he is saying, he doesn't want to cum in my mouth.
I turn to face Rene, who is massaging his own cock. "Belle you should give our guest the same pleasure you gave to me." Miguel teases. I smile at Miguel and crawl to Rene. His cock although shorter than Miguel's is thicker and oozing precum. I curl my hand over Rene's and slide back and forth, following the same motion as He was. Long slow strokes. Rene removes his hand and sets them gently on the crown of my head. Not pushing me just holding the top of my hair. He looks at Miguel and smiles "cheers, Mate."
I look up at Miguel and he smiles at me, "It's ok Belle, I love you, you can give him pleasure, but you are still mine. Always only mine." Miguel sits with his hand cupped around his cock, not masturbating just holding himself watching me.
I take Rene's cock into my mouth, sliding my lips down over his oozing drooling cock. Rene tastes different than Miguel. Less sweet, more bitter but I slide my lips up and down over His thicker cock. Gulping his shaft, deeply into my throat, I gag, grunting on the intrusion in my throat. My eyes dark and wet I look up at him.  Then lift up, my lips circling the thick shaft, gulping him down. Then I slide up, letting my cheeks hollow around his shaft, cooing and gurgling on his now throbbing rod. I know he is close, I look at Miguel for permission to let this stranger cum. Miguel sees me, and nods at me smiling. With my fingers gripped tightly around Rene's cock I urge the cum up from his balls until he is arching and gripping my head down onto his cock. I grunt and close my lips tightly around his shaft as the first load hits the back of my throat. I arch back, gasping as his second load hits my lips and drips down my chin. I open my mouth for the next blast of ropy thick oozing cum which sprays across my lips and tongue. With my fingers gripped tightly around his shaft, I stroke the last oozing pulses over my hand.

I look at Miguel, who is now stroking His cock. He tosses his T-shirt at me, and gestures for me to wipe up with it. I look up at  Rene, who is gasping but smiling down at me, then across at his friend. I wipe my hands and face and Miguel opens his arms for me. I walk over to Miguel and stand for a moment in front of him. He parts his legs, pulling  me down onto him, cooing in my ears, "sweet Belle, you are such a good girl, thank you for doing that, it is so lovely to watch you, you are so beautiful, you are my darling girl, my love, what a good girl. Come to me now." He pulls me down, so I'm straddling his lap and purrs at me in my ear. "Belle, I am so ready, I have never seen anything more beautiful and arousing in my entire life" He pulled me close and kissed me firmly. His breath tasted of alcohol, and I wanted more of him. He looked at me pulling back from me, "Belle, my love,  you taste of Him, it's disgusting, but i'm so needy now. You must take me into you and fuck me."
I lowered the rest of the way onto him, feeling him fill me I stared directly at him, my eyes on the level with his now. Wanting to kiss him but not wanting to "disgust" him leaned forward and bit his chest, sucking his flesh into my lips as he filled me, leaving a bite on his chest. He pulled my head up to his with my hair, and looked darkly into my eyes. He grunted softly as I bottomed out on his shaft tight in my soft damp folds, curling his fingers into the hair on my neck with his thumbs on my neck he held me still watching me, making short rocking thrusts with his hips inside of me. Then all of a sudden he pulled my lips to his and kissed me hard. Sucking on my tongue and lips and thrust hard upward. I matched his strokes and bounced hard on his cock. Moving my hips so that he was nearly out of me with each stroke. I was in a frenzy, his hands on my neck holding my head to his, my pussy entirely full and the taste of Miguel's breath on my lips and the other man's cum in my mouth made me crazy in my drunken state. I felt as if I was outside of my own body, watching myself from Rene's seat on the chair but feeling every nuance within me. I started to unravel, feeling the lust and depravity fueling me I bounced hard on Miguel's cock. Urging him to cum in me. To have Rene watch what he wanted to see. To give Rene the show of his lifetime. Miguel spoke as if into my own head "that's right Belle, show Rene how you cum, querida. Give me all of you."
I arched back so my breasts were high, Miguel holding tightly onto my back I screamed, panting with ragged breaths. I arched back up and looked down at Miguel, who was only barely holding onto his own lust. When our eyes locked, He gripped the flesh of my buttox hard and grunted, sharp exhales of desire as each pulse of his lust filled me. Screaming I wrapped myself around him like a python constricting with each pulse as my own orgasm took me spiraling into him. My world focused only on Him again. I woke, dizzy, cold slumped on His chest, with his arms locked around me. His lips on my skin as he cooed sweetnesses at me in Portuguese. Still naked and still wrapped around him, he stood up and carried me to bed as I looked back to see Rene smiling as he got up to let himself out. 

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  1. I LOVE it!
    Your stories ALWAYS takes my mind flying, in to your amazing universe of words, that blows my mind in beautiful colors and orgasmic heights… THIS story, did more that that.


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