Rough And Dirty Gems

Rough And Dirty Gems

Monday, February 17, 2014

Oral the Way to London

I couldn't wait, I wanted to go to Amsterdam more than anywhere else in Europe.  This was my first visit to the city which I imaged was full of enlightened thinkers and freedom from the stodgy American war on drugs and the cloistered view of prostitution. I couldn't wait to experience it for myself. I was practically vibrating with impatience to be on the coach to London. Miguel said coolly, in no hurry to be off, "Belle, if we get to the station before the bus, we will still be waiting." He was so frustrating sometimes!

Finally we were on the way to London. The bus was so slow, the landscape through the window was painfully dull on this dreary, gray February day and I couldn't sleep. I was like a caged panther. I wanted to be there, the tight quarters were making me fussy and fidgety. Miguel sat next to me, his long legs stretched into the aisle, reading his textbook as placid as a frozen lake. I pressed my breasts against him and beamed my brightest smile at him, "We are gonna be on the train in 5 more hours. One night in Paris then tomorrow we will be in Amsterdam!!! I can't wait!" 

"Querida, I am happy also, but you are like a bean in a box, relax." 
"I can't I'm too excited."

He leaned over me where I sat in the window seat, and covered my lips with his, "Minha Belle, I will make you relax." He slid his fingers under my jumper and grabbed my breast, cupping my soft flesh over my bra, then kissing me, he pinched my puffy nipple through the lace fabric, harder I could have expected. 
I gasped, shocked at his audacity and tried moving back away from him, but there was nowhere to retreat in the tight confinement of the window seat. I hissed, "Miguel! Stop, others can see!" 

He chortled, kissing me harder whispering in my ear, "Belle, I want to have you here on this coach with all these people watching."

I giggled and tried to wriggle out of his grasp, "You wouldn't!"

He smiled and purred to me, "Oh, yes I will, my Belle. I will do what I want, and you will like it." He pressed his lips to mine and nuzzled my neck, snaking his fingers into my bra, around my breast and gripped my puffy nipple tightly, stroking it until it was elongated and hard. I moaned softly in pleasure. He continued to toy with my nipple under my sweater. Leaning close to me, nuzzling me, licking my neck and ears, purring sweet romantic words in my ear until I was writhing. "I can make you cum with just my fingers on your breast. I love how you respond to me my dear girl."

I gasped, biting my lip to keep from moaning out loud. His fingers tweaking my nipple hard, twisting and tugging the sensitive flesh painfully making me wince and shudder, feeling embarrassed, but very aroused and hoping for more.  
"I won't make you cum, that would not be fair to the other passengers." He moved his fingers from my bra, I was disappointed and frustrated. He watched my face, he saw me becoming fractious and annoyed. I felt like I was going to explode in a fury of sexual wrath. He felt me becoming angry and tight. Kissing my nose gently he teased, "Poor girl, so horny, but so shy, you said 'no', you told me to stop. Did you not? No, means no, right querida?" 
I glared at him. He smiled down at me serenely, slid his navy blue woolen jacket over my lap as if to tuck me in for sleep and put his hand on my thigh under the jacket and patted my leg gently as if to soothe me. I sat in a red fury, frustrated and angry at him for teasing me this way. He smiled at me and kissed my forehead gently. I put my head on the cold window to try to sleep. As I sat there, the fury rose in me like a wave coming into shore, until i was in a blazing fury. I sat motionless, swearing at him in my head. You fucking asshole! Where do you get off making me all  frustrated then dropping me like I'm Hot... FUCK YOU! What do you think I am, your fucking puppy?!? Making me dance for you like a puppet on strings. FUCK YOU! 
As I sat there seething I felt his fingers slowly trailed down lower on my leg to my knee, to the hem of my skirt. He lifted the hem of my skirt slightly and tucked his hand under the hem. I pushed his fingers away forcefully. I was pissed! I opened my eyes, and looked at him, my eyes wide and shook my head, "No". He smiled the sweetest, most disarming smile at me, and nodded playfully, "Yes" at me. The voice in my head yelled. No, I'm angry at you. He continued to smile boyishly at me, his fingers toying with the hem of my skirt. I felt my resolve slip away. Damn the man! I can't stay angry when he is playful like this. His fingers slid under my woolen tweed skirt up over my cream colored, cable knit tights to the wet cleft. He left his finger there, a warm, un-moving pressure against my clit. He stayed there, letting me relax and waited for my temper to dissolve. When I parted my legs ever so slightly, he leaned into my ear and moved my hair away with his other hand. "That's a good girl. I'm always going to have what is mine, no matter what you want." He was so frustrating!

I glared at him, and closed my thighs around his finger, but with his other hand he put his thumb into the muscle above my knee and gripped tightly, making me open my legs involuntarily as he activated a pressure point. He pressed his finger into my pussy through my tights and stroked back and forth very gently. I relented, relaxing, parting my thighs for him even wider. He kissed my lips and smiled warmly at me. Pressing his lips to my ear through my hair he breathed, "That is my good girl. You know this is what you want, you want me to pleasure you on this bus, with all these other people here, not knowing what they are missing. I have your hot sex to distract me from the journey, they have nothing."

His words left me pliant and somewhat giddy, my fury waning completely. He moved his hand up and tugged down my tights from around my hips, and whispered to me "Lift up for a moment, Belle, I do not want to ruin your pretty clothing." I rose my hips up against his hand and with his other hand he reached around me and tugged the elastic of my tights and panties under my buttocks freeing my moist cleft to his hand. With my tights around my thighs, I felt confined. But seeing him grin as if he were a lottery winner relaxed me as he pressed his finger tenderly against my warm button. 

Very slowly he worked me, his finger gliding over my closed entrance back and forth, meditatively. With each circuit he outlined my nub, never touching it. He purred softly in my ear. "Sweet, Belle, relax, just enjoy the journey with me." I closed my eyes and felt every motion of his finger on me as if it were designed to make me calm and wait, as each stroke made me more and more aroused. I was so wet now, I was sure I was going to leave a hot puddle on my seat. When I was very relaxed and it appeared I was sleeping he thrust two fingers deep into me. I bolted to attention and opened my eyes with a squeal. 

"Mmmmm Belle, you make me so hard when you react like that." He thrust his fingers deeper into me, pumping them now, making me writhe. My world lost focus of everything except his fingers in me, and the sensations I was feeling. I heard the embarrassing sloppy wet squish of each thrust of his fingers and I started to moan softly. "Be very quiet Belle, or the rest of the coach will be so jealous of you." 

I felt myself blush hotly, with his words and I bit my lip hard, pinching my eyes closed, careful not to move so I looked as if I were sleeping to any other passengers. He kept thrusting his fingers wetly in and out of me, I started to feel myself contract around his fingers, I was aching to cum, but was afraid of being heard or even worse seen. He leaned his head against my chest and looked up at me, his fingers deep in my pussy, rocking up and back until i thought I was going to shatter into a million glistening shards. When I opened my eyes his were bright and on mine. He nodded and mouthed one word, "Cum." 

I couldn't stop myself any longer. His fingers kept moving in me, making me writhe, hot spikes went through me, I couldn't stop it. I needed release. Humiliated I closed my eyes, put my wrist in my mouth and convulsed silently around his fingers, gasping softly, and gripping his shirt with my other hand.  

He pulled his hand from under my skirt and out from his jacket on my lap. He placed his fingers in his mouth and sucked them clean. "Meu deus, Belle, your honey tastes delicious."

I looked at him, shocked, my eyes wide and round and he only laughed at my reaction. "Do not play at the being the prude, querida, you just came on a coach with all these people who could hear you." He carefully arranged the jacket over his lap and placed my hand on his lap. I looked at him, appalled, and he nodded sagely. He whispered into my ear "Belle, what is good sauce for the chicken, is also good for the cock." His primitive and punny translation of that phrase made me giggle. "Do not laugh, it is true. You made me this way, it hurts for you to leave me to suffer with blued balls." 

In the guise of getting more comfortable we switched places. I pulled up my tights and knickers as I shimmied under him to the outer seat. When he got comfortable in the window seat. He leaned back and opened his fly, arranging his woolen pea coat around his hips he pulled me down to rest my head in his lap. He pulled my long woolen coat around my shoulders and arranged the skirt of it over my hips but kept the oversized fur lined hood up over my head, shielding the view of his lap. 

I gripped his rigid cock in my grip and stroked him firmly, milking droplets of precum up over the tip. I licked them off, then stopped my massage, resting my head on his thighs and I looked up at him coyly and breathed "I am going to sleep now. You don't want to make a mess here on the bus."    

He reached into my hood, gripping my hair and neck in both his hands and growled, "The fuck I don't." Miguel almost never swore in English. I grinned up at him batting my eyes prettily and watched his eyes. He watched as I lifted off his lap very, very slowly opened my mouth wide, and sucked his entire length into my mouth. As I held him not moving, with his cock lodged deeply in my throat, his mouth formed a round O as he gawked at the sight of me deep-throating him on a public coach. I slid my mouth up gradually and watched him lose his usually rock solid control. His eyes rolled back and he started to pant in ragged breaths. Then he looked back down at me again. I watched him grimace as his cock throbbed in my mouth. And again, he looked away.

I kept my eyes up so he could see me. So I could watch what I was doing to his control, so i could feel this power. So I could see my revenge. With one hand massaging his sack, I slid slowly, sleepily up and down his turgid rod. Feeling it stiffen and throb, as soon as I felt like he was going to cum, i looked up at him watching the suffering on his face, as held perfectly still, wrapping two fingers around the base of his cock like a cock ring to still him. He didn't say a single word, the only sound he made was his breath, blowing through his nose like an anxious colt. When I cinched his cock at the base with my fingers he clutched his fingers tighter into my hair under the hood of my coat, gently pushing me down. 

When my jaw was starting to become sore, i kept going. I wanted to punish him for making me so angry, for turning me into such a slut on the bus, for making me into his puppet. I urged the cum up with my lips and fingers. Taking him deep in my throat and massaging his balls with the tip of my tongue. Then massaging his shaft in pulses as i moved in long slow strokes, then working faster and faster. When he was ready to cum, I felt him gripping with his hands, his cock throbbing in my throat i looked up at him and slid off entirely, exposing the purple head of his cock to the cold air.

He glared at me, gripping my hair and pushed me down. I grinned up at him and saw, I had achieved what I wanted. He had lost his calm self discipline. I made him frustrated, needy and ready as he had done to me. I gripped his balls in my hand firmly and stroked him with my lips fast and firmly. I felt his legs under me go tight and I felt my reward slush into my throat. He let out an audible groan and sprayed my throat with his seed in hot pulses. Pressing his clenched hands firmly on the back of my head he thrust up again and again into my throat, I felt myself gagging on the stream of cum and his intruding cock. I swallowed as quickly as I could, gulping the torrent of cum as quickly as I could but some dribbled over my chin onto his balls. My eyes were streaming, I pressed my hands hard against his thighs, I needed air. I looked up at him imploring, he pulled me back by my cheeks seeing I needed a moment. I sucked in gulpfuls of air through my sore throat. He grinned at me rakishly. He pulled me up to his chest wiping my face with a serviette. 
He smirked weakly at me, "You are amazing, Belle, but you need to be punished. That was very cruel, making me wait like that, and then making me lose control and nearly embarrassing myself."

I grinned at him, my makeup running but I was happy and calm. I snuggled against him and slept until we arrived in London. 

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