Rough And Dirty Gems

Rough And Dirty Gems

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cuming experiments

"Do you know this person, Harold Houdini?"

"Not personally, I'm pretty sure he's dead,"

"You think you are funny with the smart mouth. He knew about controlling his body with his mind, I am going to control your body with my mind, I'm going to be your magician."

I crawled on top of him and kissed him, "You already are."

Smiling at me nearsightedly, he held me tightly as he rolled over dropping me to the bed. "Let us experiment."

I was dubious, "Sounds like science, and it's Sunday, no science on Sunday, I'm sure that's a church rule." 

"You, with the smart mouth, behave. Listen to me, and do what I say. It will be fun querida."
I rolled my eyes at him but agreed.

He asked me to lay on the bed, on my back, which I did. He looked down at me for a moment then ran to the bathroom and got a large bath towel. Taking his time he folded it twice and arranged it under my hips and buttox.  I submitted to this, smiling up at him as he fussed in his precise way. 

He sat on the bed next to me and slid his fingertips over my skin. Purring sweet words at me as he did this, as if currying a horse.  He moved his fingers smoothly over my breasts and belly and thighs in long slow effleurages.  I started to purr and feel myself becoming attuned to his touches.  "That's right cara, feel me make you warm, feel me making you want me, and want to love me. You need to remember how it feels to be loved by me, feel how warm you become, feel how wet you are." He moved his gentle massage between my legs and up my thighs."see how you want me to touch your honey box? You need to be touched. You want me to make you cum, minha doce menina." 

"Yes, please Miguel make me cum, please."

"Yes, my impatient girl, you need to know what it feels like first. Feel how it feels when I put my fingers inside you. You feel that? You feel how needy you are? Don't cum, you will wait, but I want you to feel everything, feel how wet you are, feel how my fingers touch your sweet box. Feel how only my fingers can make you want this." 

He curls his fingers up so he's rubbing my g-spot and I arch up toward his fingers. He stills his hand for a moment and purrs in his sweet accent, "Belle, this is my honey box, my fingers make you want to cum, my voice, my touches. My cock. You are my sweet girl." 

"Yes I'm yours Miguel, yours entirely." I convulse as he starts to stoke inside of me again, his third and fourth finger stroking my inner nub while his first finger and thumb tug on my clit. I grip his wrist. Holding it as a lifeline.

"Feel how wet I make you, feel how good it feels? Feel that pressure, feel your need, feel that desire to cum."

He pushes his fingers more forcefully into my hole, pressing in and out harder and faster now. My breath becomes ragged, I'm tense and holding back. Listening for his words.

 "Meu deus, you are beautiful. That's right, you feel ready now, so wet and ready to cum. Feel the wetness leak from you, feel how slick your box is, so hot and wet. You want to squirt the nectar onto me, that's right, you want to cum. Hold onto that for a moment longer. Feel it build, let it grow in you." 
I start to writhe, my vision turns red, I squeeze my eyes closed. I'm gasping sobbing, I feel like I'm being torn apart, I am so eager to do as he asks, the feeling is intense. I want it to go on forever, but I'm needing to cum, I feel the intensity of his words, I won't cum until he says it's time. It must be near, I see a white glowing ribbon of lust before my eyes, I start to make sobbing whimpers. He fucks his hand in me faster harder now, bringing me to an insane painful need.

"That's right, querida, tell me you want to cum, tell me you need me to let you cum. Tell me who my horny girl is." 

I scream "Miguel, please I'm your horny girl, I am your horny girl! Please let me cum, oh my god please please!!!"

"Good horny girl, remember how it feels to be my horny girl."

I'm panting, writhing in excruciating need. My hand wrapped clawlike around his wrist, not knowing if I want him to stop or go harder. I beg "please Miguel, please let me cum, I can't cum without you please!!"

"That's right horny girl, you can't cum without me. Cum for me, my horny girl, when you hear me say horny girl, you are going to squirt your nectar." Then in a business like firm voice he commands " Cum now horny girl!"

And I unravel. My entire body is lost in spasm after spasm of my own lust. I feel myself wetting the bed, with each contraction of my orgasm. I feel every convulsion, every nuance, the gripping of my inner walls, the pressure of my soft canal on his fingers, the way my hips arch up toward his fingers, and  the pulsing warm spray of my lust. As I feel this I have no control over it. My body takes over it's primal animal impulses as his fingers continue to pump in and out of me, stoking my g-spot with each thrust of his hand. All the while he coos softly in my ear "my horny girl, my sweet horny girl" over and over like a mantra while my entire world unravels and breaks into shards around me.  

When I am fully sated and the quaking aftershocks still. He quiets and removes his hand from me with a  grotesque slurping sound. He leans into me and grips my face with both hands, moving the hair from my temples with his thumbs. He tells me to open my eyes and look at him. He leans in to kiss my sweaty forehead  "Belle, don't forget that feeling, you are my horny girl." As he says those words, my body betrays me and starts to quiver again with an aftershock that leaves me panting and writhing, pressing my thighs together as his hands hold my head.  

He laughs softy pulling me close. "Belle, querida, you are mine, I'm  your magician, you belong only to me."

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  1. Wow that was amazing. I wish you would be my s horny little girl. KD


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