Rough And Dirty Gems

Rough And Dirty Gems

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hot and Steamy

The weather changed again, it's hot and vicious out of doors. The heat is balmy and clingy indoors. It makes us cranky, and fussy. Last night, it was even too hot without the air conditioning to watch TV in the living room. I begged, "please, i will be good, i will do whatever you want, watch whatever You want on the little TV in the bedroom if You let me sit in bed with You with the AC on...I will even watch Cops if You want." He laughed and followed me up to the bedroom where the AC was blasting cold dry air.

I flopped onto our big bed and lay with my legs spread, savoring the cold air, feeling goosebumps rise on my skin as the breeze of the oscillating fan blew the skirt of my thin sundress up. I felt my nipples harden and rise and i closed my eyes in utter tranquility.

He turns on the TV and flips through the channels, i ignore him and his selection as i said i would. He can't seem to settles on anything then he shuts it off. I roll over onto my belly to feel the coolness on my back. He runs his fingertips over my back and then to my ass. He pinches it hard and says, this is the most spankable ass in the world and he pats it lightly with teasing strokes. I giggle and try to swat Him away. At this he gets out of bed and i ignore Him, relishing the cold on my body and the little glowing pain that His swats made on my bottom, I am really not in the mood, its too hot to fuck.

He gets back onto the bed and pulls my hands up over my back and cuffs them together with leather shackles that he attaches to each other with a big carabiener. He lifts my sundress over my ass and pulls down my panties to my thighs. I try to roll back to my side or back to see what he is doing, and he says teasingly "Princess, you promised, now be a good girl and stay still." He slides His fingers into my wet cunt and then wipes my own nectar on my nose. He turns me so my chin is near to the edge of the bed and smiles down at me.

He teases me, spreading my ass cheeks, and then lets them bounce closed. My hands still shackled behind me , He puts the hem of my dress in my hands and tells me to hold on to that so i don't get in his way. He parts my ass again and trails a finger from my opening up to my anus and presses His finger harder into my bottom. I wiggle and groan softly pushing my ass up off of the bed. He spanks my bottom hard "Stay fucking still girl!"

I do my best to obey. My skin is chilled and sticky from where the perspiration has dried and my nipples are painfully hard beneath me. He slaps rhythmically at my ass kneeling beside me. He is wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I crave for Him to lean into me more to warm my cold skin. He runs a finger from my cunt up along my ass and then stops at my asshole presses against it and then continues the slide up my back to where my hands are shackled. With every inhale i smell my musk and i am very aroused now, it takes real will control not to grind down against the cool sheets.

He reaches over me to the drawer next to my bed and he takes out a tube of lube. I smell the pink smell of the lube as he squeezes a droplet onto his finger and rubs it over the entrance to my anus. He tests it with his finger pressing it into my bottom. He kneads my ass cheeks with his other hand and says softly "relax baby, let me in" i take a breath and go limp for him, and his finger easily slides into me. I feel the fullness immediately and i start to arch up toward His finger. He pushes my cuffed wrists down hard against my body "Stay fucking still!"

I am frustrated and needy. I want Him. I am not in the mood to be obedient and that's what is such a thrill for Him. He knows it hard for me to be patient now. With his finger in my ass. He kneads my ass hard with the other hand, pinching it and massaging it. I relax into the massage and when i am fully limp and plyant to Him, he pulls his finger from my as starts spanking with both hands. Slap, SLAP... Slap, SLAP, One cheek then the other. After a while, the spanks hurt, and my body is hot and damp, i am gripping the hem of my dress in my sweating palms behind me and i shudder with each slap and i try to wriggle away.

He stops slapping at me for a moment and kneels across my knees, resting his weight on my calves. He resumes. Slap slap slap! I clench my ass and i say in my head "You cant hurt me, You cant hurt me" so that i dont flinch, i close my eyes and steady myself to the rythum of his slaps. He pauses "are you ok baby?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"Have you had enough now, princess?"

"only if You have, Daddy."

With that, He laughs, "what a good fucking slut i have." He massages my sore red ass saying " no fun it it if you dont mind." He lifts up my ass and kisses the sore red cheeks and slips a pilllow under my hips. I become excited. He parts my ass cheeks again and presses his finger into my still lubed asshole. Then he adds more lube and slides in another finger. I am doing all i can not to buck up toward him when He pulls out His finger and gets off of me.

He stands in front of my face when He drops His shorts and places his cock on my cheek. "What do you want, princess?" I stay as still as possible and speak into His shaft. "I want your cock please, Daddy. I want to put it into my mouth and suck You off unitl You cum down my throat."

I see his hard cock twitching in front of me, and He makes a raspy sound in His throat. but He says "sorry girl, not today" He slaps my face with His cock. I am so fucking frustrated now, i just want to have it! I am becoming more annoyed with each pat of his cock on my cheek, and i am starting to chill again from the freezing air conditioner. He can see it in the lines of my body. He slides a hand over my face and presses his cock against my cheek. "poor baby, wants a cock" He teases me. I open my mouth and turn my head to take his cock. He grips my hair and holds my head still as he slaps my face with his cock. He presses his balls into my nose and strokes his cock. I am irritated. I am feeling disobedienent and i know i wont win. But i want HIM!!! I want that cock. I am frustrated now, competely. It seems the more annoyed and fractious i become the more aroused He becomes.

His balls pressed to my nose smell of that earthy musk that is particular to HIm combined with my own scent he wiped on my nose. I stick out my tongue and lap at his swaying balls as he jerks his cock over my head. He leans forward wiping the precum on my face and steps away. I close my eyes in utter disgruntaled defeat.

He kneels at my feet leaning over my back and squeezes more lube into my ass and slides his fingers back into my asshole. Pressing hard now. He climbs over me and parts my ass cheeks and stradles my ass. He guides his cock into me. Slowly, i feel myself parting to take his girth and i try to arch away from his intrusion. He is too big for my bottom. His thickness is painful, and i feel him trying to control himself so he doesnt push too fast and hurt me.

He is soothing now, gentling me, he knows how frustrated he made me. He unclips the carabiener holding my shackled hands and they drop limply to the bed. "Baby, relax, let me in, i need to feel your tight asshole around me. Please baby, do it this for me." I take in slow deep breaths and He pushes slowly lubing his passage until he is as deep into me as i can take Him. He grunts "Oh My Fuckign God, baby. I am not sure i can do this. You are too tight... you are too fucking tight." I hear Him and tell myself to relax more. Its so painful, but it feels so good. So full so increadibly full. He sits straddling my tender ass cheeks, not moving and he starts to back up. I yelp, "NO!" not in pain but in fear he will take his cock away and i wont have it anymore. I buck back up toward his retreating cock. "Its ok baby, you can have my cock now, i promise i wont take it away"

I shudder finally relaxing losing my anger and i move with Him. My ass can take Him. He slides his thick cock in and out of me. Slowly at first but then he quickly gains speed when he feels me relenting to him, i am on the verge of cumming. I need His orgasm.

When he is in my ass, i feel like i have two pussies, one that he is fucking and one that is about to cum. It's totally surreal. Supernatural almost having two cunts. I feel Him throbbing and i buck hard up toward Him grunting into the soft sheets. He askes if i am ready. I scream "YES! PLEASE!"

"NOW!" A short bark of a command sends me reeling. I am screaming shuddering bucking hard against his impaling cock, and pressing my drooling pussy against the sheets. I feel a spasm, not sure if it is Him or me, and then he pulls out in one fast stroke and coats my buttox with his seed, then shoves his cock back into my open asshole. I am screaming into the pillows now. Rocking back and forth and cumming in waves. My ass is slick and his cock slides in easily now. He flops onto my back panting and jerking his hips into me. With each shudder of his hips i am whimpering groaning and convulsing against Him.

He slips his spent tool out of me and rolls off of me to lays aside me wrapping a leg up over my hip. He kisses my sweaty forehead and smiles at me. "Baby, you are so fucking impatient." I laugh and close my eyes feeling his body close and i start to chill again.

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  1. I've been following your blog since you introduced it to me via the irc channel I met you in. This last posting was amazing. I confess I made the mistake of reading it at work and had to contend with a raging hard on and a steady flow of pre-cum as a result. Perhaps next time I'll save the reading until later. But really, your writing is hugely compelling and uber hot! Can't wait for more!


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