Rough And Dirty Gems

Rough And Dirty Gems

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Home At Last

I know it has been such a long time my loyal faithful followers, but this poor girl has been so busy. I have been traveling with work and then i was on vacation with the family. All of that has put a dent in my horny blogging. I am so very sorry for keeping you in suspense for so long. I only have time today for a short little tease, but i promise to be more diligent about blogging soon!

So my faithfuls, what shall i tell you about, how about sex on the beach. So sorry, there is none in my recent history to tell you about. So let me talk very briefly about needs. On the vacation tight quarters made actual shagging difficult, but whilst away, sitting at a campfire with the Man, He pulled my folding chair closer to his and put my hand on his hard cock. There were other people around so i wasn't allowed to stroke Him and suckle Him as i would if we were alone. I would have gladly, gotten to my knees and sucked him off out doors in front of the fire, or stroked Him with my hand until He came, but, never with children about.

Later, we lay in our small bed, listening to the waves on the beach, and He whispers to me "princess, i want to spank your ass so hard right now. I want to do it in the rhythm of the surf" i snuggle close and giggle softly into His ear as His fingers slide under my thin night dress. He doesn't slap my ass because there are children sleeping in the next room, a thin sheet of wainscoting between us. He slides a finger into me and bites my ear reminding me to be very quiet. He presses His hard cock against me and growls into my ear, "this is so hard for you isn't it, princess?"

I nod my head in the darkness and He bites my bottom lip, "no talking, baby, keep quiet" I gasp as His finger strokes my g-spot and i wrap my legs around His hips. He wriggles into me and i feel His big thick cock throbbing when he enters me. It has been days and i am sooo tight. He gasps softly and I moan into His ear, "fucccccckkkkhhhhhhh" It feels so good, we are moving in silence and i wrap my legs high on his hips, pulling him down to me. I shudder biting my palm so not to scream. I need Him so much, i want Him to make me His, turn me over slap my ass and make me beg for Him.

He smells of woodsmoke, chlorine, the misty salt air and the ocean. He leans down, takes a nipple into his mouth, and tugs it hard, i writhe up against him arching higher so that my breast is nearer to His sucking mouth. Then he lets it go with a soft pop and it bounces back against my chest. He grunts softly bucking harder against me, i feel the walls of the little cabin we are in flexing to the motion of His thrusts. The crashing of the surf seems to be too slow now, I put my hands onto his shoulders and i hear him in a hazy dream "cum now" I shudder arching up against Him and i feel Him throbbing and pulsing inside of me.

I let out a tiny squeak of pleasure and pant breathlessly against His chest. He slumps onto me, and moans softly, "fuck baby, i need more"

We both came, but we were both left wanting more, the freedom to make love as noisily and as long as we both wanted. Vacation sex, is not always as good as the vacation.


  1. wow.... I liked that. it got my dick a little woody. thanks...

  2. Just wanted to say thanks for finding me on Twitter. Your blogs remind me how hot reading sex on the 'net can be.

    I'm Saiman40 on twitter.


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