Rough And Dirty Gems

Rough And Dirty Gems

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Ride to Heaven

We woke up on Friday morning giddy as children. We snuggled in our warm bed as His hands roamed over my body. He pinched my nipples and curled His naked body against me. "Baby, i don't think i can wait to give you your anniversary surprise"

I giggled and begged, "Please please can i have it now. Please?" I wasn't sure what i was begging for but i wanted his cock so badly and i hoped it was that. He laughed at my eagerness. "such a good little slut. But i don't have it yet."

He dressed me in a short skirt and knee socks and a tight cardigan sweater. He asked me to put my hair in pig tails for Him. He was taking me away for the weekend all the details were a surprise. We were all packed and ready to go.

We got in the car and started heading north. We stopped at the Big E (big agricultural fair.) We held hands and he ushered me around the fair, one hand on my bottom, and i put my hand in his back pocket. We laughed and kissed and acted like teenagers on a date. He took me on the Ferris wheel, when it got stranded at the top, He slid a hand into my sweater and took out my breast and bit my nipple. I blushed and pushed Him away. He looked at me sternly, "Princess, you are My property, don't push Me away." I blushed and giggled embarrassed as He fingered my wet pussy through my panties on the way down from the top of the Ferris wheel.

When we disembarked, i was hastily pushing my breast back into my bra and tugging down my skirt. I don't know if anyone noticed but i giggled and skipped ahead to the horse arena. He took me by the hand and we climbed into the stands. The sulky horses were just about to enter the ring. I am a city girl and know almost nothing about horses, but i do know about leather. Hubby whispered in my ear, "princess that shiny leather harness with the bells would look so pretty on your bare pink ass, i think we will need to get some patent leather straps with shiny bells just for your pretty tits."

I shuddered. My pussy started to leak in Pavlovian response to His teases. The stodgy couple in front of us turned around at my giggles, and my Man, just looked squarely back as if to say "What are you lookin at, Dude?" I was embarrassed but that was His point. He slid a hand under my skirt and snaked a finger into my panties and then pulled it out wet with my nectar and touched it to my nose then licked it clean as if He was savoring the best cake batter left in the bowl. The rest of the day i smelled my hungry musky smell.

We had lunch and then we got back into the car and drove north. We laughed and sang to the radio the whole way up to Vermont. When we got off the highway, the sun was glowing red on the golden leaves and he looked at me. I looked back self conscious, and shy. He shut the radio off and pulled off the road. "Baby, you are so fucking beautiful, i just want you, but I promised 10 hours of torture and I don't think you have even suffered for one." He pulled me close over the shifter and kissed me hard. He cupped a breast in one hand, "We are nearly there baby girl, and i want you so badly."

He turns the car into the most romantic little New England Inn i have ever seen. The outside is covered in Victorian gingerbread shingles and we are met by the inn keeper at the door. "You must be the happy couple on their 10th honeymoon." My face split into a huge smile. I was in complete shock by the surprise. The amount of planning He did to arrange all of this, the lovely inn, the friendly inn keeper, i just beamed happiness. Every pore of me alight with adoration for my Man. The inn keeper commented to me "Are you always this happy dear?" I blushed and gushed to my Man "Oh my god, You did awesome, oh my God, You are sooooo awesome!" He laughed and the inn keeper showed us around the lovely 150 year old house that was broken into 9 rooms.

All of the rooms were lovely, almost all had fire places. By this point i am wondering which one is ours. I had picked out my favorite; the pretty one with the big bed and the large ball in claw tub. Then the inn keeper guides us up one more flight of stairs to the "suite" he pushes open the door, and i am just thrust into the most beautiful room i have ever seen. The walls were peeked to the high to the ceiling and had large windows set in both sides of the high vaulted ceiling so there are vistas of the mountains on both sides. The leaves were changing color even more on the mountain, so the setting sun cast a golden orange glow over the landscape and soaked the large room with bright autumn light. In the center of the room is a huge cast iron four poster bed. I started jumping up and down, and giggling, "You are so awesome, You are so awesome!!!!!!" He laughed "princess, settle down"

Then the inn keeper showed us the bath, and that is when i started to cry. There is a huge whirlpool tub in a marble surround that is tucked into a gable where there is a large window that overlooks the town green. The inn keeper tells us that the glass is coated so no one can see in and winks at Hubby. Then, the inn keeper shows us to the "widows walk". A small cast iron spiral staircase that leads to the roof deck. The roof deck is set with cheese crackers and champagne for our arrival. The inn keeper leaves us up there to enjoy our snack. I start to gush. "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!" He laughs and pulls me to Him and kisses me between the breasts and holds me close. "You really like it, baby?" I look at him like He is mental and nod my head, at a complete loss of words. He coos into my ears as He kisses my neck, "I really love you, princess. I really, really do. "


  1. Well did I mention hot?

  2. I loved this chica. You know I love it when youre happy. And Ferris Wheels are fun! ;) K


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