Rough And Dirty Gems

Rough And Dirty Gems

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Good Things Cum to Those Who Wait.

I stood there in His arms, as He sat on the roof deck with a glass of Champagne in His hand. I looked down at Him, amazed, and flushed with emotion. I pressed myself closer to Him and He slid the fingers of one hand over my arms and down my hips and around my back. With his other hand he slowly traced the V neckline of my sweater with his half full champagne glass. Slowly dragging the cool smooth glass downward He circled my hard nipple through my cardigan. He pushed the rim of the glass up under my taut nipple and grinned lustily up at me as i watched the glass make its slow circuit of my chest. I shivered slightly and He locked eyes with me. The air seemed to crackle with electricity as He took a sip of champagne and set down his glass. His eyes never leaving mine.

He pulled me closer with the hand that was around my hips, reaching up He tugged open the buttons of my sweater one by one in a soft "Pop... Pop... Pop...pop."He slid his warm hands into my sleeves and pulled the soft wool off my shoulders and left the discarded fabric draped at my elbows. He nuzzled His face into my heated flesh and slid his hands up my belly to cup my breasts in his large hands. I smiled down at Him and He un-clipped the front hook of my bra and let it fall open, my large breasts bobbed free of their restraint. I felt the cool air on my bare skin as He pressed a cheek to my belly and nuzzled into my cleavage. He lifted one breast to his mouth and sucked it until my nipple was firm and needy, he repeated with the other in the same agonizingly slow fashion.

Then he pushed me back to arms distance and looked at me, as if he was surveying a mannequin in a shop window, tilting his head from one side then the other and he reached up with his hands and slid them under my skirt. I gasped fully exposed and i turned my head to see people walking on the sidewalk in front of the inn. I looked back at Him again, i felt hazy, as if i left my body, and i was in a bubble of soft warmth. The street below didn't matter, nothing mattered. He kept looking at me and tucked his fingers into the hem of my panties and slid them down to my knees. I felt the cold air on my moist entrance instantly and all i wanted to do is get to my knees and worship Him.

I cooed softly and slid my fingertips into his hair, my arms feeling very short due to my sweater around my elbows draped toga-like down my hips. He pushed me back again, a bit farther and stood up. He turned me to face the street and came behind me, holding my breasts out before me, and whispered into my ear. "They can see you if draw attention, princess" He held my breasts pinching my nipples as i ground my hips against His bulging jeans. He kissed my neck and my pussy felt like it was dripping into the panties around my knees.

He bent me over the railing, my large bare breasts falling forward as he lifted my skirt and slapped my ass with a resounding "CRACK!" My bubble of warmth and serenity was broken in that one instant. I saw a woman on the street look up to see where the sound came from. I gasped and looked over my shoulder at Him. My eyes opened wide and i hissed in a sotto voce, "she will see" He laughed softly into my ear, "I know, princess, isn't it great?"He pushed my head down again, lifted my skirt and i flinched away from His swat. He grabbed me by the hair, and hissed too loudly to be accidental, "Stay Still" His hand came hard this time, hitting the roundness of my ass with a "CRACK" then again "CRACK" I closed my eyes so not to see the street, but He wasn't going to let me off. So i relaxed into my submission, and love, and trust with each "CRACK" I drifted away, back into my bubble of warmth.

He was stroking my hair now, "good girl, you are cold... lets go inside" He pulled my sweater off my arms and dropped it down the hatch into the bedroom below. He pulled a fluffy towel from the rod and laid it on the bed. He guided me to sit on the bed. He touched me, everywhere, slowly taking the rest of my clothes off and laid me back onto the towel. He was cooing a stream of compliments and nice words, "good girl... such a good girl i have.... so pretty.... such beautiful skin" as he kissed down my belly, i reached my head up to kiss Him or to touch Him but He always gently pushed me back cooing nicely at me.

He put his lips on mine for a moment and then left me there for a a long while. I was in a fever now, it was like time stood still but i felt i needed to feel Him, have His touch, have Him near. I didn't want to move or touch myself. He would know if i had. I wanted to be perfect for Him. His princess.

When he returned he had His suitcase and mine. He dropped them on the floor and left again for a short moment returning with the bottle and glasses of champagne. He poured Himself another glass took a large gulp, then tipped it into my lips and spilled some of the cold fizzing wine over my cheek. I felt it roll down my cheek and neck, leaving a cold trail. I felt my nipples tighten in response. He tipped the glass gently over my chest and i felt the cold bubbles on one nipple and watched as he sucked the dripping champagne off my tit, biting gently on my nipple. He repeated His slow torture on the the other breast, nipping at the tender flesh as he sucked away the fizzing bubbles.

Then he kissed me deep and hard. I tasted the sweet alcohol on his lips he sucked my bottom lip into his mouth as he pulled away. Then, He spread my legs, wide, but didn't touch my moist cleft. I arched my hips up toward Him. He just smiled as He lifted his glass again took another swig, then lifted his glass high as if to make a toast, he tipped the remainder onto my cunt. The cold bubbles making me writhe away from it. I felt the bubbles dripping down the cleft of my ass. Then he lowered his chin to my pussy and looked up at me. "Baby, don't cum, no matter what don't cum."

He moved His lips to my swollen lips and sucked the cool bubbles from my parting. I was writhing in ecxtacy. It felt like a million cocks all fucking me at once. I was lost, in another world, on that precipice but didn't dare fall over. I needed to behave, my fingers curled into the soft down coverlet. I was moaning, incoherent. I was lost, the colors in my head were a kaleidoscope of pleasure and lust, prickling every pore i ever had. I was chanting His name, "I love you, i love you, i love you, please....." He pulled back his lips. His chin was glossy with my nectar as he covered me with his body. He kissed me hard on the lips, sharing my own lust with me. Then he entered me, and i was whole.

I bucked up against him and we moved as one. I was entirely part of Him as He filled me, slowly at first, but then he filled me, more and more and i felt like i was going to be so full i would burst from the inside and then we moved together, slowly and gained tempo. Then, He grunted "baby, now, Oh my fucking god i love you, now, baby cum with me" I exploded, i felt myself turn inside out and i let go, every single thing i my life was gone at that moment except Him. His cock throbbed so perfectly inside of me until i was completely empty. I lay there under Him, weeping, spent, not able to move just radiating love, kissing Him and holding him on me. I cooed softly, giddily into His ear. "I love you so much, i love you soooooooo much, thank you, thank you, thank, you."

Then he said it, what every Master should tell a girl, "you did so good baby, I'm so proud of you. " I smiled, beaming to myself and wrapped my legs up around His hips and poured all of my love into Him. "thank You"


  1. That was so sexy and hot. The champagne alone set the mood and I got this tone... it was very sensual and erotic. I loved it... took everything I had to not start touching myself halfway through it, chica. LOVED IT in other words ;)

  2. Extremely hot.. a fantasy...a real life experience.. a dream come true..

  3. My god your writing is hot... I was fortunate enough to find a link to your profile on Twitter today.

  4. This is so true....I've been there before....I love you I love you I Love You and I Kiss push her across the bed....Fucking so hard....cummmmming spurt after spurt deep....Mmmmmmm those magic words....tytytyty....
    Like I already knew...Wow


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