Rough And Dirty Gems

Rough And Dirty Gems

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

outing 1

Two things just recently happened to me that "outed" me as a lifestyle submissive. Both were completely unplanned and unexpected, however the results of both were extremely interesting.

Let me give you a bit of personal background about what i do for a living without divulging too much. I am a jeweler. I often do custom work for customers. My employees and customers have no idea of my secret thinkerbelle identity.  i keep my private life very private and my professional life is very vanilla. --- Until recently.

It was a cold day in February, and I had a customer come in asking for a custom necklace for His girlfriend. He wanted a solid 2 piece silver ring with a heart shaped locket clasp and a hinge. So without thinking, i said "Yes Sir,like a hard collar."

The man smiled, then noticed my own collar,a very thick gold Omega chain, and said "Yes you are in the lifestyle. You are a slave I see, you know what i want then." He said this with no intention of outing me to my employees. But alas, He roused suspicion and i had to answer stupid questions from my subordinates like "does Mr. Wonderful beat you up and lock you in a cage?." "Does He make you cook naked and sit on the floor like a dog?""Does He watch you service His friends?"

I mean really, do vanillas think that about lifestyle BDSM? To answer your questions you crazy 'nillas that wont ever read my blog- Yes, Hubby makes me bark like a dog and keeps my hands in cuffs. I have to wear a black corset and thigh high boots with 8" heels whenever i am in the house! I am locked in chains and gagged 18 hours a day, and sleep on the floor on a mat next to His bed.

For the rest of you, that are half in and half out, or curious about the lifestyle, I think that perhaps there may be a very few that live like that, but i think that is a very small subset within the BDSM community.

Anyway, sorry, back to the story. I did that commission and the Man who assigned it was thrilled. He has since sent many of His lifestyle friends to me for custom collars. By  recognizing a fellow lifestyler, he brought me a lot of work. (As i am sure You know, Wwe in the lifestyle like to keep amongst ourselves when making purchases of the heart.)

I don't often worry about what others think of me, that's not really my thing, but in business i do worry how my personal affairs may affect my business. In this case, it may have increased my business and perhaps the "outing" gave me the opportunity to enlighten some people that may never learn that "normal" people can have parts of their relationships that are confusing to some.

I have NEVER gone to work with bruises or marks (other than the occasional hickey that Hubby thinks is funny to plague me with.) After the initial curiosities, the people that work for me have never asked me about anything as personal as my D/s relationship with my Husband. So i suppose, all is well that ends well.


  1. Thank you for sharing Minx.. #nilla's have no idea about the scene so always make stupid comments and ask stupid questions

  2. Gosh ain't it the truth Miss, the concept vanilla's have of sissies is what they get from Jerry Springer. Strangely, i don't live in a trailer and i have never cheated on any partner.

  3. thinkerbelle, oh my God, you're one of them there preverts!! I never would have guessed it ;)

    So.. do you like the cage? How often do the corsets and boots need replacing? I'd think with constant wear, it's pretty often *g*

    Do the handcuffs have an emergency release? I assume having to see you dressed like that has the potential of giving a man heart issues and I'd hate to think of you all alone, restrained and crying if he left the room and didn't return.. okay, maybe I wouldn't *hate* that visual.. in fact, nm, carry on grrrly ;)



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