Rough And Dirty Gems

Rough And Dirty Gems

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Aural Sex

I waited for days for the phone to ring. I waited and waited. But when it rang i was soooooo happy. The sound of His voice. All at once, i felt myself stir, i wasn't alone, i could hear it in His voice, He was happy to talk to me. It wasn't one of those calls where He said He would call and did out of obligation. He called to talk to ME. To tell me He loves me. He wants to touch me, feel my body next to His. He tells me about his long day on the road. I tell him about my day, how hard it was without Him. "He says baby, don't you worry about all that. I am here now, princess." He tells me of the road, the long ride, he tells me how He thinks of me, wishing I was with Him, sharing the ride with Him.

He was tired. I could hear it in His voice. I asked, "Should i let you get to bed?" He laughs, a raucous laugh, the kind that sends shivers through me. "Baby, I miss you so bad. I want to have you near me, to put Me to bed."

He loves the sound of my voice. He loves just hearing me speak. I read to Him. A love story about Him. He goes silent, but I hear Him breathing. I ask Him if i should stop. I hear Him smile, and says, "No baby, keep reading to me."

I can hear that catch in His voice, the tone that tells me He is hard. His breath is more irregular and rasps softly in my ear. I keep reading. The phone line hisses. He is so far away. But i feel His breath on me, his lips on my earlobe kissing me as i read to Him. The story ends and He tells me, to get undressed, and get into bed.

His voice is soothing, it's like a lullaby, the kind that you wouldn't sing to the children. It's a crooning sound, that makes me wet and want to obey everything. I can hear in his voice what He is doing. His cock is so hard. He asks me to talk to Him, tell Him how much i want Him. I tell Him, I love Him, and i list all the things i love about Him. How He makes me beg, and how me makes me love begging, how He makes me want Him and how never get enough. I tell Him the filthy things He loves hearing me say. The dirty secrets that we keep.

He laughs softly, a raunchy, husky sound, i am so wet and want Him so badly. We play a game, "Would you get undressed and sit on the bed for me?"

I respond "yes, i would do anything for You"


"Yes, Anything."

"Would you suck my cock?"


He is annoyed. "Say it! Tell me what you would do"

I tell Him I would suck His cock, take it into my mouth and milk it with my tongue and cheeks.

He asks, "Would you taste my pre-cum?"

I respond in detail, i would paint my face in His pre-cum. Then milk a drop onto my tongue and swallow it, savoring every nuance.

He asks more questions, each one filthier than the next. I respond and tell Him i would do anything for Him, until He hits my limit. He laughs, and tells me to say it anyway, He wants to know His girl will do anything He wants.

I love Him so much, I say whatever He wants me to. Its a game, I know He wont make me do it. He just wants to hear me say it, I tell Him He owns me, all the way. He is so hot now. I hear the catch in His throat, He is so ready to cum.

He tells me to touch myself, over my panties. I tell Him how wet i am. How ready my cunt is for Him. He tells me what He would do to my cunt if He were there with me. How he would part the silken petals and tease me. Tasting me and not letting me move until He was done with His treat. He would run His tongue over me, dipping it into my warm wetness, coating His face with my musk. He wouldn't touch my clit for a very long time, make me beg for Him. I beg, i beg and beg. I tell Him, i love Him, and i need Him and want Him so much.

He grunts, that sharp sound, that makes it sound like He is in pain. That sound that makes my skin crawl and my loins tighten. That sound that sounds so painful, so close to petite morte. That sound that makes me wild. My gift will come soon.

I ask Him in a slow husky voice, if he needs to cum. He says, He wants me so fucking badly, but He is in no hurry. He tells me if i were there, He couldn't wait. He would have to cum as soon as He felt my warm cunt touching His cock. He tells me His cock is drooling, its so wet. I tell Him how much I love Him for that. How much i love that He can hold out so long.

My wonderful Man, He takes His time, He whispers to me, softly, "Princess, i need to hear you cum, baby." That is all it takes, i am in a frenzy. I lose myself into His voice, His soft words, sending me over the edge. He knows me so well. He asks me to say the one more thing to Him, our secret, and He erupts into my ear. His breath is ragged, His voice is gravely and He slips over the edge and i listen to every note to hear that special song. We lay panting together in our separate beds.

He croons sweet words at me. I feel His breath in my ear. I am wrapped in His arms, His body sweaty against me. I am spent and smile drunkenly.

"Good night, princess, I love you."

I feel His kiss on my forehead as we fall asleep entwined.

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