Rough And Dirty Gems

Rough And Dirty Gems

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Ooh it has been so long since i told my lovely followers of my love for cum. I had a pleasant conversation very recently where i was asked, "so you love cum that much?"

My response, my loyal readers is, Yes. I love the knowledge of His desire and watching the power of his need on His face and spurting from His cock when His cum pulses from his throbbing member. I love milky texture and the tangy taste He gives to me. I derive total satisfaction in His orgasm.

For me, a Man's cum is nectar of the gods. I worship it on my knees. I love it, and want to behold it. Cum is is the purest essence of a man. His love and passion and his need and desire all spilled onto me. Drizzled or squirted upon me. I am like an alter for His offering. His chalice to hold his sacrifice. I as, His vessel am the one that is used to bring forth his spirit and make me whole, the sacrament.

My dear readers, do you see now more of why i revere a man and his cock so. How i feel no shame at worshiping his member and the nectar he produces? Can you understand why, being covered in his seed makes me so happy. Why it is that when i hear his final grunts and watch his cum spew forth i am blissful?

It is my desire, my sincerest wish to be the one who gives such pleasure to a Man. If my writing does that for you, please tell me. I love such compliments. Until the next time...

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  1. that first story on top is fucking hot
    i really really liked it...


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