Rough And Dirty Gems

Rough And Dirty Gems

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dungeon princess

"Princess, I have a surprise for you." He led me to the cross in the center of the dusky room. I felt the terror creeping through my body and i started to giggle and resist, i pulled my arm away from His and felt my breath run cool in my chest.

He looked at me, sternly, "Princess, obey" I started to giggle and said something sassy in response. "Don't you trust Me?" His voice had that tremor of hurt in it. I giggled, "i did until a few minutes ago."

He looked at me hard, assessing me, He looked at His feet and said sadly "let's go then."

I hurt Him. I didn't mean to, but i did. I was sorry, He wanted this to be fun for me. I took a breath and stopped laughing. "I am sorry, Sir. Yes, i trust You, always."

He pointed at me, at my sundress, "off" He was nervous too. This was our first time in the rented dungeon. I looked at Him, and reminded myself in my head, "submit, girl, submit, you are His property, He will take care of you, submit, it will be o.k." I sang these words in my head as a mantra. Over and over, "submit, submit, submit"

He smiled at me weakly at first then he just stood there watching me. He watched as i stood there in the cool humid air, my nipples under my white lace bra hard and attentive. He watched as my breathing slowed, and he saw me slipping into His control. I shifted from foot to foot, and He stepped closer to me, He leaned down to whisper into my ear, "You are fine princess, trust Me."

The mantra i kept singing my head "submit, submit submit...." played over and over again with each breath i slowed and felt the air become thicker and looked around again. I saw the shine of the buckle on the cross, i saw the hooks on the walls that held assorted Gothic looking implements, i saw the line of red paint that was uneven on the wall and the faux brass rivets on the spanking horse in the corner. The dark room seemed suddenly bright and the details of it stuck out in my head, but the edges of the reality of it were starting to haze. He pushed me gently toward the cross. I stepped up to it, my whiteness, the whiteness of my panties and bra, the femininity of my shoes seemed to contrast in his dark dungeon. He saw it too, he smiled at the juxtaposition of me nearly naked and pure in this room designed for the dirtiest of kinks.

He took my hand in His and kissed my knuckles gently. Then He lifted it to the arm of the cross, a shudder of panic rippled down my spine and into my loins, as i felt the clasp of the buckle tighten around my wrist. Then the other hand. I looked at Him, and the palpable fear that washed over me, knowing that i couldn't get away if i wanted to now pricked over me. It was up to trust.

"Submit. Submit. Submit...." the words came to me again and again i became pliant to Him. I wouldn't feel any pain, until He wanted me to. I was His. Entirely. I left myself to become His. I was entirely free. I faced the wall. He asked me if i wanted to be blindfolded, then i felt the soft leather of a blindfold over my face. He tugged my collar gently to remind me what I am. I knew it already, I am His. Then i felt the soft tendrils of a flogger on my bottom, and his hand kneading my fleshy ass. He held me from behind, and held my breasts. Gripping them hard over my bra. He pulled one of my round white breasts out over the top of my bra. I couldn't see as he pinched the pink nipple in his fingertips, harder and harder until i squirmed. He moved in close "good girl" He hissed in my ear. Those words that send a shiver through me.

I wanted to obey more. My arms were starting to ache, and reminded myself "pain is good, whatever he wants i am...submit"He held Himself close to me, and thrust His hips at me. He was self conscious being in a rented room. But no one would disturb us. He was still clothed, fully. He pulled my panties down. He pressed two fingers into my dripping cunt and whispered to me "princess, you are all wet. you like this don't you?"

I nodded and started to giggle. He spanked my bare ass with his hand a few times, i felt the blossom of pain rising through me and into my loins. With his fingers still in me, He slapped my bottom over and over with His hand, until my bottom was on fire and i was grinding against His hand. He pressed Himself against me so that i could feel his hard cock through his jeans against my bare hip. I wanted Him, i would have done anything for Him at that moment. I begged Please please please can i have You. He bit my ear and told me "be a patient girl."

My feet ached and so did my arms. The pain was starting to seep into my subspace and i was starting to become uncomfortable and aware. I asked Him to release my arms. He did, and i learned be careful what you wish for. He pulled the spanking horse from the corner and he told me to lean over it. He took my bra off and i felt the sticky vinyl cover of it soft on my bare belly and tits. I shuddered as He bound my hands and feet to the legs of it. I am short but i had to be on tippy toes so i could have my hands in position for the straps. I was bent low, with my ass high. He took the blind fold off so i could watch him take a paddle off the wall.

The fear riveted through me again, He reminded me of the safe word and put the blind fold back on. I flinched and screamed when i heard the air whistle past the paddle. Then the light tap on my bottom made me waggle. He laughed, "it's all in your head, princess" I started singing in my head again, "submit...submit...submit." i relaxed again, as stroke after stroke of the paddle on my ass left me wet with tears.

I couldn't move except to waggle my bottom at Him which made Him laugh and spank me again with the paddle. Each blow made a blossom of heat rise through my ass into my chest and down to my loins. It hurt so much, but it felt so fucking good. I thought i would burn up. I thought about the safe word, but ooh fuck, i didn't want to say it. I wouldn't give in. I wouldn't let Him better me, there is such power in submission. Then when i couldn't take anymore and i was panting with the effort of staying in that position, tears and perspiration slipping off my cheeks. He rubbed my bottom with soothing lotion and massaged hard it into my sore ass crooning "what a good girl, what a good fucking girl I have, what a good little slut" He slid a finger into my eager throbbing cunt and then one in my ass. He slid them in back and forth and whispered, "that's a good girl, cum for Daddy." i screamed and writhed against my restraints over and over, every single pore of my body throbbing with my orgasm. A white heat flooded over me as i came and i felt every single part of me prickle with release.

He untied me and helped me stretch. Gently He put a cushion under me and sat me on the floor with my head in His lap. He sat in a ridiculous throne made from wood and painted in gold gilt. It had a red crushed velvet cushion and He rested my head between his legs. He pet my hair and let me rest against Him. I reached up i took His cock out of His jeans. I needed to feel Him, to know i had pleased Him. He smiled down at me, and let me have Him. I took Him gently into my lips and hands, feeling his long thick shaft slide into my throat. I held Him there, resting hard and throbbing in my throat and slowly lifted up. Suckling His cock into my lips slowly with each stroke, taking my time to pleasure Him. He curled His fingers into my hair and held me down for a moment too long, i lifted up, gasping. I curled my fingers around His balls tenderly caressing Him, milking Him. Then He gently drove my head back down onto His hard cock, over and over in a torturous rhythm, up and back, up and back. Gulping His cock deeper and deeper into my throat, until He held me down again and then, gripped at my hair and pulled me off, as he shot his sticky seed all over my face.

He hadn't thought to bring anything to clean up with so he wiped my face on my panties and put them sticky with my nectar and his cum in his pocket. He helped me put my dress back on, my arms were too sore to lift over my head. He was gentle with me. Kissing at my neck and biting at me gently as He dressed me. He teased me and played with my nipples as he put my bra on me. I stood there in my white sun dress and He smiled at me. The contradiction of what had happened in that dark Gothic room juxtaposed against my pure virginal dress made Him smile. He still laughs about it, if only people knew what His girl was really like.


  1. hmm very good- bit more punisment needed

  2. Should have worshipped his cock more...after he came. then he should have fed the cum to her and had her rub into her face....then wear it out in public... Otherwise a really great story... yeah my mind is depraved..


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