Rough And Dirty Gems

Rough And Dirty Gems

Monday, July 20, 2009

Tour De France

My Man looks at me whilst sitting next to Him and smiles, "Baby, I love you." I giggle at this spontaneous outburst of affection, i snuggle into Him on the sofa and purr against His chest. He knows i love Him, even when He is grumpy. He has the remote in His hand and starts to surf for a new channel. I got to the floor and sit with my head resting on his lap. It is hot in the house, snuggling is sticky and uncomfortable, the cool wooden floor feels nice sometimes on my sticky flesh. He puts His hand in my hair and strokes it absently. His cotton shorts are cool against my face. He puts the Tour De France on. I am thoroughly bored by the commentary. I look up at Him, he feels my eyes on His and He strokes my hair as he watches the race. I rest my cheek against his crotch and i feel it growing. He pretends to ignore me, but i feel His bulge. I know what He wants.

I slide my hands slowly into the legs of his shorts. He looks at me in mock surprise and i look up at Him. He laughs, "such a horny slut I have. Can't a man watch a race without being mauled." I giggle. It's hot in the room, I am bored, and we are alone. I lean forward and rest my palms flat on His thighs. I look at Him, asking permission to touch him, with my eyes. He opens his fly and teases, "You want this don't you, princess?" I nod and smile and press my cheek to the head of His cock. He grins down at me and then looks back at the television Pretending to ignore me again.

My hands are still on His muscular thighs. I feel them hard and powerful under my flat palms. I can feel the tension in His legs. I watch His face as i lower my head and breath on the tip of His cock. He smiles and continues to watch the television. I look down at His cock, and it bobs as if looking for the mouth that my breath came from. I stick out my pink tongue and He glances down at me. Grinning He strokes my hair , not pulling me toward Him and not pushing me away, an impartial gesture. I smell His cock now, earthy and hot, it stands erect against His belly and He looks down at me again teasing, "You really want My cock don't you baby? You want to suck on My big dick?"

"Yes Please, Please can i have a taste of your cock?" I press my soft , firm, round breasts to His balls.

He reaches down and grips my breast hard, and smiles down at me. He fingers my taut nipple through my shirt and bra. With His other the other hand he rubs the head of His cock onto my face. I smile and open my mouth as a pearl of precum forms at the tip and then slowly trickles down over the head as He holds His cock in front of me. "Look baby, you missed a drop." I giggle with excitement, at being allowed to touch His cock with my lips. I press my flat pink tongue to His shaft and then trace the track that the droplet of precum made, until His fleshy head is on my tongue. I look up at Him again, my tongue flat on his cock and he smiles, "It's OK, princess. You can have my cock if you want," He pets my head, "good asking, pet." He looks down at me for a long moment, and then says, "Baby, take your shirt off. I want to see My girl's big pretty titties."

I wriggle out of my t-shirt and unclasp my bra and shimmy out of it. He smiles as my breasts rest on his thighs. I help him tug down His shorts and He settles back into the sofa. I smile up at Him. He pets my hair absently again. His cock is standing for me, it appears to be posing for me. I lean forward and kiss the tip lovingly, caressing it with my lips and tongue. He glances down at me but says nothing. I take His shaft into my hands in prayer position and slide my palms down His long, rigid shaft.

He wraps His calves around my back pulling me toward Him. He reaches down and fingers one of my nipples. Playing idly with it. He pinches it and then lets it go. He watches me, as i flatten my tongue and press it to the head of His cock. I slowly lap down the shaft as another drop of precum rolls over the head and onto my lips, i lick it greedily into my mouth and savor it. He smiles and i hear the TV remote fall to the floor. He smiles and watches me make love to His cock. I bury my face into His balls, smelling His musk and then wash them with my tongue. Gently, i suck his balls one by one into my lips to push them out again. He grunts softly at me and curls his fingers into my dark curls, pressing me into His balls. I love my Man's testicles, they hang low and loose when its warm like this.

I slide my tongue up over His shaft again, nibbling gently at it with my lips as if i am eating corn on the cob. I milk another drop up from his shaft with my hand and watch it fall over the head then i catch it in my eager lips. His fingertips are still curled gently into my hair, and i grin up at Him, feeling the pressure of his desire against the back of my head. I continue to make love to His cock worship the shaft and feel it on my face. I use one hand and paint my face with His oozing precum. My face is sticky and hot from his nectar and he looks down at me. He says, "smile for me baby, i want to see you" I look up at him smiling brightly and he gasps. That nearly inaudible hitch in his breathing that makes me know He is enjoying me. He whispers. "Fuck baby, you look so fucking hot like that." I giggle and look at Him. My eyes locked on His as His cock disappears slowly into my mouth. He makes that sound again.

I feel his cock start to throb. He grips my hair harder and pushes me farther onto Him. He is getting impatient. I never get impatient when i have a cock in my hands and mouth. He thrusts His cock against my throat and grunts. "Fuck baby, you make me crazy" I hear him, and continue to suckle and caress His cock in my mouth and make love to his balls by cupping them in my hand and snuggling them against my chin just as slowly as before.

He grunts and grips my hair pulling me off of him. I feel his cock throbbing, He is trying to stay in control, to wait. I smile up at Him. I don't rush or complain, i just keep my fingers wrapped loosely around His shaft and cupped around His balls. He curls His fingers into my skull, massaging gently and looks at me, with a look of mingled need, pleasure and frustration. He shakes his head in small motions back and forth, as if he is deciding something. I watch all of this and then lean back down to kiss his drooling cock. he pulls me away sharply. "Fuck baby, if you touch me i will cum." He shakes his head and a reverent tone he asks "What are you doing to me?"

He doesn't sound angry. He sounds more amazed and frustrated that He lost control. He pulls me up. I am standing in front of him, he grunts at my shorts. I understand what He wants. He pulls me onto His lap and slides his long hard cock into my pussy. He holds me there. I am still, not grinding, not really moving, just holding His cock in me. I feel him throb in me. He starts to thrust very slowly, very gently moving me on His shaft. He pulls me to Him, He kisses me hard on the mouth then he takes one of my breasts and holds it in His mouth, sucking too hard. It hurts and will leave a bruise. But he doesn't care right now. He needs me. He needs to have me how he wants.

I feel His cock becoming bigger and throbbing more. The fat swollen head of his cock slides past my g-spot with each stroke. He lifts me back and forth on him with his hands on my ass. I am nearly screaming with pleasure and need. I want him so badly!
He pulls me close and whispers in my ear. "cum for me princess...."

That's all it takes, i am weeping, sobbing, with desire and want. My body spasms over Him, milking His cock with my loins, orgasm ripples through me. I look down to see He is gritting His teeth. Holding back. When i am finished I slump onto His chest. He smiles at me. He pushes me off of him, I scream as his cock exits my swollen soaking pussy, and shudder in an aftershock.

He grunts "...On your knees please baby, i wanna see you covered in my cum" I leap to the opportunity and kneel in front of his sticky, distended cock. I gently wrap my lips around his cock and suckle my juices off of him, groaning and cooing softly as i do. He thrusts his hips up toward my mouth and i feel Him throbbing. He is lost, totally out of control now. He grips me by the hair, and pulls my mouth off of His spurting cock with an audible "POP"

He holds His cock in his hand and sprays my face with his seed. He uses the head of his cock to work the creamy seed into my face and then he rests his head back panting and grunting. "Fuck baby, what the hell do you do to me. I fucking love you."
He looks down at me drowsily, "let me see you princess. Let me see what a slut you are."

I giggle self consciously, feeling like a slut as He weakly strokes my hair smiling at me. My face covered in his seed. He presses my sticky face to his belly, caressing me weakly and goes back to watching the bike race on TV.

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  1. For some reason I get off on this more than the girl-love... and I <3 girl-love. mmmm great stuff chica.


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