Rough And Dirty Gems

Rough And Dirty Gems

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Does Size Really Matter?

I am not a doctor but i know enough about researching really important topics online to feel like i can discuss this lengthy topic. As a self admitted cock worshiper, who better to analyze this topic. I mean it is one of my favorites after all.

I know that most of my readers are men. ( Thank you fellas!) In my conversations with most of my male friends or sex partners or online fuck buddies, i hear all the time. My dick is just average. My dick is small. And then there are always the pick up lines in the sex chat rooms where some guy says "I have an 11 inch cock, wanna cyber?" Well to all of you gents that feel unworthy let me start by saying yet again I LOVE COCK! no matter what size you are, so long as you can get it up and make it spit, i am a HAPPY, HAPPY GIRL!

Like i said at the start of this article, i have done EXTENSIVE research into this topic, I read like 4 blogs and 3 online articles on google news, as well as all the wonderful delicious delightful cock photos you gents send me. (Thank you fellas!!) Also, lets not discount all of the wonderful first hand expiriences i have had. You will all get to hear the long and short of it.

I am gonna start out by getting myself in a LOT of trouble here. My Man, has never let me measure his cock with a ruler so my estimate of his delicious, succulent rod is just using a practical measuring device (my hands and mouth). By that measure he is 2 hands a bit in the mouth. But now i ask, who the fuck cares what line is ticked on a ruler? Well sorry boys, all I care about is how hard it gets and how long you can stand my lips wrapped around your sweet rod before you cum. I mean there are benefits to the small ones and to the big ones. But mmm mmmm mmm, like the joke about pizza, even bad pizza its still better than cooking. And by that analagy i mean, any cock is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than not having a cock at all.

I have had sex with a woman, a heated affair infact (story for another blog, stay tuned) but i cannot understand why women go gay. I mean i am all for gay relationships, but dayummmmm whats the point without a cock? I LOVE COCK, and no strapon in the world is as succulent and sweet as any cock you gents pack in your shorts. I mean Writing this is making me all hot and bothered, i will try to continue coherently.

OK, back to the topic i wish was in my hands. Size, does it matter? According to CBS News a Study shows that 85% Of Women Are Pleased With Partner’s Penis Size, But 45% of Men Wish Theirs Were Bigger. So clearly size matters. But here is the key question does it matter to you or your partner?? 85% of women say you are just fine! And i have never met a cock i didn't want to suck!

I have been with all sorts of cocks in my time. From the ones that when he drops his drawers my jaw fell on the floor and said "Oh MY GOD! Did the elephant mind you took his dick?" And the ones that I just pet and say, "its ok dear, you will grow", to find that it has already grown all the way. Here is the rub. Size matters, but only for the task that you are wanting to do.

For example, the best lover i ever had had the smallest cock of all the ones i have ever been with. But he doesn't know he is small and worked that tool like a magician shuffles cards. He could literally have me screaming in orgasm with a tiny change in position, but he is so small in certain positions i wasn't sure he was actually inside of me. But some men with that have big cocks seem to think that's all it takes. "I am packing a rifle loaded with bird shot... she's gonna cum" Sorry boys, it takes more than that.

When i met the man that belongs to the biggest cock i ever saw. He said his dick is less than average. He made all sorts of "irish" jokes about the size of his dick and he said he was on the small size of average. When i finally got to see that golden rod of of lucious manhood, standing erect and crookedly bobbing for my touch. I nearly fell over. I asked him what the hell were all of the jokes about. He replied, something like "when its flacid it looks like all the others in the shower" he went on to explain, the only erect ones he saw were in porn films and by those standards he was average. *(this is porn from the 70's through 1990 when porn stars had huge dicks.)

Let me leave you with this in parting the average cock size world wide varies by less than half an inch, but everyone i have ever met says in all honesty that they think they are a bit less than average. But so long as they are covered in skin i want it in my mouth!

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