Rough And Dirty Gems

Rough And Dirty Gems

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What's the Difference?

Sorry for my absence my loyal and delicious followers, but sometimes a girl needs to rest her poor pussy. In my last post i referred to a heated affair i had with a girl. And gosh, i have been getting a vib in box regarding that tidbit. And ooh, that reminds me, i need to make a correction... NOT ALL the Men i know say they are below average in size, the ones that are below average tell me they are hung like stallions. (Settled that good and plenty.)

MMmm... Girl on Girl action. That's what you want to hear about isn't it? I have been working that one out in my head, how to write it, how to put an actual "affair" into a blog post, how to describe how lovely and tantric being with a woman can be, and how, lovely and different women are from men, how sexual and beautifully formed women are, and how smooth and soft their skin is, in contrast with men. It's thrilling to think about a woman's breasts, feeling one in my hand, tasting the metallic piquant of her nipple. Touching her skin that feels like warm melted butter mixxed with velvet. Feeling the passion welling from within myself amplified by the same exact emotions in another woman.

Women are nothing like men (as if you needed me to tell you that.) But not just in anatomy or in any carnal way. Women are unlike men in how they think and how they react to stimulis. A woman discuss her friend's body, in a conversational way, "Your tits look so great in that dress, i wish my tits looked so nice in anything i own." I have never seen men discuss their anatomy in such an obvious comparative way. Women will touch other women in very intimate ways without feeling awkward. "Feel my legs, this new razor is great." Have you ever imagined a man having his friend touch his face with the back of His hand to feel how smooth His shave is? Makes me giggle to think of. Even the gayest of gay men don't do that.

Women are dichotomies in everything we do. We change our minds, we are fickle, we are two faced, duplicitous, and never seem to know what we want. We can be passionate and affectionate one moment, and nasty and cold the next. Multiply that by 2 women, and you have an exponential potential for pleasure and misery. Add a man to the mix and you have a powder keg with a lit fuse.

That is where my story should begin, but not yet. It will start, i promise. But i am also a woman, a seductress, a siren, an adulteress and tease. I can make you wait, so I will.

Not yet. But very soon, i promise.

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