Rough And Dirty Gems

Rough And Dirty Gems

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Good Morning

So it happened this morning that i was awoken in the most delightful way. In a foggy dream-like state my Man's voice came to me through the haze of sleep, "Princess, I am horny and need to leave soon for work." As His fingers gently pull my head toward the edge of the bed i look up to see Him standing over me, His trousers are open and His cock is in His hand. I look at Him, and smile weakly up at Him. He smiles down at me, "You are such a good girl. Baby, I don't have much time." He says this as His hand slides over His cock and pats the purple tip His cock against my cheek. I smile lazily up at Him and open my mouth, wanting Him to guide His long cock into my lips. He slips His fingers into my hair and caresses my scalp with His strong finger tips.

"Baby, I have been reading your blog. See what you did to me?" I nod and giggle sleepily and open my mouth wider. He says, "No, pet, I want to cum on your face today, to remind you that you are MY girl." I nod silently and reach out my arm to pull His hips toward me. He pushes my hand gently aside and smiles at me. He shakes His cock over my face so that a drop of pre-cum falls on my cheek. I feel the warm wet droplet rolling toward my open lips and i open my mouth to catch it with my tongue. As i tastes His nectar, I feel and hear the lurid wet slapping of His cock on my hollow cheek and i close my eyes again.

Then i hear Him pull open the drawer next to my bed. He puts a vibrator into my hand. With one hand on His cock He pulls the blankets aside and exposes my bare breasts and my white cotton panties. He pulls the panties aside and directs me to presses the vibrator against my pussy. "I want to watch you pet. I want to watch you make yourself hot for Me."

I part my legs, and slide the vibrator between my already moist lips and stroke it slowly up from the entrance to my clit. I arch my hips up toward His hand which is pulling my white panties aside. I roll my hips toward Him. He laughs, His raucous bawdy laugh, "No, princess, you get nothing from Me, show Me how much you want Me." He slaps my cheek with His hard cock, it bounces from my cheek and i watch as the beautiful, purple head arcs toward my face and slaps my cheek again and again. THWAT... THWAT... TWHAT with each stroke of His cock against my face. I tighten my cheeks so that the sound changes. It turns from a lurid wet sound to that of a hollow drum THUNK, THUNK, THUNK.

"Show Me My pussy, show Me how much you love MY cock." I arch up and whisper "please" so softly its just a breath, barely a word, more like a sound. My Man knows what i want. He knows i cannot resist His cock in so near my lips. He takes his hand from my panties and i slide my panties down past my fuzzy mound. I slip my finger into my wet entrance then over my clit, showing Him how much i want Him. I show Him how His arousal makes me so wet and needy for Him.

He smiles down a me, His cock still in His one hand , with His other hand, He curls His fingers into my hair pulling my face to His downy pubis. He presses my nose into His balls. His curly russet hair is moist, He smells of soap and the musky smell that is particular to Him. His balls are soft against my lips, i stick out my tongue to taste Him and He pulls my head away from Him. I grunt. He smiles down at me playfully, "You want Daddy's balls, princess?" I am still very near Him, his pubic hair tickles my lips when i respond "Yes, please"

"Tell Me what you want, say it!" He likes when i talk dirty to Him, He likes to hear me beg.

"Please, Daddy, Please let me taste Your balls."

He teases me, His fingers grip harder in my hair, it's a game, i know it, so does He. "Is that really what you want, princess?"

"I want You to fuck my mouth please. Please Daddy, put Your big fucking cock into my lips and use my mouth. Please, i promise to be good."

"My, dear, little, slut, you will be good no matter what I do to you. I know you will. Now open your fucking mouth so I can use My little horny slut."

I open my mouth and He shoves His fully hard cock into my lips and i gasp, gagging on his long tool. He fucks my mouth for just a few strokes, pulls His throbbing tool out of my mouth. His cock drips pre-cum and my spittle. He rubs it all over my lips like He is painting lipstick onto me then on my bare tits coating me with His sticky nectar. I have the vibrator going between my legs, i am sooo ready to cum. But i don't dare cum without His permission. He smiles down at me, and strokes His drooling cock over my face, splashing me with pre-cum. He reaches down and grips a nipple hard into His hand and smiles at me one last time. He strokes His cock onto my face pressing the tip into my soft cheek with each stroke.

"Princess, ask Me for your gift."

I perk to attention and beg for all i am worth "PLEASE can i have Your cum! Please cum on my face, please! I will take it all, i wont move i promise."

He thrusts His hips toward my face and with one hand on the back of my head, With His other hand He strokes His cock. Then with one final stroke He pulls my face toward His cock and thrusts His hips as His cock erupts. His hips buck into My face so that His cock spews His hot creamy load onto my cheeks, lips and forehead.

He looks down at me. Satisfied He puts the tip of His spent tool into my lips and i sip the last drops gently from His tip. He strokes my head. "You are such a good girl princess, I love you but I need to go to work now. Don't wash your face until I call you, but you can cum if you want." He reaches down with a knuckle and smears His cum over my lips. I part my lips and suck his salty finger into my mouth and savor the taste of His cum on my lips. He strokes my cheek gently with His hand, sending the congealing cum sliding over my neck and into my hair and over my tits.

He smiles at me zips His pants and leaves for work.

He called, but not until lunchtime, His sticky cum on my face and chest a reminder of Whose slut i am.

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  1. just wanted to say that im a girl but this made me cum so hard... totally wish i was the dude getting that much pleasure


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