Rough And Dirty Gems

Rough And Dirty Gems

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Naughty Girls

I didn't tell Hubby what i had done. I really didn't think of it as cheating, not in the way i would had she been a Man. She practically lived with us. She and i still did all of the things we always did together. We went to work, went to the gym and hung around with or without Hubby in the evenings. It got to the point where i was wishing Hubby would go out so that i could touch her. She and i would make excuses to go down to her apartment below. "Be back soon Hubby, we are trying on dresses", "I need to borrow a scarf for work","We are going to talk about girly things." Hubby didnt suspect a thing, he just was happy to be away from the girls for a while.

We would close the door behind us, and touch. Touch each others hair and skin and bodies. We became more adventurous. I would hold her in my arms, and bury my face in her warm breasts. I kissed her skin, and cupped her breasts. I could not get enough of her lovely creamy breasts. She would undress me, and lay next to me. We touched everywhere. My fingers skated across her smooth flat belly. I loved to feel the softness of her body, savor her smells. I wasn't bold enough yet to taste her. Taste her warm nectar. I touched it, i slid my fingers into her, curled my fingertips until i felt the rough nub of her gspot and then, i would feel her, feel the power i had, feel her shiver and quake as she held me tighter. She groaned my name, she would giggle through her orgams. She cooed and cried and moaned as my fingers slid into her soft moist folds. She felt like warm cake batter in my fingers and i just wanted more of it.

She did the same to me, i would hold her wrists, pushing her hands against me, to feel her strong slim hand deeper in me. She teased me, she lowered her head to my belly and dragged her tongue downward, slashing at my belly with her long hair. She made me writhe and want her more. And i did want her, i wanted so much more of her.

She lowered her head more and held me in her arms, not like a man does, she held my bottom like one holds a fractious child. Cupped in her elbows, pulling me toward her, so she could press her lips deeper into me. I writhed and slid my fingers into her long silky hair. I panted and groaned, and tried to push her away, but i didn't want to. I wanted more of this. I closed my eyes and felt my orgasm sliding over me. I wanted her, i wanted so much more of her. I had been in this same position in Hubby's arms so recently, but it was so diffrent. I wanted her, i wanted so much more. I knew what i had been doing was so very, very, wrong.

She and i were equals not like i was with Hubby. He was my Master, she was my friend. We talked about Hubby. I told her this was wrong, so very wrong, but i was so greedy. I wanted so much more, i thought i could have it all.

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