Rough And Dirty Gems

Rough And Dirty Gems

Friday, June 19, 2009

Three's Company

I was living a double life. I had to make it stop. She and i talked about it. We discussed how to keep this up. She knew what was happening to me. I was turning into a liar and cheat, things neither of us liked. We talked about how to have it all. How to not let this end, but to keep my marriage safe. We decided to tell Hubby. But not just tell Him, but invite Him to join. So it happened that cheating turned to sharing.

She came into our bed. I watched as my Man, held her in His arms, and made love to her. Slowly, he discovered her and became aroused by her. I wanted him to know all of the wonderful things i had had of her, and give them to Him. This is how i would repent. It was my penance for being naughty. I would buy back my conscience by giving him another woman, the one i loved.

And all at once, things had changed. She wasn't just another girl anymore. She wasn't my best friend anymore, she was our shared lover. I would watch as he touched her, watch as his fingertips roamed her body, and kissed those nipples that gave me such a thrill. As he smelled her, i would lay behind Him, sandwiching Him between us. He faced her though, she was new and something to discover. I felt his body stirring to hers, i reached around Him and held his cock stiff in my hand. I took pride in being the one to offer Him the gifts of her. It thrilled me to know that. I watched as she took His manhood into her mouth. I watched as she sucked his cock, i watched as she stroked his long shaft and kissed it and took it into her lips. I was secretly thrilled she wasn't able to make Him cum in her mouth as i loved to do.

He lay me back and directed her to lay on top of me. Her breasts were pressed to my chest, and i wanted so badly to take one into my mouth and suckle it. I wanted to take comfort in her body and in her sex. He stood there at the end of the bed, as I held her in my arms, and she kissed me. Her hair curtained my view of Him, but i could feel Him as He stood behind us. When i thought He would take me, He took her instead. I felt her move against me, straddling me when He entered her. I felt as though she entered me. It was glorious. He lifted her ass with His hands and pressed his cock into her. I felt her respond to Him. I felt her lift up toward Him, crouching to feel Him enter her deeper. I raised my hips to feel her against me. I clutched at her, pushed her back against Him. I whimpered and moaned, i felt her writhing against Him, pressing herself deeper onto His hard cock. I wanted that cock. I wanted it so badly, but in the wanting it, i lost my power to take it, so i reveled in the humility of not having it. I relaxed and submitted. He came, thrusting into her, pounding her brutally, and she came panting into my face and clutching at my raw skin, and as if by osmosis, i felt every movement of her cunt, every quiver of body and felt her ragged breath and i came with them.

I pulled her closer to me. Kissing her, needing more. We touched. My fingers found her nipples. He lay beside us spent, and held me spooned in His hips as she made love to me. She was on fire. It was different than it had been when it was just she and i. There was an urgency, as if she had to prove she could satisfy me as much as He could. She fingered me, dipping her long fingers into my soft folds, she swirled her fingers into my pussy and teased my clit, i writhed in His arms as she did this. Then she lay me back and He lay on his side watching as she licked me, in slow swirls until her face was coated with my nectar and i was writhing. Screaming in ecstasy, i exploded, quivering and pulling her hair as my Man touched my breasts.

That was the first time she slept over, in our bed. She lay nestled between Hubby and me. We slept that night, feeling devilish and giddy. We woke to touch each other again and more, the combinations were infinite. Its like we were showing off to each other, "look what i can make her do"..."look how hard He came when i did that" It was a short summer and as all things that burn too hot and bright, it burnt out quickly. (AMEN)

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  1. This really made me I was actually there watching the performance...I must have some chick tendencies...cause I think there's a wettttt spot in my boxers!!


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